online shopping


When a beauty product is distributed locally, I try to get it from the brand’s physical store as much as possible, especially if I haven’t tried it yet. For products that aren’t locally available, thank the Universe for online stores and personal shopping services!

Althea Korea Screenshot 1

Adding to my growing list of favorite online stores is Althea Korea, which incidentally launched in the country today.

When you’re in a shopping ban, it’s like the universe is doing EVERYTHING in its power to tease and taunt you.

Maybe everything just seems more awesome because I can’t have it.

But my mind is all set. I have a good feeling that I’ll be successful because I was going to get at least 4 of the NARS Audacious lipsticks a day before the ban and I stopped myself because cramming purchases right before the ban is cheating. Ok, I did get one because ~y’know, last hurrah. 

I’ll write about this lipstick soon, I promise.

Nars Audacious Anna 2014-10-01 23.52.20

Also, I stumbled upon a new local shopping site — Beauty MNL. I stumbled upon their instagram first, then I clicked the site. I didn’t break, ok? We’re still good with my no-shopping challenge.