nivea creme


Lately, I feel like more of my offline friends are getting into skin care and makeup. I couldn’t be more excited!!! One of the reasons why I started this blog is because I didn’t think I had anyone I can talk to about ‘beauty’. Apparently, many of my offline friends are closet beauty product enthusiasts or fellow late bloomers — hello Cheche and Joy!

Last week, my friend Kat and I talked about moisturizers, again. She has been using the classic Nivea Creme on her face and if I remember right, she mentioned that it’s doing great for her (Note: Kat generally has dry skin most of the year).

I’ve used Nivea Creme on my face in the past, but y’all know how that won’t work for my oily skin. I still use it now — for my feet. Ack, I might have given Kat images of my feet dipped into her moisturizer can. Sorry! But really, it’s a great foot moisturizer.

Nivea Creme