My Acne Skin Care Prescription from Aesthetic Science Clinic

Since posting about Maxi-Peel exfoliant solution, I’ve gotten a few requests/questions about how to use Maxi Peel step-by-step, how to deal with the peeling, what moisturizers to use, and how to go about sun protection. Before we go there, I’ll tell you about my skin first and what got me to try the product. BACKGROUND […]

Tretinoin Update – Week 1

For the recap of my Week 1 tretinoin skin care routine, click this: Easing My Way Into Tretinoin. The routine is at the bottom of the post. This will be a quick update since I only used tretinoin twice the past week.

Easing My Way Into Tretinoin: How I Hope I Can Keep Myself From Shedding Like A Snake

It’s only now that I’ll be easing my way into using tretinoin.  Previously, this was my prescription from the derm: Kojic Acid Soap Anti-bacterial Toner (alcohol-based) CHAT 2% Solution (chat = clindamycin phosphate, hydroquinone, alum, tretinoin) Retinoic Acid .1% Blending Cream (hydroquinone cream?)   This prescription is strong.  I was told to use only the first […]