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Since posting about Maxi-Peel exfoliant solution, I’ve gotten a few requests/questions about how to use Maxi Peel step-by-step, how to deal with the peeling, what moisturizers to use, and how to go about sun protection.

Before we go there, I’ll tell you about my skin first and what got me to try the product.


Before: My acne during my teens wasn’t that bad. I’ve always had acne but I’d consider it mild. I get tiny pimples here and there but I wasn’t really bothered by it. They’re always just small ones, not a pretty sight, but I dealt with it.Scatterbraintures

My acne got really bad when I was in my mid-20s (2009). I got clusters of small pimples and a galaxy of whiteheads that lay on top of each other. I get one or two cystic pimples but they’re not that frequent. I went to the doctor as soon as I realized that I was experiencing adult acne. Cringe-worthy story: An officemate/friend told me that in one of our meetings, I talked to my boss with one of my pimples bleeding.

In this photo, my skin was already on its way to recovery. My acne looked like this, only 5x worse.

Now: I only get pimples during that time of the month, and they disappear quickly. My face is clear for most of the month.

I thought you’d want to know this so you can manage your expectations — especially those who have it worse than I did.


My acne journey did not start with Maxi-Peel and OTC Tretinoin Creams. It started with the routine prescribed by Aesthetic Science Clinic. I hope I remember enough of everything that happened. Anyway, this was my prescription from them (their products are listed here):

How I Cleared My Skin in A Week

  1. Kojic Acid Soap
  2. Anti-bacterial Toner (alcohol-based, I don’t know what the “anti-bacterial” ingredient is)
  3. CHAT 2% Solution (alcohol-based, CHAT = clindamycin phosphate, hydroquinone, alum, tretinoin)
  4. Sunblock Gel SPF 15 (no ingredients listed)
  5. Retinoic Acid .1% (Essentia Cream ie Tretinoin Cream)
  6. Blending Cream (Hydroquinone Cream)