I’m Not “Beautiful” — And That’s OK.

I don’t think I am beautiful in the “pretty” sense of the word. I say that not in a bad way and not relative to what other people look like. I don’t think that it means I don’t love myself or that I have dangerously low self-esteem. I refuse to accept that self-esteem and confidence […]

My Lipstick Story

I only started wearing and exploring lipsticks about a year and a half ago, when I was employed by a company in the health and beauty industry. When I say lipstick, I meant, those in-your-face ones that don’t get people confused if it’s really lipstick or just a tinted lip balm. I remember that two of the first lipsticks […]

Beyond Boycotting Non-Cruelty-Free Companies

I haven’t posted an update re: my de-stashing project, but it’s still in progress. And as I go on with streamlining my skin care and makeup stuff, I realized that minimalism might be more kind to animals than just boycotting non-cruelty-free companies. If I buy only non-cruelty-free stuff, but in quantities so much more than what […]