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The Ordinary Matrixyl 10% + HA

Purge No. 7

I bought several The Ordinary products without giving much thought to how they would fit into a sustainable skin care routine.

Of everything I bought, I’ve mostly just been using Advanced Retinoid, Salicylic Acid, Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate, and the AHA + BHA peel.

Everything else just started stressing me out because I don’t know where and how to fit them in. I wish I have something valuable to say about Matrixil 10% + HA. It has a watery gel texture and it claims to help with wrinkles. I didn’t use it enough times to notice a difference.

Pixi Foundation Brush.png

Happy Skin and Pixi Face Brushes

Purge 8, 9, & 10
(Top to bottom: Happy Skin Powder Brush, Happy Skin Blush Brush, Pixi Foundation Brush)

For the kind of makeup look I go for every day (yung nag-makeup-ka-pa-di-naman-halata makeup look), I have so many makeup brushes. I’ll slowly let go of more.

These 3 are good brushes. I’m just not using them as much as the other ones I own. The Happy Skin Brushes do the job well. They’re soft and pretty to look at. The Pixi Foundation Brush is ok, too, but the head is too small for my preference. The brush doesn’t have a lot of yield because its bristles are short and VERY tightly packed. It could be a good substitute for fingers, but I already Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush for that.

Morphe E52 Brush.png

Morphe E52 Brush

Purge no. 11

Another good quality brush. I love how it’s tapered and huuuuge! I haven’t been using it as much because I use it to set my foundation, and I don’t often do the latter.

Finally had enough time to test out the Althea Petal Velvet Powder (Note: This product was sent to me for PR consideration).

TLDR; while I generally dislike white loose powders, I am ok with this.

The powder is micro-fine and soft to the touch, as it says in the claims. I had concerns that it would look ashy on me–and it does, but upon initial application. Buffing it in and waiting for my oils to come up (which doesn’t take a while) solves the problem.

Oil control is decent. My nose and forehead starts to show noticeable (but negligible) shine by the 3rd hour which is actually great for how oily my skin is. However, if you wish to use this to mattify a korean-level wet-finish base, look for something else. Of us oily folk, I probably have the highest tolerance for shine. What I can’t tolerate is looking chalky which this powder doesn’t look. It also doesn’t seem to cling to dry patches but it’d probably be better to check reviews by dry-skinned people.

I met with Hollie (Random Beauty by Hollie) recently and she recommended mixing in Ben Nye banana powder with this powder. I used up mine so I tried the sample loose mineral powder foundation I received from Ellana Minerals instead. BESTEST TIP EVER, Hollie! It addressed the initial ashy-ness I experienced and prolonged the oil control.


The powder costs ₱210 for 3g (around the same price as Laura Mercier Loose Setting by the gram, but easier on the pocket). It is packaged in a screw top jar with a sifter, typical of most loose setting powder containers. Since the product only has 3 grams, the jar and puff are small. If you’re used to a big puff, I suggest transferring this to powder jars available in Beabi.

I think this is a good dupe for Koh Gen Do Maifanshi Face Powder for a fraction of the cost.

If you decide to get this, please share in the comments how it performed on you :)


I let go of a lot of beauty products this year and I should’ve documented them sooner. I believe it’s unrealistic to pan everything so I try to decide right way whether I’d let go of something or try to finish it.

Here’s the first five products I let go of this year:

Screenshot 2017-09-19 22.46.21

Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Baked Bronzer 02

Enjoyed using this a lot as a cheek “warmifier” and a blush topper. The finish and texture is very similar to MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural but sheerer. This bronzer gives a subtle glow to the skin. Shade 02 doesn’t look orange and is 1 to 2 shades darker than my skin tone. It doesn’t highlight my pores but it doesn’t diffuse them either.

I let this go not because it’s bad. A friend needed a bronzer so I gave it to her. I realized that it feels easier to let go of stuff when you know that the person you’re giving it to will use it more. Anyway, I don’t think I’ll be missing it so much because I still have a small unused GWP/sample of this bronzer in Shade 03.

Essence All About Matte Fixing Compact Powder

Essence All About Matt Fixing Compact Powder

I used this around 4x and liked it. I like that it doesn’t look ashy and I think it does delay my oils from breaking to the surface, but when my workmate asked for mattifying powder recommendations, I gave this to her before I could change my mind. I don’t usually set my foundation anyway.

Cargo Los Cabos Too Faced I Will Always Love You

Too Faced Love Flush Long Lasting 16-Hour Blush in I Will Always Love You

After years of evading warmer colors, I finally explored peaches and terracottas this year. I Will Always Love You is accurately described as a gilded peach. I was hoping it will have more brown in it, like how the product shot looked on the website. The color is still beautiful though, but I already have a blush similar to it–Cargo Swimmables Los Cabos. The color and gold sheen of both blushes are the same, only Cargo’s shimmer flecks are slightly bigger and more noticeable in direct light. Both last the whole day. Depending on how deep your pores are, both could accentuate them. I kept Cargo because it was a gift from a dear friend.

Itsjudytime ItsLipTime Palette.png

Pixi x ItsJudyTime – ItsLipTime Palette

I don’t know what I was thinking when I bought this. I should’ve realized that lip palettes are generally not convenient to bring and retouch with.

The first 6 shades on the lighter spectrum are hard to build up and doesn’t work against my light-medium yellow-olive skin tone. The 6 darker shades are beautiful. I was a little disappointed that the formula is far from the Pixi Lustre Mattes that I love. The latter is lightweight and easy to apply.

Fashion 21 2way cake milk moisturizers ever bilena fig blush

Fashion 21 2-Way Cake with Milk Moisturizers and Ever Bilena Blush in Fig

I love both of these.

If you’re having a hard time finding a local powder foundation that’s yellow enough, check out Fashion 21. If you’re a MAC C30,  you probably would fit Shade 02.

Ever Bilena blush in Fig is very close to MAC Mocha Blush. Against my skin tone, it would be hard to tell them apart.

I let them go because my mom asked if she could have them.

I got very excited when I saw L’Oreal Infallible 24H Stay Fresh Foundation (Shade 150 Radiant Beige) at Watsons (P700). It’s rare to find a matte super yellow olive-toned drugstore foundation locally.

I liked this foundation the first few times I used it. But I was applying it sheer and buffered with sunblock. It doesn’t look bad as a wash of color-type of base. It can even out my skin tone but it doesn’t do much for skin texture problems. I guess I initially liked it because it’s yellow AF.

As for the claims…

LOreal Infallible Stay Fresh Claims_

No Transfer: Not True

It’s “infallible” in the sense that most of it stays on the face by the end of the day, but there is definitely some transfer. It transferred on to the sleeve of my white shirt so be careful when you’re wearing this.

No Visible Imperfections: Skin texture-wise – Not True

One pump gives medium coverage, enough to hide redness and faint acne marks. I don’t usually care for coverage. What I look for in foundation is its ability to diffuse my pores and make my skin look like skin but better, which this foundation doesn’t do :(

L'Oreal Infallible Freshly Applied
L’Oreal Infallible Freshly Applied
When I first applied this foundation sans primer, I got introduced to the pores, itty bitty hairs, fine lines and dry patches that I didn’t know I have.

It doesn’t look that bad, but I want my skin look a little bit smoother.

LOreal Infallible Texture Problems (2)
LOreal Infallible Texture Problems
It also doesn’t sit well on my nose and it emphasizes sebaceous filaments.

LOreal Infallible Stay Fresh
From two feet away–in photo–it actually looks ok… I think.
Texture problems can be fixed by primer, but when I do use primer, the foundation tends to pool into deep pores.

No Visible Shine: After the 2nd Hour – Not True

Upon application, yes. But I start getting shinier by the 2nd hour. I reach the need-to-blot point by the third hour. That is with no primer and no setting powder. With Becca Ever-Matte Poreless Primer, I can go the whole day without blotting.

After 3 hours, this is me (without flash) —

LOreal Infallible After 3 Hours
LOreal Infallible After 3 Hours
This claim could probably be true only for normal and dry skin types.

No Mask-Effect: True

This is what I love most with this foundation next to being a very good shade match. It’s not mask-like and ashy as most long-wear-type of foundations tend to look on me. Despite the fact that it oxidizes to a shade darker, it still doesn’t look totally off against my neck and chest.

No Dry-Out: True

Freshly applied, it kind of makes my skin look drier but it doesn’t actually dry my skin out.


If this is the only foundation I own and I don’t get an itch to buy foundations every now and again, I think I can finish it considering that it is almost an exact match (my #1 requirement!). But since I own other foundations that I like more, I’d have to let this go. I can imagine this foundation working great for people with normal to moderately oily skin and not a lot skin texture issues.

LOreal Infallible Stay Fresh Comparison Swatches
LOreal Infallible Stay Fresh Comparison Swatches
Left to Right: Koh Gen Do Aqua (Old Formula) – OC2 [This is my exact match and I’m sad that KGD no longer carries this shade]; LOreal 24H Stay Fresh – 150 Radiant Beige; Inglot YSM Cream Foundation – 50

This is a more accurate shot of the how yellow the shade is. I haven’t figured out white balance yet when I took photos of my face. My face looks a lot more neutral-toned in the photos above.

First published on August 2016

Last month, I did this thing with BookBed together with Elaine and Juvy.

If you love books and makeup, you might enjoy BookBed’s FaceBookIt series where you’ll see looks inspired by book covers.

Death Cure

I did a look based on Death Cure, the third book in the Maze Runner series.

Feast on my limited eye makeup skills:

Death Cure Makeup Look

I placed the colors on my lower lid because you won’t be able to see any eyeshadow if I did it the ‘proper’ way. I wish I had already gone to Liz’s makeup workshop before I did the collab. I could’ve done a much better job (or not!). Don’t worry BookBed, I’m practicing :D

Check out the looks that Elaine and Juvy did, here: FaceBookIt: Makeup Inspired by James Dashner’s Maze Runner Series.

If you have book recommendations, either to do a look on or to read (or both), let me know.

Stuff on my face:
NARS Sheer Glow Stromboli
NARS Radiant Cream Concealer in Ginger
Kevyn Aucoin Celestial Powder in Candlelight
Lipstick Queen Oxymoron in Honest Politician
NARS Audacious in Barbara
Sephora Makeup Academy Palette 2013