The Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink line is a game-changer. They are the most long-lasting AND comfortable matte liquid lipsticks I’ve tried.

A friend sent me two shades as a gift. One of them is Escapist (45), a blackened bluish red. I love the color against my light-medium olive skin with strong yellow undertones. Note: All of the photos shown below were taken at the end of a workday comprising of one meal, 2 coffee drinks, and several trips to the water station.

Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink in 45 Escapist

The lipstick feels very tacky upon initial application. It is opaque and there’s no need to apply more than a layer. I scrape off as much as I can from the applicator before I put on the lipstick to make sure it dries down. The tackiness lessens and I don’t notice it throughout the day. That said, I don’t have the habit of smacking my lips.

There’s a learning curve to applying this lipstick but it didn’t take a while before I got the hang of it. The consistency is similar to viscous caramel syrup.

My only gripe is the finish. I don’t know about the other shades, but the two I got (Escapist and Voyager) have considerable shine typical of satin lipsticks. If you’re expecting a flat finish, you might be disappointed.

Putting anything under or over the lipstick significantly affects longevity. I used it as base for a standard wax-based bullet lipstick and it ended up flaking in an unflattering way. I don’t experience the latter when I use the lipstick on its own.

The lipstick is hard to remove if you don’t have a bi-phase makeup remover. You have to bring the latter if you need to reapply. With the shades I own, the lipstick doesn’t look great layered over once it cracks. It needs to be fully removed before you can touch up.

All shades released in the Philippines are cooler-toned. My no-buy is in a lot of danger once the warmer shades are launched. Already I have my eye on Fighter and Amazonian.


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  1. It’s funny how some of the shades perform or act differently compared to others! Have you tried blotting your lips with a tissue to get rid of any excess product and make the colour more of a true matte? I found that helped with the shades that I own (especially colour #20 Pioneer – the red). Though technically it should be matte upon application or once dry and set :/

    • That’s true! Now when I look for reviews, I check the ones for the same shade I’m eyeing.

      Voyager has a lot less shine compared to Escapist.

  2. HOOOOOW. I couldn’t handle the tackiness of this. It’s just too much, I feel like I put glue on my lips :(

      • Yung Love shade ata yun? Or Lover? Can’t remember. Pero I just borrowed it from a friend and buti nalang I didn’t buy one for myself kasi grabeeee ang sticky :(

        • Nagddrydown sya pero matagaaal. Tapos kelangan manipis lang talaga, otherwise hindi magsset. Most of the time binablot ko with fingers.

          • I tried applying it different ways kaso grabe ang sticky talaga niya kahit anong gawin ko :( Have you tried the ColourPop Lippie Stix Matte X??? Super gandaaaa, as in.

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