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Toss or Keep: Red Lipsticks, Again (Kick-off)

It’s been a year since my last red lipstick edit. From 6 lipsticks, I was able to bring the number down to 2. Great progress, right?


Because today, I have twice as many lipsticks as I started with!  I have a total of 12 red lipsticks that I can’t possibly finish in a year.

MAC Sin, Maybelline Divine Wine, Happy Skin Hot Stuff, Lipstick Queen Entourage
Dark Lipstick Collection w Label 2
Happy Skin Scene Stealer, MAC Sin, Maybelline Divine Wine, Happy Skin Hot Stuff (not mine), Lipstick Queen Entourage, MAC Diva

Unlike what I did before, I can’t do the purge in one sitting. So, this post will be kind of like a kick-off. I’ll wear each one of these lipsticks for 1 to 3 days, then make an assessment. I’m planning to keep only 3 of the 12.

The Balm Adoring, MAC D for Danger, Happy Skin Sin Stealer, Inglot 412
Dark Lipstick Collection w Label 3
Lipstick Queen Entourage, MAC Diva, The Balm Adoring (Liquid), MAC D for Danger, Happy Skin Scene Stealer, Inglot 412

In differing lighting–

Dark Lipstick Collection 3.JPG

I’ll try to make an update post next week. Wish me luck.

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  1. I’m positive that I’m not color blind but I can’t seem to see the difference of those lippies. Hahaha! good luck, Rae!

  2. I would’ve kept Sin, too, if I didn’t have Estee Lauder Commanding. I didn’t classify the latter as red because it looked like it belongs to the purple family (see next post).

    I might keep Adoring, unless someone’s willing to take a used liquid lipstick.

  3. Hahaha, yes! These are not red-reds, except for 2 of the tiny little swatches in the last photo.

    I think the only red I have are Sleek Russian Roulette, MAC Ruby Woo, and Stila Fiery (I missed this)

  4. I would keep them all because they aren’t red and therefore do not meet the primary criterion for culling ;)
    My votes for keeping go to Lipstick Queen Entourage, MAC D for Danger and The Balm Adoring.
    Incidentally, those swatches of the reds look sensational!

  5. Go Rae! I’m sure you can do it, you’re the most rational beauty lover I know :D

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