I’ve already mentioned this in one of my brow pencil reviews: I don’t get why brown is considered the lighter shade of black when it comes to brow products. Shouldn’t it be gray?

But I do get why many people don’t use gray. It can make some people’s brows look like they’re tattooed on. But on my dense, fat, and really black brow hairs, gray is perfect.

My brows are already quite full. One of them is just short of a tail. To be honest, I’m good with just drawing that missing tail. If I draw the tail with a brown brow pencil, I need to fill in the rest of it. Otherwise, my brows would look weird.

Eyebrow No TailMy Brows–The No Tail Version

Eyebrow Arrows2014-09-11 04.07.31My Brows–With a tail drawn using a gray pencil. I didn’t fill in the rest of my brow. Perfect.

I have also tried filling in the full length of my brows–not just the tail–with brown brow products, too, but it still looked weird. They ended up looking like drawn-on brown brows with fat black hairs sticking out. I find that this phenomenon doesn’t happen to people with thinner and finer brow hairs, though.

I can go on forever with my brow frustrations so let’s move on to what I should really be talking about, the perfect brown brow pencil for me–Malissa Kiss Super Shape Ultra HD Brow Pencil in Mocha* (P350).

Malissa Kiss Eyebrow Pencil Mocha

I don’t really know if this is a unique shade for a brow color, but it’s an yellow/olive-toned gray brown. The color looks really good against my skin tone, which I previously didn’t know was important to consider when checking out brow products. Unless you have to factor in hair color, the shade to look for should have the same undertone as your skin, If you were to blend it out, the shade should look like your perfect contour shade.

Malissa Kiss Eyebrow Mocha Swatch.JPGMalissa Kiss Super HD Eyebrow Pencil in Mocha

Now I know why the medium and dark chocolate browns I’ve tried before didn’t work. They didn’t have red or orange tones in them, and were theoretically perfect, but they don’t have the yellow/olive tones that I need.

Applied on the skin, Malissa Kiss Mocha looks like a shadow cast by the brow hairs itself. It’s hard to imagine so here it is in action.

The first photo is my bare brow and the next two are filled in.

Bare BrowsMalissa Kiss MochaMalissa Kiss Mocha 2

In the photos above, only the head and tail are filled in. I purposely didn’t shade the middle part so you can how Mocha looks against black brow hairs. The brow still looked somewhat homogeneous, right?

You have no idea how happy I am to find* my perfect brown brow shade.

Other review-y bits–

The brow pencil is waterproof and lasts the whole day. But, again, note that I have thick brow hairs and it’s hard for me to notice patchiness as brow products fade. I haven’t tried swimming with this, but it can stand sweat and a splash of water. What it can’t stand is when I rub the tail of my brows with my fingers, which nobody does anyway. (I need to break this habit when I’m in deep concentration at work).

Malissa Kiss Philippines Spoolie.JPG

Take the longevity bit with a grain of salt if you really need filling in. But if you have the same skin tone and brow physiology (?!) as me, this product is worth considering.

If you fit chocolate brown shades more, don’t worry. This product comes in the shade Choco.

Malissa Kiss Eyebrow Pencil Mocha and ChocoFirst two swatches from the top is Mocha. The 2 swatches at the bottom is Choco.

One more thing, I’ve been using this on-and-off for about 3 months now and the lead still hasn’t broken off yet. It’s either I’ve been less of a klutz OR the product is really not brittle. I can’t tell, haha.

I’m not sure if this is already available in stores, but I know they will launch first quarter of this year. I’ll update the post on which stores will carry them.

Super Shape Ultra HD Brow Pencil.jpg

If you made it to this point, SURPRISE!!! Two lucky commenters will get a Super Shape Ultra HD Brow Pencil. The mechanics are simple:

  • Just share your brow struggles in the comments section (make sure to fill in the email field when you comment)
  • Let me know what shade you like (Mocha or Choco)
  • Go back to this post on March 17.

This is open to those with Philippine shipping address only. The winners will be chosen on Wednesday, March 16, 12MN PHT and will be announced in this post. I will edit the post and reply to the winning comment.

*Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post, but the product featured was sent to me by Malissa Kiss Philippines for PR consideration. All text is my own.


Hi, I’m Rae and I am a scatterbrain. I am in my 30s and I write in this blog from the Philippines. I spend a tiny portion of my time de-stressing with makeup and skin care. Email: scatterbraintures@gmail.com | Instagram: @scatterbraintures


  1. We have the same skin tone and hair color (I think)! I may just keep hanging out in here like a stalker. Heehee. I’m hopeless at make-up too, so I’ll probably think of you as a virtual mentor. :)

  2. Aaah I have the same challenge, it’s super difficult to find a brow color that doesn’t look weird with black hair! Everything always seems to have an orange-y tint that just looks unnatural.

    I’m also in the same boat as you, I have quite full brows already and it’s only the head that really needs filling in, but I end up doing the whole thing too.This looks great though, I wish I had access to this brand!

    I’m probably coloring my hair soon though, so maybe I’ll have an easier time then! :P

  3. It looks so natural Rae. I think given we share a lot of colouring themes when it comes to makeup, this one might tick all the boxes for me. Now to find it here in Oz . . .

  4. Like you, my brows don’t have a tail! And the outer 3/4ths sparsely have hair. I always end up drawing my tail and arch. The color of Mocha reminds me of the Shu Uemura hard 9 pencil. My only beef with that product is that it doesn’t have a spoolie.

  5. The Mocha shade looks worth trying! Maintaining the shape of my brows is my biggest struggle because I’m afraid of making a wrong move, so it’s usually all over the place. :( when I do get them professionally shaped, I feel like they cut it a wee bit too short.

  6. I never heard about this brand before but their eyebrow pencils look really nice.
    Personally I usually leave my brow routine as simple as possible. I don’t know why but I don’t really like harsh brows on me…
    Take care*

  7. Christelle Niña Africa Reply

    Wow this looks promising! Getting decent-looking eyebrows is really a struggle for me because the strands of my brows are so dark and thick (although I still do have some sparse areas). :( I’ve tried everything from powders to pencils to gels and even if I use the LIGHTESTTT strokes I can manage, it still looks way too dark! I don’t know if I’m just extremely heavy handed compared to the rest of the population orrrr if my brows should just be left untouched. To be honest though, I think they need a little filling in. I just don’t know how to execute it succesfully. Really happy to have heard about this from you. I would love to try it!!! I think Mocha will be perfect for my skin tone. :)

  8. Ganda ng just the tailed filled in. Do you get it shaped/trimmed, or do you do it yourself?

    I’ve actually been using a frankenstein palette I’ve put together that includes a matte black and a very light taupe shade for my brows because I couldn’t find a good match for my black brows too!

    I was saving up to get a Shu uemura one in a black shade because I like pencils more but the particular shade is only available in Japan I think.

    Another gripe with my brows is that they’re so long that when I try to extend or even just fill in the tails when I’m doing a stronger look is that they stick up rin and from different angles it looks like there are two tails hahahaha. I’m hoping getting them professionally shaped will help, for now I’m growing them out as much as possible while shaping them loosely (does that make sense?)

    I’d love to be able to try Mocha, I’ll probably seek it out anyways

    Welp rami kong nasabi parang essay na ata sorry, brow struggles haha

    • Rae Reply

      Hi Cel! I do the trimming myself. This is how I do it — https://scatterbraintures.com/2014/10/15/eyebrows-part-1/

      Anyway, Etude House Drawing has a black pencil, too! Also one of my favorites.

    • Hi Cel! You won the Mocha pencil! Email me your shipping information using the email address you used to comment :)

  9. Hi Ms Rae. Here’s my brow struggles: My brows are so stubborn ayaw nilang mag grow. :( My brow hair was so nipis – literal na walang kilay (invisible brow). :) That’s why I’m obsessed looking for the best yet cheapest brow product na mg fifit sakin. Currently I’m using an eye brow pencil (brown color) kaso it’s hard to shape and shade my brows. Most of the time ang hirap ipantay ung shade. But anyways I still believe na brows are not twins they are sisters. lol Natry ko na po gray, med brown & light brown but gusto ko itry ung mocha para maiba nman. Thank you. :*

  10. Hey Rae, I have tattooed brows for the past 10 years and my struggle I guess is different from the rest. Since I have tattooed eyebrows, sometimes I needed really hardcore products to ready hide my tats undernearth. Mostly, if trends change I need to do the extra effort to hide my undebrows to change my look. My eyebrow hairs are not thick so I think somewhat I’m blessed to ease the drawing part. So to end this I think with changing trends, I have a hard time shaping my brows differently other than the normal shape I chose for the tat. If I’ll win I’m choosing Choco shade. :)

    • Hi Julienne! You won the Choco pencil! Email me your shipping information using the email address you used to comment :)

  11. Marianne Aludino Reply

    Hi Rae! My struggle with brows are quite similar – although I think worse. I have a gap between the bushy inner part and the thin outer part on my left brow. Plus my eyebrow hairs are everywhere. I brush them but they rarely stay in place. I have similar skin tone as yours – which make picking an eyebrow pencil shade difficult as well. I unfortunately bought a chocolate shade of eyebrow gel dahil akala Ko, yun Ang Bagay sa skin tone Ko. Apparently Hindi nga. I have to blend it really well so that it doesn’t stand out too much. So reading your post is a big help. Now I know. Would love to try Mocha. Sounds like It would fit my skin tone well. I was actually planning on looking for it on stores after I read this – kaso Wala pa pala sa market.

  12. Hi, Rae! Like you, my brows are bitin :( Still can’t find a brow product with a shade that doesn’t make my drawn-on tails super fake. I’ve been using gray brow pencils, but not that you’ve mentioned it, it does make my eyebrows look tattooed on. I reeeeeally hope you choose me cos I think Mocha will also work on me :) *keeping fingers crossed!* :)

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