Day 5: Favorite Purple Lipstick
20-Day Lipstick Challenge

I can’t believe I made it to Day 5 of the 20-Day Lipstick Challenge. In my 5+ years of blogging, I don’t remember ever publishing a post for 5 consecutive days.

If you’ve been around for a while now, you probably already know what my favorite purple lipstick is.

MAC Heroine Lip Swatch Blotted
MAC Heroine Lip Swatch Blotted

Yep, the straight up purple, MAC Heroine. I’ve written about this several times in the past. Here are 2 posts to check out:

If this type of purple is not your cup of tea, let me know your fave.

MAC Heroine Lipstick Swatch on Paper
MAC Heroine Lipstick Swatch on Paper

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  1. I’m still afraid to try a purple lipstick but this one totally looks gorgeous on you! I’ll swatch the next time I’m near a MAC counter.

    • Rae Reply

      Thank you!

      May I suggest an alternative? Personally, I find it a little too expensive to repurchase for a non-everyday color, so I’m considering Maybelline Creamy Matte in Vibrant Violet, I can’t almost tell them apart. If you don’t want to shell that much $$$ on a color you’re not sure of, get Maybelline :D

  2. I looooooove Heroine on you! GANDA! May binabagayan talaga itong shade na ito. May friend akong bumili ng Heroine at hindi niya nagustuhan kasi off-looking daw sa kanya.

    • One of my friends also feels the same way. Sabi nya parang sya daw si Ursula.

  3. Wow, you look great with Mac Heroine! I’ve been wanting to get that, but I changed my mind when I got the Milani Color Statement Lipstick in Matte Glam, it’s nice as well but cheaper… hehehe Happy New Year Rae!

    • Hi Hollie, once I’m done with this. I probably won’t repurchase. Ang daming murang alternative like the Matte Glam you mentioned. I also saw dupes in Colourpop, Maybelline, Sleek and LA Girl.

  4. I have been in search of the perfect purple lipstick!! This one looks grrreat. What are the other swatches above?

    • Hey!!! The swatches from left to right are: Inglot 411, 4U2 in SHY06, MAC Heroine, Inglot 422, and Australis (I forgot the shade name)

  5. Ang gandaaaaa ng picture mo wearing it! We made it to Day 5, Rae! LOL! High five! Let’s enjoy the weekend, then. We deserve it! Haha

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