Day 6: Winter Color
20-Day Lipstick Challenge

I always say I don’t care much for seasons and I would wear whatever lipstick I want to wear, whenever I feel like it.

However, I haven’t experienced winter, so I don’t know if winter season really invokes feelings of wanting to wear red, plum, or berry. Philippines only has summer and monsoon, and I’ve never been to anywhere where temperatures go lower than 22 degrees Celsius.

NARS Audacious Barbara Swatch
NARS Audacious Barbara (Blotted)

So for this post, I picked out the color I wore for most of last year’s holiday season — nude.

Nude Lipstick Collection
Nude Lipstick Collection

I was probably wearing a lot of nude lipsticks because I was into eye makeup during the last quarter of 2015 — and I am too much of a wuss to go all out with eye makeup and bold lip color.

I find Elaine, Juvy, and Dinna’s picks more exciting. Elaine featured Chanel L’Adoree, a dirty plum-mauve that reminds me a lot of NARS Dominique. Juvy’s picks were two gorgeous deep red liquid lipsticks from Colourpop and Lime Crime. Dinna’s winter colors were Fashion Revival, Viva Glam I, and Eugenie — all from MAC.


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  1. Wow – you’ve never been to anywhere where it gets below 22 degrees?!? That’s amazing! :D So it doesn’t go below 22 anywhere in the Philippines?

    Your nudes collection looks lush! I’ll use it as inspiration as I still don’t think I’ve found my perfect go to nude.

    I love this lipstick series btw :) It’s nice ‘seeing’ you this often in my inbox again!

    • Rae Reply

      22 actually rarely happens in most of the Philippines. The average temp would be 27-28, unless you’re in a higher altitude, where it averages to 22 to 25.

      I’m wondering if my nudes would look ‘nude’ on you. My skin tone is in the MAC NC30 to 35 range.

      • I think a perfect nude for me would be pinky-beige . I’ve started looking into some NARS Audacious lipsticks taking inspiration from your collection (maybe a shade like Raquel or Julie?). I’ll need to try them /swatch them in store though. Barbara looks beautiful on you! It would be fun to try it just for comparison purposes.

        • Rae Reply

          I can imagine both Raquel and Julie looking good on you! Although Julie seems to be in the coral/peach-pink nude family.

          • Oh really – I didn’t pick that up at all from the photos I was looking at online! Peaches can make me look weird (like something is off, but you can’t put your finger on it), so I will have to be careful with that one.

  2. Honestly, I don’t care about the seasons too because I want to wear my lipsticks all year round! Nakakatuwa, di ko inexpect na nudes ang choice mo! :D

    • Rae Reply

      Ako din, di ko inexpect, haha. Pero nung nakita ko yung most ng nakalabas na lipsticks, puro nude. Tapos napansin ko, nag-iinstagram lang ako kapag red/dark yung suot ko. All other days, nude na.

  3. How are you liking Faux? ‘Pag nudes talaga and browns naalala ko si Jess (! Parehas kayo ng type! :D

    • Rae Reply

      Wala na si Faux, napamigay ko na. Naglalakad ako madalas lately, parang ang putla na nya nung umitim ako. Ang natira na lang, NARS Barbara.

      Next round ulit. I still have around 50. I realized, ang con pala sa liquid lipsticks is nakakahiya sya ipamigay, dahil hindi mo masasanitize man lang. I had to let go of bobbi brown crushed plum, kasi halos kakulay nya yung Stila Aria.

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