I wrote it down on my wants list as soon as I heard that Charlotte Tilbury was coming out with matte lipsticks — even when I still didn’t know what shades would be in the collection, I was sure I was going to get at least one.

Charlotte Tilbury Bond Girl 0006
Charlotte Tilbury Bond Girl

Initially, I wanted to get Glastonberry. But I already own a sort-of HG plum-berry lipstick, so I bought Bond Girl instead — which, to be honest, I kind of regret.

Charlotte Tilbury Bond Girl 0005
Charlotte Tilbury Bond Girl – Swatch

Bond Girl has one of the more unique matte lipstick formulas I’ve tried. There doesn’t seem to be any other matte lipstick line that is quite like it. Most people describe it as creamy but I’m not sure if that’s the most spot-on adjective for it. That said, if creamy means that the lipstick doesn’t tug, well then, it is creamy.

Bare Lips
Bare Lips

Most of these non-tuggy-creamy matte lipsticks usually feel siliconey. Bond Girl doesn’t have that silicone-feel, which is surprising because it doesn’t feel predominantly waxy either. As I said — unique. Maybe the oils, waxes, and silicone in it are so perfectly balanced that not one of them is overpowering the others.

One layer feels lightweight and comfortable but it doesn’t have the level of pigmentation that I prefer in my matte lipsticks. Here’s one layer on my lips. It looks like a stain that a matte red lipstick leaves after eating a meal. You can still see my lips underneath.

Charlotte Tilbury Bond GIrl - One Layer
Charlotte Tilbury Bond Girl – One Layer

I would describe Bond Girl as a muted medium brown/cinnamon red. In the Charlotte Tilbury website, it is described as “a chic natural berry for sultry and alluring beauties from Halle Berry and Barbara Bach to Olga Kurylenko.”  I can’t see the berry, though.

Here’s two layers:

Charlotte Tilbury Bond Girl - Two Layers
Charlotte Tilbury Bond Girl – Two Layers

I’m not sure if it’s just how the color looks against my skin tone, but I feel underwhelmed. I was expecting a color that is more like that on the untouched part of the lipstick bullet — a little bit deeper, and the color slightly more vibrant. I guess this is better suited for those who are into the 90’s brown/ brown-red lip that’s on trend right now. I can also see this type of color being more appreciated by those who want to ease into red lipsticks.

Charlotte Tilbury Bond Girl Lip Swatch

On me, it’s more of a safe color to wear when I don’t want to look pale.

Bond Girl can be built up to full opacity, but since the color is muted, it wouldn’t look significantly different from the lip swatches above. But, I noticed that the more I layer it on, the fuller my lips look without the shine. You can literally build layers of lipstick making the lips look plumper. It’s hard to describe, but if you’ve watched Lisa Eldridge’s Marilyn Monroe Makeup tutorial, you’ll get what I mean (in the video, she alternately layered-and-layered-and-layered gloss and lipstick on the model’s lips. The actual volume of the packed-on lip products makes the lips look volumized).

Anyway, I can still see myself trying out other shades. I feel like this type of matte lip formula would be awesome for lighter shades because it doesn’t settle between creases or emphasize the cracks. I might try Very Victoria, but maybe, not soon.

Charlotte Tilbury products are not readily available in the Philippines.
The converted Nordstrom price is Php 1,601.49.
My pimple is asking to be popped, but I’m letting it be.


Hi, I’m Rae and I am a scatterbrain. I am in my 30s and I write in this blog from the Philippines. I spend a tiny portion of my time de-stressing with makeup and skin care. Email: scatterbraintures@gmail.com | Instagram: @scatterbraintures


  1. Hi Rae,
    Ive been scanning on this bond girl lipstick and im glad to have found a fellow filipina post:))) I do see nga na medyo may pagka muted siya. Have you tried it on again when you’re less tan maybe? If yes, medyo na compliment ba ng konti yung skin tone mo?

  2. You, I don’t know what you’re on about, Bond Girl looks great on you. I hope you kept it and wear it!

    • Rae Reply

      Yeah, it looks good. I guess I’m more used to more vibrant shades when it comes to red.

  3. I have the same skintone as you. I tried a lot of nudes before but none worked because my skin is so yellow. Thanks for this review I think this really flatters our complexion. I’m using nude nuance but it seems a lil too brown.

  4. It’s so prettyyyyyy. I actually do see the berry, but very lightly; like a slight touch of berry. I want a few of their lipsticks but ugh, that price point isn’t very wallet-friendly~

  5. This looks good on you, but I agree, the berry shade is somewhat lost. I love how you can distinguish the silicon-ey from the wax-y feeling in lipsticks — I can’t, or maybe I’m not that uh, detail oriented.

  6. It looks good on you and the shade is pretty but I totally understand why it feels underwhelming. I might check out this line bec of u huhuhu jk :) I miss reading your posts, I visit everyday to check if you updated!

    • Rae Reply

      Sweet! Thanks Elaine. Medyo occupied lang lately.

      Gusto ko magtry ng ibang shades. Pero parang halos lahat muted.

  7. I have yet to get my hands on Charlotte Tilbury products but, this is for sure on my list! The colour looks around the range of Craving from MAC ( which is one of my favourite lipsticks)

    Take care*

    • Rae Reply

      They could be similar. Thanks for the suggestion. Craving could be the color I would like.

  8. I can’t see the berry either. Parang it turned out to be a kind of brownish red on you. But it still looks good. Hehe :)

    • Rae Reply

      Yup, it is brownish red. Siguro, my skin tone cancels out the berry tones

  9. Uy, I love this color! Since the weather became gloomy, I’ve been choosing plum and brown-ish lipsticks. Can you tell me more about silicony-feel lippies? haha! Take care, Rae!

    • Rae Reply

      Hahaha. You’ve probably already tried them,like Revlon Matte Balm and Maybelline Creamy Matte

  10. The color is more fig than berry. I think it’s a nice everyday shade, but for a lipstick connoisseur, I can understand how it would be too bland for you. I feel like I’m learning all this new stuff about lipstick such as the formula feeling more wax or silicone. Wha? Or layering lipstick and lip gloss to get plumper lips. That is totally against my instinct, but now I have to check out that Lisa Eldridge video to see!!

    And I love that you owned your pimple. That’s why I keep coming to your blog. Because you’re a REAL PERSON! And not fake face mannequin :D :D

    • Rae Reply

      Learned a new word today, Fig! So that’s what this color is called.

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