Since May of this year, I am able to keep my nail polish (non) stash to two bottles. This is in no way a big achievement because I’m still struggling at keeping down the rest of my beauty products to a significantly lower number.

I wanted to get Zoya Pixie Dust the moment I saw it on Julia’s nails a few years ago. The texture reminded me of a grade school sand art project, which entailed drawing a shape, filling in said shape with a thin layer of glue, pouring sand on top, and removing the excess. Pixie Dust looks like sand on the nails — sand mixed with micro-glitters.

Initially, I wanted to get a bold color, but I settled with Godiva instead. I got a little disappointed after trying it on because I thought it was going to be a little deeper and more beige-toned instead of the pale gold that it is. The color grew on me after a few weeks, tho. Here is Godiva on my nails:

Zoya Godiva Swatch
Zoya Pixie Dust – Godiva

I like that it’s wobbly hand-friendly. The imperfections in my application don’t seem as visible because of the texture. Chipping doesn’t seem obvious, too.

Two passes is enough to get it opaque. I wish it would also take only two passes to remove. So far, the best nail polish remover I found for this is the good old inexpensive Bobbie Nail Polish Remover, the green-tinted one.

I’m currently half-way through the bottle, and I can see myself finishing it. However, I might not repurchase Godiva or any of the other Pixie Dust shades. I have a love-hate relationship with the gritty texture — yes, it looks pretty and a little unconventional, but since I do household chores, I can’t help but imagine dirt getting stuck on the surface of the nail polish the same way particles get stuck on sandpaper.

Zoya Pixie Dust - Godiva

For my next nail polish, I might get Zoya again (in another finish). Unfortunately, I forgot the online store where I bought my current bottle from. But I found several shades for sale at Polish Please (has anyone tried shopping here?). There are also a few Zoya Nail Polish shades at Zalora but if you want to try the Pixie Dust line, they don’t seem to be carrying any at the moment.

By the way, if you’re curious to know the other nail polish I’m keeping, click here: Revlon Hold ’em.

Zoya Pixie Dust costs Php 430 at Polish Please. I’m not sure if there’s a physical store where we can get Zoya here in PH. If you know of one, please share in the comments section. TIA!


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  1. ang mahal – im cheap with nail polishes hehe. although i do wanna get a nice beige color from essie someday. i actually like the paleness of this gold :) mahirap lang tangalin ang nail polish glitters thats why i dont buy glittered polish anymore.

  2. Gandaaa. I’d totally pick this shade out for myself. Glitter and gold. <3 I'm just a little lazy when it comes to removing sand-textured nail colors. Haaay.

  3. This ones too dull for my liking. The reason why I avoid sparkly polishes, is that they’re a pain to remove. LOL.

  4. Such a pretty color, Rae! And I like how you’re able to keep your stash to two bottles. I don’t think I could ever do that. Ang hirap nun! :)

  5. Wobbly hand friendly is good. And the color is very holiday ready! I can understand your ifs about the texture though, and the color doesn’t help to dispel the image of sandpaper. Haha.

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