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When I first saw the contents of the June 2015 BDJ Box*, in my head, I asked — Why are the samples so tiny?

I had a feeling that many people will not appreciate that the box contains mostly 5ml tubes of moisturizers. But being the moisturizer junkie that I am, I felt happy that I can now try out other products that Bioderma has to offer. Prior to getting the box, the only Bioderma stuff I’ve used are two variants of their micellar water cleansers.

For most of August, I will be road testing most of the Bioderma products in the box. I’ve actually already started around the 3rd week of July and have finished the Sensibio DS+ Creme, which I loved.

Sensibio DS+ Creme is one of the few products that first caught my attention. Based on the Bioderma website, the cream should be able to combat the proliferation of irritants, reduce redness, soothe irritated skin, and eliminate scales. My bare face doesn’t look like it’s struggling with all of those right now, but I am a tretinoin user. I’ve been using the latter for years and my skin has already built tolerance, however, my face still looks a taaad pinker compared to my neck and still occasionally gets dry and irritated.

Biodema Sensibio DS-1
Bioderma Sensibio DS+ Creme (Sample Tube)

When I first used it, I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t as heavy as I expected it would be. I was expecting that it might be like Physiogel Cream which is quite thick and really emollient. Sensibio DS+ Creme has a cream-gel consistency and it sets fast. In less than a minute after application, I could no longer see a layer of moisturizer sitting on top my skin. My face looks like there’s no moisturizer on it, but it looks really really supple.

Biodema Sensibio DS-3
I apply this much on half of my face | Bioderma Sensibio DS+ Creme

It also made my face feel velvety to the touch. It’s not exactly as soft and smooth as baby’s skin but really close! I also noticed that I had been waking up to a significantly less oily face and I didn’t get post-moisturizer application sweats.

As far as moisturizing effectiveness goes, I can’t really assess how good it is for dry-skinned people because I have oily and relatively moisturized skin. What I can say for sure is, it reduced the redness around my nose and my overall ‘facial pinkness’. It also minimized the appearance of micro-flakes (that usually appear when I accidentally over apply tretinoin, retinol, and other exfoliating products).

Bioderms Sensibio DS+ Creme fully "sinked in"
Bioderms Sensibio DS+ Creme fully “sinked in”

This moisturizer complements the rest of the skin care products I regularly use. If I didn’t have a hundred other moisturizers to finish, I would purchase a full-sized tube ASAP. That said, I still tried to check it out at SM Beauty just to see how big (or small) the regular tube is. Unfortunately, SM doesn’t carry it. It’s also not available at Zalora. So, I’m guessing I could only find this at dermatologist clinics. Know that I am willing to go out of my way to look for it if it ever happens that I would badly need a moisturizer for flakes and redness.

If your skin is oily and you need a moisturizer for irritated skin, I highly recommend this.


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  1. Your description of how it feels appeals to me. I’ve always had reddish skin on the areas to the sides of my nose. Not sure if this DS cream can address that kind of redness, but I want to find out. I’m also a sucker for deceptively light creams that end up deeply moisturizing.

    • Rae Reply

      I think you will like this. I’v tried a lot of moisturizers and this one of the more unique ones.

  2. I never tried anything like this – mostly because my skin is more dehydrated and I don’t really have issues related to flaky skin whatsoever but, I might recommend this to a friend and my brother, since both suffer from that :3
    Take care*

  3. I’m so looking forward to this! Will let you know how it works on the dry spectrum. Sayang I just ended my slightly irritating skincare (july – pond’s pearl white) Would’ve loved to see how this does on flakes, redness AND dryness!

  4. Uhhh, I want to give this a try. But Bioderma’s too expensive dito -______- What did you think about the micellar water cleansers pala?

    PS. GOT MY LAPTOP BACK NA =))))))))))

    • Rae Reply

      Yes! Finally!

      Oo nga e. The regular-sized tube is Php 1,620.00 How much kaya ito sa France.

      I love the Sebium variant. Yung binili ko nung pumunta tayo megamall. Ang bango!

  5. It’s just occurred to me that instead of a yellow foundation, perhaps I need to invest in this moisturiser. I don’t have any issues with my skin per se, but my face is pinker than my body . . .

    • Rae Reply

      Bioderma has a line specifically for redness. Bioderma AR (anti-redness), my box didn’t have samples for those :( I was hoping I could try them. But this one’s good enough for me. Are Bioderma products accessible in Australia?

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