I’m not used to using word nicknames, so instead of calling these lippies, the actual name of the product, I’ll call them lip crayons.

I’m a little disappointed that these are limited edition and that there seems to be no option to buy the crayons separately. Currently, it’s only available in Zalora but it will be available in Beauty Bar soon.
I had a feeling that the red crayon would be a wine red since they didn’t have that shade in their regular lipstick line. I already have a staple wine red lipstick and I have a no dupe rule, so I was only interested in the nude one. I messaged my friend, Cheche, and asked if she’d want to split the box with me (but I know I didn’t need to ask).

By the way, Zalora ships fast.  I ordered around 6pm and the lip crayons arrived 9am the following day (I live in Makati. Maybe Zalora’s warehouse is near my place.)

Here are swatches and some of my thoughts on the crayons:

Preview x Happy Skin – Too Cool

On me, Too Cool looks like a pink-toned beige concealer.  Note: I have medium cool yellow skin tone (with greenish undertones).

I had two other friends try it on. On a friend who’s a shade darker but also has yellow-greenish undertones, the lip crayon didn’t look as flattering, too. On another friend who’s also a shade (or two) darker, with yellow neutral skin tone (no greenish cast whatsoever), it looked like the perfectest nude. I will not pretend to know how this will look like on other skin tones. Getting this lip crayon is kind of like a gamble.

Happy Skin Too Cool Matte Lippie 1
Happy Skin Too Cool swatch on the lips and cheeks.

I wouldn’t wear Too Cool with no other makeup on my face. It definitely needs blush and eye makeup.  In these photos, I just applied eyeliner (which got totally covered by my hooded lids) and blush.

As a blush, Too Cool is a keeper. It’s subtle but it’s there.

Happy Skin Too Shool Matte Lippie
Preview x Happy Skin Too Cool Swatch

This crayon applies smoothly. It doesn’t tug but I can’t describe it as creamy. It has a little bit of a silicone feel to it — similar to how Revlon Matte Balms feel, but with relatively less slip. Too Cool also applies more evenly compared to Revlon’s paler shades and is almost opaque in one pass.

My problem with Too Cool is that it doesn’t seem to wear well over time.  If you’re like me who has tiny creases on the lips, the more I move the lips, the deeper those creases look, making my lips look dry when they’re actually not.  This is common with pale matte lipsticks, though.

Happy Skin Too Cool Lip Swatch

I am starting to think that with nudes, there’s no happy middle ground. The best looking pale matte lipsticks on me are of the ‘bone dry’ variety (like MAC retro matte and MUFE’s matte lipsticks).  They cling to the lips and they don’t move (here’s an example from Ae’s blog).

If you can’t handle the drought, go for satin or more glossy finishes.

Preview x Happy Skin – Hot Stuff

Hot Stuff, on the other hand, is staple red lipstick material.  I say this because it’s a dupe for my staple red: MAC Diva and Lipstick Queen Entourage (they’re the same color).

Happy Skin Hot Stuff
Preview x Happy Skin Hot Stuff swatch

Compared to Too Cool, Hot Stuff also feels a tiny bit siliconey but creamier. It applies evenly and is opaque with one swipe.  Also, unlike other creamy mattes I’ve tried, Hot Stuff has a true matte finish.

Happy Skin Hot Stuff on Yellow Olive Skin
Happy Skin Hot Stuff swatch on yellow olive skin tone

In my opinion, Hot Stuff has the best formula of all lip crayons that Happy Skin has come out with so far.  This one’s worth the price.  I still prefer drier and tuggier options, but I’m a hard core ‘sahara-desert dry’ matte lipstick lover so that’s that.

Happy Skin Hot Stuff Lip Swatch
Happy Skin Hot Stuff Lip Swatch

What blew me away with Hot Stuff is the longevity.  It didn’t seem like it would last long because it has slip and doesn’t seem like it fully sets. But after eating ravioli, spaghetti & meatballs, and spicy chicken wings, it was still intact.  I wasn’t able to take a photo, but here’s my friend, Cheche, after ice cream:

Ice Cream versus Hot Stuff
Ice Cream versus Hot Stuff

After seeing that much transfer, I didn’t expect that there would be much lipstick left. The second photo is after ice cream.  The third photo is after 6 hours of work.  Cheche seems like a total b*tch here but she’s one of the kindest and jolliest people I know. That pout was for me to see if there’s still lipstick left.

If you eat right after application, I don’t think it would stay as long. We gave it at least an hour to set.

Anyway, although I was pleasantly surprised by how Hot Stuff looked and lasted, I’m still glad I didn’t get it.  I already have two lipsticks that look almost exactly the same as Hot Stuff on my lips.

Here’s Diva and Hot Stuff:

MAC Diva and Happy Skin Hot Stuff on Yellow Olive Skin Tone
Comparison Swatch: MAC Diva vs Happy Skin Hot Stuff

Up close, you can somehow see a difference. Hot Stuff looks a little bluer and deeper. Maybe the subtle difference on me will not look quite as subtle on a different skin tone. But for my wallet’s purposes, they’re the same and I’m not the type to keep two lipsticks with no significant difference in color and finish.

MAC Diva and Happy Skin Hot Stuff Lip Swatch
MAC Diva and Happy Skin Hot Stuff Lip Swatches

Initially, I thought Hot Stuff would be closer to MAC Sin, but I was wrong:

MAC Sin and Happy Skin Hot Stuff on Yellow Olive Skin Tone
Comparison Swatch: MAC Sin and Happy Skin Hot Stuff

Sin is definitely darker.

MAC Sin and Happy Skin Hot Stuff Lip Swatch
MAC Sin and Happy Skin Hot Stuff Lip Swatch

More comparison swatches:

Comparison Swatches: Lipstick Queen Entourage, Happy Skin Hot Stuff, MAC Diva, MAC Sin
Comparison Swatches: Lipstick Queen Entourage, Happy Skin Hot Stuff, MAC Diva, MAC Sin

In my initial swatch, Entourage and Diva seems significantly lighter. I must’ve sheered them out because I didn’t apply directly from the tube, I only used my fingers:

Happy Skin Hot Stuff and Too Cool + Comparison Swatches: NARS Barbara, Happy Skin Too Cool, Happy Skin Hot Stuff, LQ Entourage, Bobbi Brown Berry Noir, MAC Diva, MAC Sin
Happy Skin Hot Stuff and Too Cool + Comparison Swatches: NARS Barbara, Happy Skin Too Cool, Happy Skin Hot Stuff, LQ Entourage, Bobbi Brown Berry Noir, MAC Diva, MAC Sin
Happy Skin Hot Stuff and Too Cool + Comparison Swatches: NARS Barbara, Happy Skin Too Cool, Happy Skin Hot Stuff, LQ Entourage, Bobbi Brown Berry Noir, MAC Diva, MAC Sin
Happy Skin Hot Stuff and Too Cool + Comparison Swatches: NARS Barbara, Happy Skin Too Cool, Happy Skin Hot Stuff, LQ Entourage, Bobbi Brown Berry Noir, MAC Diva, MAC Sin

For someone with my coloring, I think this is not a must-have. Too Cool is not my nude and Hot Stuff is not a unique color. Also, I really hate limited edition stuff. I feel like I’m being deliberately deprived of time to think because the products will be gone soon. But I hate myself more because I fell for it!

Get it if you also want to use Too Cool as a blush (this is now my favorite blush), or if you like concealer-type pale lispticks, and/or if you’ve already moved heaven and earth to look for a long-lasting non-tuggy matte wine red and couldn’t fine one.

Another reason to get it is if you love matte lipsticks and you’d want to suport a local brand.  We got our set for Php 999 (Php 1,099 less Php 100 from the coupon code: HAPPY).

PS I wish Happy Skin chose an MLBB-type of matte color instead of a pale nude.

PPS Thank you, Cheche for lending me Hot Stuff and for being a Scatterbraintures correspondent :P

PPPS According to my husband, people who offer to lend me their lipsticks are true friends and we should make them godparents if we ever have children.

PPPPS Hot Stuff and Too Cool look good when layered. I ended up with a berry-toned shade.

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Hi, I’m Rae and I am a scatterbrain. I am in my 30s and I write in this blog from the Philippines. I spend a tiny portion of my time de-stressing with makeup and skin care. Email: scatterbraintures@gmail.com | Instagram: @scatterbraintures


  1. WOOW you wear hot stuff so well!! I’m on a neutral/everyday-wear lipstick phase right now because I change my hair color often and I find it mind boggling having to match my bold lip colors to my hair. But seeing how it looks so good on you makes me want to re-think my recent lipspie choices!

  2. I ordered this several days ago and I haven’t even gotten a shipping notification from Zalora yet… but I ordered from them for that discount. Really don’t like that website but I guess that’s a different issue altogether.

    I am excited to try Too Cool as a blush though! And Hot Stuff looks incredible on you.

    • I think I’m one of the first ones to order, then it went out of stock. Wish they had a notification for that, too.

  3. OMG! I like Hot stuff kaso medyo 50 50 with too cool. sana they’ll soon sell this separately. I’m waiting for this sa beauty bar, baka next week daw. I think if ever, I will go for MAC diva instead :)

    • I agree. Too Cool is not for everyone, despite what their marketing spiel says. May binabagayan syang undertone.

  4. Ok, I just looked up Zalora, and I think this got sold out!! These two shades are my favorite pa naman (besides the not-so-classy shades). And really liked how they looked on you :)

  5. That red is just amazing
    I tend to be careful with nudes. Not all type really suit me…but this one looks really pretty!
    And friend who lend lipsticks are amazing friends, not everyone does that!

    Take care*

    • I think it’s more difficult to find the perfect nude than it is to find THE red. Or maybe that’s just me.

  6. I can never pull off something as dark as Hot Stuff but damn it looks so good on you Rae!

    • Haha, I have a feeling you’re just not used to it yet :P

      And if your lips can handle it, try dark lipsticks with a matte finish, the matte-ness tones down the the boldness of the color :D

  7. Hot Stuff looks so glamorous on you. Naipit ako dito. I kind of like Hot Stuff, though I don’t see myself wearing it outside of a few special evenings. Pass on Too Cool as I have so many nudes in my stash that are left untouched. I’m more attracted to the Beauty in Bloom.

    • Just saw Beauty in Bloom earlier today, and I can imagine them on you. I think those colors also go well with the current blushers you own.

  8. Too Cool looks a bit ashy, pero ang ganda ng Hot Stuff sayoooo! I can’t figure out how much pigment is in that lippy though, since lipstick is ALL OVER the ice cream cup pero buong buo pa rin sa lips ni Che. Temptation…..

    • It seems more pigmented than the ‘regular’ Happy Skin lip crayons. But Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte is still the lipstick to beat. I don’t remember seeing you in wine red before. I wonder how it would look like on you.

  9. True! They should have released a MLBB shade to suit a lot more people. But I like the nude shade nonetheless haha but not willing to buy the set just for it :P

    I hope Happy Skin comes up with more matte lipsticks!

    • I’m surprised that I eventually liked the nude shade. Pero mas gusto ko sya i-layer with Barbara. This nude lipstick business is addictive! I blame you for this.

  10. I just noticed your (new?) layout, ganda! The dark wine shade is really vampy, and seems to be something that you’d already have in your collection. Grabe the transfers though!

    • Newish :D

      Yeah, good thing I listened to my gut and asked Cheche to split it with me.

      I have too many reds na.

  11. wahahaha.. you’re welcome Rae! alam mo namang supportive kmi ni ate sayo. hello?! Since 2002! kayo 2001. hehe.. I enjoyed being your correspondent. next time ulit. :)

    ps. thank you sa disclaimer. buti nalng ngblot ako. hahaha.

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