There are so many new matte lipstick lines I want to try, but I noticed that I’m only drawn to the reds. If not for my No Duplicates Rule, I’d be swimming in red lipsticks right now. Anyway, I’m currently doing an inventory of all my lipsticks to check if there’s anything I could let go of.

My Red Lipstick Collection
All of my red lipsticks, for now. | Top: Wine Reds; Bottom: Bluish Reds

Doing this roundup, I found out that all my reds can be grouped in two: wine/berry reds and blue-tinged reds.

First among the wine reds is —

T. LeClerc Rouge Theopile Matte Lipstick – Cerise

T. LeClerc Cerise SwatchT. LeClerc Cerise Swatch A

I bought this lipstick after finding out that T. LeClerc has a matte lipstick line. Back then, I was determined to try out ALL of the matte lipstick lines on earth.

Cerise is a berry-toned blue red. On some days, I find it too berry-toned that it’s almost not a red lipstick. The only reason why I’m not grouping it among the berries and plums is because it doesn’t give me a sinister look.

Cerise is pigmented but not opaque. It can be built up to fully cover the lips but doing that makes it too shiny and heavy. Of all my red lipsticks, this is the least matte and has the poorest longevity. [Php 750, Rustans]

Verdict: TOSS

Lipstick Queen Velvet Rope – Entourage

Lipstick Queen Entourage Swatch (Unblotted)
Lipstick Queen Entourage Swatch (Unblotted)

Entourage is my favorite red — and because Lipstick Queen Velvet Rope costs a kidney, I’m glad I found a dupe.

Lipstick Queen Entourage Swatch (Unblotted)
Lipstick Queen Entourage Swatch (Unblotted)

Entourage is a very vivid wine red. It’s one of the few lipsticks I can wear without blotting off the shine. It’s also one of the non-opaque lipsticks that I don’t hate using. It looks wet but it doesn’t feel heavy.

Lipstick Queen Entourage Swatch (Blotted)
Lipstick Queen Entourage Swatch (Blotted)

I like how it is sheer in places that make my lips look plumper than it really is. [Php $50, Nordstrom]

Verdict: KEEP
(But I won’t repurchase. I’ll get a cheaper alternative.)

Inglot Matte Lipstick – 412

Inglot 412 Lipstick Swatch
Inglot 412 Swatch


Before Lipstick Queen Entourage, Inglot 412 was my favorite red.  On my skin tone, it looks very similar to Entourage, but it’s brighter and is more of a raspberry than a wine red.  The raspberry-ness is more evident when applied sheer (see here: Inglot 412) but I rarely ever do that.

Inglot 412 Swatch

I usually apply it to full opacity.  This is my go-to red when I need a no fuss flat matte red that is ‘not quite red’. [Php 895, Inglot Stores]

Verdict: KEEP

Nichido Matte Lipstick – Temptation

Nichido Tempation Swatch
Nichido Tempation Swatch | Sorry for the sloppy application

This is the lipstick find of ALL lipstick finds and I feel obligated to tell everyone know about it.  It only costs Php 188 and is the most long-lasting of all the lipsticks listed here.

Nichido Tempation Swatch C

Temptation is a slightly deep blue-tinged red.  This is the brightest red I can comfortably wear.  It’s not so bright but is bright enough to give me the feeling that I can rule the world.

This is similar to the texture and finish of Inglot matte and MAC retro matte lipsticks.  Which means, it tugs and it doesn’t need blotting to get a true matte finish. [Php 188, Watsons, The SM Store, The Landmark]

I recommend this to people who want to try the red lipstick look but can’t commit to bright reds like MAC Ruby Woo or MAC Russian Red.

Verdict: Undecided
(I have another lipstick in the same color, I’ll decide in a few days.  Whichever I’d use more, wins!)

VMV Hypoallergenics Velvet Matte – Debauchery

VMV Debauchery Swatch (Unblotted)
VMV Debauchery Swatch (Unblotted)

This is another lipstick I feel obligated to talk about. Debauchery is one of the more comfortable matte lipsticks I’ve tried. I used to have Danger and I hated it until I found out that I got a dud. I want to get other colors but the website doesn’t have shade descriptions and there’s not enough swatches online.

VMV Debauchery Swatch
VMV Debauchery Swatch

Debauchery is the ‘creamy matte’ version of Nichido Temptation. I think they’re the same color. They only look different because Debauchery has sheen. But when the latter is blotted to a flat matte finish, I won’t be able to tell them apart. I don’t know which one of them I would repurchase.  For now, I’ll keep both. [Php 1,060, VMV Stores/ VMV Website]

Verdict: Undecided
(I have another lipstick in the same color, I’ll decide in a few days.  Whichever I’d use more, wins!)

* * *


I don’t have the full tubes of these lipsticks but I have sample “scrapes” of them.

MAC Matte Lipstick – Russian Red

I can’t remember how, where, or from whom I got a sample of this.  But I’m glad I sampled it first.  It’s an example of a bright red  that I am not comfortable wearing.

MAC Russian Red Swatch

I admit, it doesn’t clash with my complexion. But it grabs too much attention and I don’t feel like me when I see myself in the mirror wearing it (does that make sense?). [Verdict: Not for purchase.]

MAC Russian Red Swatch B

Sophie Koshize Paris – Rouge Chic

I only keep a mini. I remember finishing a standard size tube of this and that rarely happens with me.

Sophie Koshize Rouge Chic Swatch (Unblotted)
Sophie Koshize Rouge Chic Swatch (Unblotted)

Rouge Chic is similar to Nichido Temptation and VMV Debauchery, only slightly warmer. I think it’s a brick red and could be similar to NYX Alabama.

Sophie Koshize Rouge Chic Swatch (Blotted)
Sophie Koshize Rouge Chic Swatch (Blotted)

It’s another underrated inexpensive lipstick that no one seems to notice. [Verdict: I like it but I don’t like it enough to make it a staple.]

* * *

Looks like I’m only letting go of two. :D

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PS. Forgot MAC Sin! (I’ll just include it in the next installment).


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  1. manilawithlove Reply

    Entourage looks SUPER on you! Pati Rouge Chic!

    • Yes! Rouge Chic was my favorite red before finding Inglot 411 and Lipstick Queen Entourage :D

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  3. The MAC Russian Red is my fav on you!! Though I know what you mean when you say you don’t feel like yourself in the mirror, bc I feel that way every time I see myself with lippy stick! :DD

  4. AYYY The Inglot one is my favorite on you! Ang ganda ganda!

    Going to check out the Nichido one. I have a pink lipstick from the same line, but I’m meh about the color. I love what you have.

    PS Same with Russian Red. Looks okay with my skin color, but too bright for me!

    • I remember one pink one. It’s white-based and very Nicki Minaj-looking

  5. Whatttt I like the bright red on you the best! You should definitely try to get comfortable with it :)

  6. Red lipsticks suit you! Pretty mo! I remember my first red lipstick was given by my mom, from Avon sya. Hehe. I dunno pero hindi ako nahilig sa lipstick. Until now, puro bigay lang ang lip stick ko at ang tagal nila maubos kasi paminsan minsan ko lang nagagamit. :)

    • I want to go back to those days, too. Hoping, by the end of the year, 5 or 6 na lang sila tapos papaikutin ko na lang.

  7. This is an area of ignorance for me as I feel they all look the same :[ But I am loving this series and I can’t wait for your thoughts on other color families! Please do one on crazy colors (purples, greens, blues) That’d be WILD!

    • They do look the same esp in pictures. You can see the difference more when it’s on the face, in person.

  8. Ate Rae, all lipsticks except for Russian Red looks identical to me. hehehe but I love those shades! I also love wearing deep red lipsticks with blue or plum undertone. I’ve been wanting to try the ruby woo and russian red is it really worth it to shell out 1k for a MAC lipsticks? Anyway, would love to try the nichido temptation since it’s the cheapest! hehe

    • If there’s one lipstick you should try first in this list, it’s Nichido Temptation. I think there are 4 other reds in their matte lipstick line na dupe for Ruby Woo or Russian Red. If ok sayo yung halos walang moisture na matte lipstick, you will love Nichido. Medyo mag-t-tug sya and gagamitan mo nang pressure pero it’s the most long-lasting of all red lipsticks I own.

      Check out Nichido muna before checking out MAC. MAC is worth it in a sense na ang dami nilang colors, ‘full-coverage’, and long-lasting (only speaking for the matte lipsticks). Also, for example, with reds, ang dami nilang iba-ibang red na iba-iba ang undertone and finish that you’re bound to find one that works for you.

  9. I love how Entourage looks on you! It’s dark but doesn’t look goth. So glad that Diva is a dupe :D I need to reevaluate all my stuff and let go of some things >.<

    • That’s true. It’s perfect in that sense. It’s that but not too dark.

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