I wanted to try out this lipstick since I got MAC Please Me. I wished that the latter was little bit cooler-toned.

MAC Pink Plaid Bullet

I must’ve tweeted that bit and ended up with Elaine‘s tube (I can’t remember anymore). She gave me hers so I can at least try it out first before I go out and buy one. She’s generous like that. She also warned me that it washes her out. I’m a shade lighter than her at the time and I thought I could make it work. But the first time I tried it, I looked like I used a pastel pink chalk as a lipstick.

MAC Pink Plaid Swatch

MAC describes this is as a dirty blue-pink (which is also how they described Mehr). On my medium olive-yellow skin, MAC Pink Plaid comes off a milky blue-pink.

I’m at my lightest right now (NC30/35) so I was able to make it work with a little eyeliner and a cool-toned blush. But I think I can never go full-on lazy and wear this lipstick bare-faced as I often do.

MAC Pink Plaid
MAC Pink Plaid (Other stuff on my face: MUFE HD N123 Foundation, Bobbi Brown Gel Liner, NARS Mata Hari, Kevyn Aucoin Candle Light)

I’m glad I didn’t buy this blind. Since the summer months are coming, I won’t be able to wear it again.

Disclaimer: I’m not the best person to ask if a lipstick is drying. My lips seldom get dry. But as with most of the lighter colors in the MAC matte lipstick line, this lipstick made my lips look a little bit more dry.


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  1. Nice! Buti ka pa, bagay sayo ang color na yan! Ako nagmumukhang maputla lang, hehe. :)

  2. Looks great on you! I don’t think that I can pull off pale pink, but you did wonderful!

  3. This doesn’t look so bad! Pale pinks that border on lavender make me look sickly so I avoid them but this is an interesting alternative to peachy nudes ^_^

  4. Only a select few non-Caucasians can pull this off, Rae. And you’re one of them – almost bare-faced pa! I’d have to wear this with a heavy eye and super clean base.

  5. I think we’re approximately the same MAC shade right now! :) i wish I can wear a shade like this kasi maganda siya sa tube but i’m sure it’ll wash me out once applied. I tend to avoid shades like this especially when blind buying off the internet. I’m drawn to them though!

  6. hindi bagay sakin to, i wish it’s bagay tho cause till now i havent found a light pink that suites me. it reminds me of a certain nars audacious shade :)

    • I think nude brown pinks lang yung light pink na bagay for me. Almost parang pale mlbb.

  7. Yup! Pink Plaid also washes me out! I’m also NC30 and wearing this alone isn’t pretty. I always have to top with a darker gloss or do a gradient lips to put the color back to my face.

    Hey, at least you didn’t have to pay for it. I did! Hmmph!! >.< LOL

  8. I like the shade! But sadly I don’t think I would be able to pull this off since more darker shades are the ones that tend to look prettier on me :c quite a shame a actually!

  9. It looks…weird (not you, yer gorge :p). I agree with Juvy, magmumuka kong Nicki Minaj (na nakatira ng katol) dito.

    • You’re right, Fashion Mews has shimmer and has a tinge of lavender. But they do look similar.

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