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The Hack That Changed My Life feat. Bench Fix Clay Doh Molding Clay

In one of my beautube marathon sessions, I discovered the hairspray makeup hack for brows. I’m sorry I can’t remember who the beautuber was (credit to whoever thought of this genius idea).

The hack:

If you run out of brow mascara, groom your brows with a hairspray by spraying the latter to a spoolie brush and combing the brows.

Bench Fix Professional Clay Doh Hair Molding Clay
Bench Fix Professional Clay Doh Hair Molding Clay

I didn’t own hairspray at the time (I still don’t), but I remembered that I owned a mini-tub of hair wax that I haven’t been using since I stopped caring for baby hairs that keep sticking out from my head.

If hairspray could work for eyebrows, hair wax might work, too.

It was a little bit tricky during my first few tries. I had to figure out the right amount of product to use. If I don’t put enough, my eyebrow hairs will not hold. If I put too much, there will be white lard-looking residue clinging on individual hair strands.

I went to a wedding
Hack in action. This is a photo of me coming home from a wedding. I was too lazy to trim my brows so I used hair wax to keep my brow hairs in place. It held well for 4 hours. (Anyway, see the baby hairs?! I think I should use the hair wax again.)

The best thing about hair wax is that it looks like there’s nothing on the brows. My brows are already dense and tinted brow mascaras usually look off with my black hair. I also like that the hair wax doesn’t look wet (as most clear brow mascaras do) and doesn’t make my brows “crunchy”.

I either put the wax on the spoolie or directly on the brow hairs and comb my brows ’til the white lardish looking wax disappears.

This trick is perfect for people with dense unruly brows who usually go for the no makeup makeup look. This, plus a little bit of brow powder for definition is a must-try.

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  1. I tried this once before but I ended up with the lard-like thing you described. Now I have to dig it up my pot because this just reminded me that I should’ve tried harder to make it work haha

  2. Your baby hair problem might be from your excessive hair fall. I know I got a lot of them ever since my hair fall started :(

    Anyway, this is really clever. I tend to have long brow hairs and sometimes, I just forget to trim them! This is awesome since I can’t use brow mascaras too (fine hairs can’t hold them.)

    1. I think you’re right, Tellie. It’s usually not a problem when I put my hair down. But when I put my hair up in a pony tail, all the hairs stick out :(

      This would be perfect for you. This can’t hold my brow hairs for more than 5 hours because my eyebrow hairs are fat. I imagine that for finer hairs, I imagine it would hold for the whole day.

  3. I would never think about something like this :o But actually it’s a quite useful and helpful tip!
    I’ll take a note on it for sure!
    Take care :3

  4. Ah this is probably something I can only dream of doing, as I have the opposite problem (having too-sparse browhair). Great hack though!

  5. Baby hairs? That’s my problem too.. It mess with my trying hard to look professional. But instead of wax I use gel. And there are few times I put it in my brows too :D

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