If you would be limited to just one lipstick line, which one would you choose?

If I was asked that question, I would choose Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Lip Color.

I did not take this hypothetical question lightly. I really seriously gave it a lot of thought. Because it was no joke choosing between this line and the NARS Audacious (the most coveted lipstick line of 2014). In the end, Bobbi beat Francois.

Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Port

Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte - Port (applied with a lip brush). I think this is limited edition; no longer available at nordstrom or at the bobbi brown website. It's a very deep burgundy red, slightly deeper than MAC Sin.
Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte – Port (applied with a lip brush). I think this is limited edition; no longer available at nordstrom or at the bobbi brown website. It’s a very deep burgundy red, slightly deeper than MAC Sin.

While my obsession with the Audacious lipsticks is slowly fizzling out, I noticed that my high for the Creamy Mattes never went away (it’s been more than a year, guys!), that’s when I knew who the clear winner was.

My first tube was Crushed Plum, bought December 2013, if my memory serves me right. I got Pink Lily and True Pink next, but I let them go because when I look in the mirror, they don’t make me feel like ‘Damn gurl you look gooood!’

Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Crushed Plum

Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Crushed Plum on Medium Olive Yellow Skin
Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte – Crushed Plum (a rich berry). This is my favorite of the stronger colors in the line. I haven’t been buying plum lipsticks because of this. The color seems close to NARS Audacious Vivien (basing this on how I remember Vivien)

I never wrote a dedicated post about this lipstick line because I like it A LOT.

I know that doesn’t make sense. But usually, the more I like something, the least likely I am to write about it so soon.  I love these lipsticks so much that I’m afraid I might do them a disservice if I couldn’t articulate how they are simply just the best.

As it is now, this is the most underrated lipstick line in the universe.

Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Jenna

Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Jenna on Medium Yellow Olive Skin
Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Jenna (a bright orange red). On me, it looks more orange than red like MAC Lady Danger. I think they’re dupes. I’ll do comparison swatches in the next few weeks.


These lipsticks don’t look like much but they will surprise you with their awesomeness.

Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Tube
It looks like a lip balm :(

The packaging is not disappointing. I quite like how utilitarian it is. It holds the bullet really well and by how the tube hugs the product, the lipstick is almost break-proof. Just don’t take the bullet all the way up, of course.

Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Lipsticks [L-R: Warm Beige, Red Carpet, Jenna, Port, Tawny Pink, Crushed Plum]
Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Lipsticks [L-R: Warm Beige, Red Carpet, Jenna, Port, Tawny Pink, Crushed Plum] — The most accurate shot I’ve taken, colorwise.
Unfortunately, the packaging doesn’t help sell the product at all. These can be easily overlooked at the counter and get mistaken for sheer lip butters. I hope they consider putting these lipsticks in the standard Bobbi Brown square lipstick packaging. Square lipsticks look so much more bad ass (and expensive).

Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Red Carpet

Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Red Carpet on Medium Olive Yellow Skin NC37
Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Red Carpet. It’s MAC Russian Red with a little orange — bordering a little too bright for me. I think it looks good on my skin tone, but I prefer my reds to be deeper, like MAC Diva and maybe the new creamy matte, Scarlet. I’ll give this to my mom when I visit my parents one of these days.

Pigment and Longevity

If you haven’t tried these lipsticks yet, I will take your assessment of lipstick pigmentation with a grain of salt. You don’t know what ‘pigmented’ means until you’ve tried this line. The skin on your lips will not see the light of day once you put it on.

One of these is two passes:

Left – One Swipe, Right – Two Swipes | No difference! This is lipstick concentrate.

One, just one, light-handed swipe is enough to cover the lips evenly and completely.

You know that feeling when you’re trying out a foundation for the first time — you put one pump on a makeup brush, apply the whole thing on your face, then you find out that…. “F@&%!!! I put too much!”  That’s how I felt when I first applied this lipstick. It is overwhelmingly pigmented — a little goes a long way.

Sometimes I just put the lipstick in the center of my lips, korean ombre-style, and spread it out with the lip brush. My lips would still be one solid color afterwards (even the lighter colors are opaque).

Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Tawny Pink

Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Tawny Pink on Medium Yellow Olive Skin NC35
Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Tawny Pink – Described as pink mauve. This is my holy grail mlbb lipstick. On me it’s a mauve brown pink (less mauve and more brown compared to NARS Anna)

With pigment comes longevity.

Many long-wear lipsticks tend to feel decal-like as they set, as if there’s lard on your lips. Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte is the most comfortable long-wearing lipstick I’ve ever tried. It doesn’t flake and it moves with the lips.

Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Warm Beige

Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Warm Beige on Medium Yellow Olive Skin NC35
Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Warm Beige. Described as pink brown. I can’t see the pink in this, though. On me it’s medium brown with a touch of terracotta red — like MAC Taupe without the rustiness (it has less red compared to Taupe). I think this is the brownest I can go with lipsticks.

Finish and Texture

The lipsticks are very dense but creamy. They glide on effortlessly and they don’t tug the lips. They apply like satin lipsticks, but they’re not as wet.

Upon application, the lipstick will yield a low-shine satin finish (otherwise known as semi-matte; has slightly less shine compared to NARS Audacious).

I usually prefer my lipsticks to be bone-dry matte (e.g., MAC retro matte, MUFE matte, and Inglot matte lipsticks). So most of the time, although the finish is not even that shiny, I still blot my lips. Some pigment will come off but the color left on the lips will remain solid and opaque.

The matte-er, the better!!!

Crushed Plum (Top: Unblotted, Bottom: Blotted). I swear, my lips look bigger and better when they’re matte.

Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Crushed Plum Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte - Crushed Plum on Medium Yellow Olive Skin

Tawny Pink (Top: Unblotted, Bottom: Blotted)

Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Tawny Pink on Medium Yellow Olive Skin NC35
Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Tawny Pink – Described as pink mauve. This is my holy grail mlbb lipstick. On me it’s a mauve brown pink (less mauve and more brown compared to NARS Anna)

Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Tawny Pink 6

Pigmentation, longevity, finish, and texture is consistent across all shades based on the 8 shades I’ve tried and the 3 I’ve sampled. I still want to get more: one of the nudes, Hot, Razzberry, and Scarlet. Unfortunately, I’m getting good at this no shopping thing, so, maybe next year *gasp*.

If there’s one thing that I wish Bobbi Brown would do to improve this line, it’s adding more shades!

Some colors have two shades (e.g., 2 bright pinks and 2 oranges), but for most of the other colors, there’s only one shade per color family.

So, unless they come out with a limited edition shade, you’ll be stuck with 1 of each (i.e, one shade in the plum family, and 1 in the red, etc.). I’m only lucky that many of the colors look well on medium greenish yellow skin.

I might do a series of comparison swatches per shade in the next couple of weeks since most of these shades are dupe-able. But if you must get one color and it’s available from the creamy matte line, don’t get it from anywhere else.

Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Lip Color Swatches
Warm Beige, Tawny Pink, Jenna, Red Carpet, Crushed Plum, Port

P.S. I’m not the best person to ask if this is drying on the lips. My lips can tolerate the driest of lipsticks pretty well. But so far, these are some of the least drying, most comfortable matte lipsticks I’ve had the pleasure of using.



Hi, I’m Rae and I am a scatterbrain. I am in my 30s and I write in this blog from the Philippines. I spend a tiny portion of my time de-stressing with makeup and skin care. Email: scatterbraintures@gmail.com | Instagram: @scatterbraintures


  1. I always keep coming back to this post since I discovered it. The pigmentation looks really good and I’m envious of the color tawny pink. It’s my favorite go-to lip color.
    I’m setting my eyes on bobbi brown lipsticks. But as a student, I still have to take one step at a time in acquiring high end products.

  2. RAEEEE! Nakasale ang Bobbi Brown ngayon, 20% off. HAHA. I stumbled upon this post when I was looking for swatches HAHAHA. Should I get? =))) Ang dami mong colors na maganda! Super tempted. XD

    • For me, it’s the lipstick to get. Esp the louder colors. This will change what “pigmented” means to you.

  3. I like the crushed plum (for a more maldita/grunge look) and the tawny pink (for everyday office naman)

  4. Ugh, seriously beautiful. I’ve been wanting some of Bobbi’s lipsticks for the longest time now, but I can’t anymore since I’m now CF with my makeup….BUT BOBBI, YOU STILL HOLD A PLACE IN MY HEART. IDK, I HAVE TO AGREE THAT MATTE LIPS DO MAKE YOUR LIPS LOOK SLIGHTLY BIGGER, and Crushed Plum looks hella good on you! (I do love the packaging for most of Bobbi’s products though)

    • I’m thankful NARS came out with the Audacious line. I’m not too brokenhearted to have to not add to this collection ever again.

  5. Damn! If only these lipsticks don’t cost an arm and leg, I would buy all the colors that I want. I love Red Carpet. This somehow reminds me of Revlon’s Colorburst Matte Balm. I’m a sucker for matte lip products.

    Glad to see you with WordPress. The last time I visited your blog, it was on Blogspot. I followed you btw. ;)

    • Oh, yes. I think that’s Revlon Standout. Also similar to MAC Russian Red.

      I think this line would be good to invest in for everyday staples or holy grail lipstick shades. Otherwise, mahal nga. :D

  6. SQUARE > CIRCLE lipsticks! And yes, I love the formula of BB Creamy Matte as well but I don’t find most of the shades suited to my skintone. I did a major swatchfest in the counter one time and the brights are too bright while the nudes/pinks wash me out. The recent Nude collection though was good – I’ve tried all 4 and they look great against my skintone. Still contemplating on Crushed Plum even if I have Vivien…. NOOO.

    • They have 2 new limited edition reds but I don’t know if they’re already available in PH: Heart and Scarlet. But Heart, I think is brighter than Red Carpet :( and I know you don’t like super duper bright reds.

  7. You noticed din pala they’re not perfectly matte. That’s my only pique with this line but still. The pigment to comfort ratio is out of this world!!!

    • I prefer them to be a little bit more dry and matte, too, but I let that slip because of the pigment and the blot-ability.

  8. Wow they really do look creamy and extra pigmented! I’ve been resisting the urge to get one but my will is getting weak! I blame you. Haha.

    • I want to! If I don’t pick this up within the month. I’d just give it to my mom.

  9. Sweet lord that IS a tough choice lol. They all do look gorgeous on you Rae! I think I love crushed plum and the red carpet the most on you but yeah..they’re all gorgeous! And sigh….youre so lucky to be able to tolerate drying lipsticks !! Im the complete opposite:s

    • I do feel lucky. Shiny face + shiny lips just won’t work for me. I feel like matte lips make my oiliness more forgiving :P

  10. i love how the shades look on you! My favorites would have to be Red Carpet and Tawny Pink but it’s really hard to decide. I want to get Warm Beige for myself since I’m on a neutral/nude phase right now but I don’t know how it will look on me.

    • Warm Beige seem like a really tricky color. I have no idea which skin tone it would fit. On me ‘ok lang’ sya. Not exactly a color that brightens my complexion but it doesn’t make me look drab din. On the teeth, nakaka-yellow :(

  11. Thank you, Rae for selling the first BB creamy matte that I owned. Hehe. I really like the Finish and Texture, but I find it drying on my lips too. I still love using it because you know, I love lipsticks! Hehe.

  12. Bobbi Brown looks like such a nice brand!
    I need to try these lipsticks from them! (and their blushes too!)

    • I’ve only tried these, an eyeshadow palette, and their stick foundation. The eyeshadows, I didn’t like very much. But the foundation is good.

  13. Crushed Plum is such a gorgeous color but with winter almost gone here in CA, this would probably be too much for the warmer season xD It reminds me of a darker Wet n Wild Matte Lipstick in Sugar Plum Fairy but with more red than pink :)

    • I feel lucky that we only have two seasons here, summer and monsoon. Color appropriateness is blurred :P

      • Yeah, I was thinking that I should not follow convention and wear what I want but it’s still a but unnerving wearing a darker or brighter color out in public, especially as I’m pretty much dead on my feet in the mornings. Sleepiness and coordination do not make for careful lipstick applications xD

  14. Really digging crushed plum! I told myself i wouldnt buy any lip products until i put a dent in my current stash!

    • It’s the plum lipstick to buy. I let go of NARS Valparaiso (Pure Matte) and NYX Siren na. :D

  15. Hi Rae! I have tried the Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte in Calypso. It was super drying on my lips. Too bad, because I really loved how pigmented it was.

    You’re really lucky that your lips don’t dry out from these lipsticks! Love how Crushed Plum looks on you.


    • Thanks! That’s too bad. How are you finding MAC matte lipsticks? I found those to be more drying than this ones.

    • True! Kaso, I don’t know how it would look on you. I remember Diva looks a lot different on you than it does on me.

  16. Crushed Plum is calling me~ O

    But alas, no money! (Also, no Bobbi Brown here in Dumaguete! /sad face.)

    • I think you’ll really really love Tawny Pink and Warm Beige might be a good nude for you :D

  17. You’re completely right about the packaging. I’ve never tried these, and that’s because I’ve always been drawn to the square tubes. How’s the moisture level? Is it creamy enough that lips don’t dry out?

    • Oh no, I’m not the best person to ask because I take off the “creaminess”. My lips don’t dry out with these, though. But then again, my lips don’t really get try with the driest of lipsticks.

  18. Why do you insist on making me forget my ban by featuring such cool products??? Haha! I’m super curious about Tawny Pink, hopefully it will look a bit more mauvey on me. But Jenna is such a pretty orange-red too! Parang you don’t need any other color on the face kapag Jenna na yung nasa lips. Pretty na agad!

    • Although, nahihirapan ako kung anong damit isusuot ko when I wear Jenna. I can only wear it when I’m wearing black. :(

  19. auxiliary beauty Reply

    The only Bobbi Brown lipstick I’ve ever tried is Roseberry, from the regular lipstick line. I wore it constantly a few years ago, but it always dried out my lips. These lipsticks look like they’d be far more comfortable!

    Also, why are you planning to give away Red Carpet when it looks so amazing on you? It’s your decision, of course, but personally I think it’s a really great red for you.

    • It does. But I noticed that I rarely pick up the brighter reds in my collection. I guess they’re better of with my mom. :P

      • Hi I emailed you also but not sure if you’ll get it I was wondering about the longevity of these lipstick?
        Thinking crushed plum for my wedding it’s so comfortable to wear and other matte lipsticks really arnt comfortable. Just worried about longevity and transfer during the day eg kisses etc

        • Eep sorry again also should you wear a lip liner with the crushed plum for extra long wearing??

          • Rae

            If I ever renew wedding vows in a conventional wedding, I probably would use one, unfortunately, I can’t recommend a good one because I don’t use lip liners on a day to day basis.

        • Rae Reply

          It is very long lasting, but it tranfers like a a satin lipstick if you don’t blot down the shine. When you smack your lips with a facial tissue, the transfer is minimized by a lot.

  20. I’m sold. Will decide which shade I want and buy it in the US when I go this summer (if cheaper).

    Also, I agree about rounded packaging! The MAC Sheen Supreme line comes in a similar shape and it’s just not as aesthtically pleasing. I love the look of Warm Beige!

    • Go to a CCO (Estee Lauder’s outlet store, it’s $18 there — although, they might not have all of the shades at a given time).

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