Last week, I bought one of my four allowable makeup product purchases from I usually go directly to their studio in Makati, but it’s hard to go there, see all the tiny pieces of heaven, and not buy anything else aside from the one specific thing I was intending to buy. Since I’m trying to keep myself from unnecessary shopping, I decided to have the thing shipped instead. Mupstore shipping fee is via LBC and costs Php 150 :(

Of the many times I went there (it’s near my house), they never gave me a sample until this purchase. I got one “ChromeCell” of GlamGlow BrightMud. If I had known that they give out samples when you have your stuff shipped, I would’ve opted for the service a long time ago. Back-and-forth cab ride from where I live would cost almost about PhP 150 anyway.

To make this post a little bit less of a waste in internet space, I’m reviewing GlamGlow BrightMud.

Say hello to the ChromeCell:

Glam Glow Bright Mud

There are about 12 ChromeCells in a box sold for Php 3,500/box at (way above my price tolerance for skin care products), which means, 1 single-use ChromeCell = Php 291. (Note: Price at the GlamGlow website is $69)

I chose a perfect day for testing this out.

Perfect Day (as I use it in beauty blogging lingo)
 That day when you’re extra skeptical about stuff that placebo won’t get the chance to strut its stuff.

The mud doesn’t look like mud. It looks like baby poo with bits of malunggay leaves.


I applied this on my undereye area and on the sides where crows feet are supposed to form. By the way, I didn’t read any of the product’s claims because, you know, the bestest way to test the effect of a skin care product is if your inner-placebo (?!) doesn’t know what it should expect as a result.


Upon application, you’ll immediately feel a cooling sensation. It doesn’t feel tingly. Just cool. I guess the malunggay leaves are actually mint leaves (or not). It’s easy to apply and it feels expensive. Plus points for the luxe experience, I guess.

I left it on for the duration of the Youtube video I was watching which is probably about 3 to 4 minutes and then wiped it off, as it says on the ChromeCell instruction.

#nofilter?!?!?! (PS I love my nose. I can breathe with it. Thank you very much.)


You know that super thin, non-greasy wax that coats the stem of a baby plant? After wiping off the mud, it left that kind of waxy feeling, in a good way. It’s like there’s an unobstrusive barrier of protection on my undereyes.

However, there was no significant change to my fine lines and no noticeable reduction in eye puffiness. Maybe you need to use 12 ChromeCells; Or maybe significant benefits could be experienced more by people with drier skin types.

What I did notice is that in the area where I put it on, it felt and looked more supple — something cheaper eye masks or creams can probably do, too.

Overall, I enjoyed the experience, but not enough to make me an eye skin care convert.


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  1. This sounds interesting and I’d like to try it too. It is pricey though but I guess eye products are a more expensive compared to other skin care products.

    • This is definitely one of the more unique eye products. Oo nga no. Bakit nga ba eye creams tend to be more expensive.

  2. I’ve tried this too, and if the price is the same as drugstore, I’ll go for this. Haha. I love the cooling sensation and the moisture after taking it off. Sayang ang mahal lang nito!!!

    • Ako din. Therefore, I conclude, I’m only willing to pay drugstore price for this :D

  3. I’ve been wanting to go to the showroom, but I get so kuripot about the transpo I’d have to pay. I keep asking myself, “If I’m paying cab fare to and from, am I really saving myself money??” And so I chicken out time and time again. With online shopping, I hate that I can’t physically test the product. I just can’t find myself blind-buying makeup, especially bases, so there are a lot of brands I don’t get around to. (Tarte is one of them.)

    Baby poo… or Italian Dressing. Hahaha. I never sleep as much as I should, so I have perma-dark circles. I take eye creams with a heap of salt. I’d buy it if it moisturizes, but I have zero expectations when it comes to depuffing and dark circles. That’s also why I’ve only ever bought one expensive eye cream in my life. By the way, Hylexin is highly recommended, though I’ve never personally tried it.

    • Oh, they don’t have testers there. Almost all the stuff. You can only physically see the product. :(

  4. With the price of the entire treatment you could be using a Php100 sheet mask everyday. I bet the treated area would feel just as luxe! XD

    • I agree. Just keeping the area moisturized will already make observable results.

  5. I’ve heard wonders about this mask and the original one.
    It’s sad that it’s quite expensive, otherwise? I would probably get this :3

    Take care*

  6. “The mud doesn’t look like mud. It looks like baby poo with bits of malunggay leaves.” LOL :D

    GlamGlow is so expensive. I get that it feels expensive, but there are other products in the market that are within your budget but also feels luxurious. I honestly wanted to get this when it came out to see if it can do something about my under eye situation but I just can’t with the price point. Ridiculous.

    • Have you tried the eye sheet masks from watsons? Parang gusto ko tuloy. Anong eye problem mo? Parang wala akong napansin.

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