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In the past few weeks, I’ve been sticking to the same stuff. This rarely happens because, before, I usually just use whatever I end up picking from my makeup thingamabob. The benefit of just keeping the stuff I like: I can do makeup roulette everyday.

When I deliberately try to look for a particular item among the favorites I keep, it’s a big deal.

Let’s get on to them.

NARS Audacious Anna

For most of this year I’ve been wearing either dark or bright-colored lipsticks. Lately I’ve been preferring muted MLBB-type colors and I blame NARS Audacious for this. Since I bought Anna, I don’t want to wear anything else (aside from the next lipstick I’m going to be talking about). I bring it with me everywhere.

Usually, by the end of the week, there’s at least 5 lipsticks in my bag. Now, I’m happy with just one.

Is this the beginning of the end?

Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Tawny Pink

I’ve been gushing over the Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte lipstick line since the start of the year. I still think that it’s THE BEST lipstick formula in the universe. It’s so good that I don’t even have a blog post solely about it. I’m afraid I won’t have enough words to contain my love for the line.

The Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte line is like NARS Audacious in an adrenaline rush. That’s how good it is, considering it’s cheaper by several $$.

Tawny Pink is in the same color family as Anna. It’s a muted mauve brown pink — a less mauve and more brown version of Anna.

Bobbi Brown Tawny Pink Nars Anna

Ellana Minerals Pressed Powder Foundation in Macchiato

After trying out their loose mineral formula, I was decided to turn my back on the whole Ellana Minerals makeup line. I’m happy I didn’t because their pressed foundation is amazing. The powder is not the smoothest and most finely milled, but who cares about powder technicalities? All that’s important to me is that it makes my skin look x-times smoother.

The powder meshes well with oil — from both skin care products and the skin itself. It helps keep my face from crossing over the fine line that separates dewy and ew-y.

Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer SX08

I’m not sure if I should include this. It’s a given that I’d look for this because it’s the only concealer I have. But since it keeps me from checking out other concealers, it deserves a spot.

Ellana Minerals Pressed Kevyn Aucoin SSE

Kevyn Aucoin Celestial Powder in Candlelight

I know it doesn’t look used but I swear to you, I’ve used this a lot. A light tap with a brush — that’s all you’ll ever need for an area on the face. No need to swipe the brush on the pan.

This highlighter gives the most natural-looking no-shimmer type of sheen. If that’s what you want, this is your guy.

It’s subtle enough to be used on the bridge of the nose in daylight.

Kevyn Aucoin Candlelight

* * *

I’ve been using Charlotte Tilbury’s The Sophisticate palette a lot lately, too, but right now I’m more obsessed with fake lashes.

I need to hone my fake lash application skills. Any lash glue recommendations? The ones from Aido and Dolly Wink are kind of meh.

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  1. I just speed read so many your posts. theyre so fun Rae!! thanks for sharing all your makeup-related thoughts and opinions!

    1. Aww, thanks Dee. I just recently found your blog (you already know that). I love the candid tone and I also love that you don’t post toooo frequently. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with so many content. Your skin care posts are the best.

  2. bobbi brown tawny pink or… any of their MLBB shades are next na on my list. agree, bobbi brown creamy mattes are really that good <3 unless ofc i see a nice MLBB from nars audacious. hay kelan kaya mararating sa south ung testers. btw is candlelight very similar to the balm mary lou manizer? have you tried them both?

    1. I don’t own Mary Lou Manizer but I’ve swatched it on my wrist and tried it on my cheekbones at the store. I didn’t like it. The shimmers/ glimmers overwhelmed me, both on the pan and upon swatching. It’s so pigmented in a bad way (relative to my preferences). It can look almost metallic when you put on too much.

  3. “THE BEST lipstick formula in the universe”. Okay, after this whole week of makeup gigs everyday, I will reward myself with this lipstick :D Lash glue, try Heroine Make! It’s really good. The best one I’ve tried is Cinema Secrets’ spirit gum but you should be fast because it dries in a breeze but the lashes will stay put the whole day, even my clients ask what did I use on them ;)

    1. Damn, no can do with a super fast drying glue. Thanks for suggesting Heroine Make.

      Get the bobbi brown lipstick! It’s really good, both for personal use and for your clients. It lasts super long.

    1. Yes! I’m a few shades darker and I feel like Anna would look MLBB-ish on you. If you want something a little bit more muted, I’d pick Anita :D Otherwise, go for Anna! I think it’ll look great on you.

  4. La la la I’m not listening!! plugs fingers in ears Anna sounds like a much nicer version of Antique Pink and more suitable for olive-toned girls….I may have to check it out argh. Also swatched the celestial highlighter at Space NK and grabe how it just melts into the skin. The sparkles in the pan threw me off but undetectable once applied!

    1. So happy I didn’t see celestial in person first (bought it blind). If I did, I don’t think I would even swatch it because of the shimmer on the pan.

      I want the other one, too, Starlight :P

  5. I didn’t pay much attention to the neutral Audacious lipsticks when the line first came out, but thanks to your posts I’m obsessed with Anna. I love that hint of lavender!

    1. If I didn’t already have enough reds and bright lipsticks, I would ignore the muted colors too. :P

      I still want to try out a few of the strong-colored ones.

  6. I’ve never tried anything from Kevin Aucoin – despite their high reputation! I think because it’s difficult to find a counter selling the line, I’m a little hesitant buying the products online (which is odd considering that I buy so much online!) The highlighting powder does look more than lovely though, so I will have to put it on my ‘watch list’ :)

    Great selection of goodies!

    1. I tried the 2 darkest ones from the olive and the warm colors. Both of those look too light for me and they look like they’re sitting on top of my skin. It also looked sandy (imagine that you smacked your face in the sand and removed the excess with the fan brush). MAC Fix+ and non-stop buffing didn’t help.

      Most of the reviews I read are for the medium shades, though. Those might be better.

      For me and one other friend who tried Macchiato and Toffee Nut Latte — same experience.

  7. Heyyyy!!! You make the BB lipstick sound so amazing! I don’t ever go inside a Bobbi Brown counter coz I feel intimidated. I have the Nichido lash glue but don’t know how it compares to other brands coz I’ve never tried anything else.

      1. But gurl, I’m also not really into wearing lashes….hehe. although the few times that I have, wala naman naging reaction ang eyelids ko. Rashes, pangangati, wala namang ganun. :)

  8. Like the comments above, I’ve heard a lot about Duo.

    Anyways, every item on this post I’ve heard a ton of good things about and it must be true because you love them!

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