The Koshize lipstick line is just awesome (not to be mistaken with the regular Sophie lipsticks).

I know it says satinlips but these lipsticks are matte. In case you’re wondering, Sophie Koshize’s satin lipsticks are called nutrilips.

These are probably one of the most underrated drugstore lipsticks in Asia. And it doesn’t help that they’re only available through direct sellers (if you can’t buy it from a drugstore (i.e. watsons), can you still call it a drugstore product?).

I’ve gone through several de-stashing sessions this year and my 4 sophie paris koshize lipsticks always make it to the cut. At one point, I regretted letting go of 2 of them (I used to have 6). But I think they’re in good hands now, with Maj, Makeup in Manila.

Sophie Paris Koshize Satinlips KSL 1 to 8 [from Left to Right]
Sophie Paris Koshize Satinlips KSL 1 to 8 [from Left to Right]
There are 8 shades in the line. They are priced at Php 240 each. I like the formula of this line more than any other matte drugstore lipstick I’ve tried so far: wet ‘n wild megalast, ever bilena, 4U2, revlon matte balm, maybelline bold matte, Avon, and nichido. I think I love this line as much as I love MAC matte lipsticks.

Dramatic Pink, Rosebud, Coral Wisdom, Fierce Coral
Dramatic Pink, Rosebud, Coral Wisdom, Fierce Coral

All the Satinlips lipsticks are creamy and non-tuggy. They apply evenly and are quite pigmented. They are comfortable to wear and are not chalkboard matte. They feel but don’t look like satin lipsticks.

Rouge Chic, Daring Raspberry, Naughty Strawberry, Radiant Fuchsia
Rouge Chic, Daring Raspberry, Naughty Strawberry, Radiant Fuchsia

I love the colors in the range. There’s enough disparity between each shade and every one of them gives me a different look. The best part is all of the shades seem to fit my skin tone — medium greenish yellow. Yes, even the corals look ok on me, ahm amazed.

Anyway, here’s how they look like on a bare face.

KSL 1 – Dramatic Pink

Dramatic Pink is not at all dramatic. It’s a light pink with tiiiny hint of peach (or coral — not sure, I’m not knowledgeable in this area of the color wheel). It’s very similar to MAC Please Me. If you find the latter a little too drying (hello Donna), try Dramatic Pink. If you ask me which one I like more, I’d say Dramatic Pink :D

This is one of the 2 lipsticks I gave to Maj. It grew on me after getting the sampler set (I’ll talk about that later). I think this is one the least pigmented of the bunch, but as you can see, it’s still very much pigmented.

Matte and light colors usually don’t go well together — not with Sophie Koshize Satinlips. Although, I can’t speak for those with really dry lips.

Sophie Koshize Paris Satinlips KSL1 Dramatic Pink
Sophie Koshize Paris Satinlips KSL1 Dramatic Pink

KSL 2 – Rosebud

This is my favorite nude. Not just among drugstore lipsticks but among all lipstick lines, regardless of price point.

I’m only thinking of getting NARS Audacious Anita or Vanessa because I have a feeling they’re similar to Rosebud.

Rosebud is kind of an MLBB-ish type of lipstick on me, too, but it’s more like a my-lips-but-paler color. It’s a muted light pink brown with a hint of mauve.

It’s amazing how it’s obviously nude but it doesn’t make my face look drab and lifeless. But of course, it’s better worn with blush and eye makeup.

Sophie Koshize Paris Satinlips KSL2 Rosebud
Sophie Koshize Paris Satinlips KSL2 Rosebud

KSL 3 – Coral Wisdom

Coral Wisdom is a muted light coral orange (muted apricot?). This works as a nudish lipstick on me, too, but I like Rosebud more because that one’s neutral. This is the other lipstick I gave to Maj, if I remember right. I think I can wear it on its own but I feel like it needs to be complemented by other makeup products.

Sophie Koshize Paris Satinlips KSL3 Coral Wisdom
Sophie Koshize Paris Satinlips KSL3 Coral Wisdom

KSL 4 – Fierce Coral

While Coral Wisdom leans more on the orange side of coral, Fierce Coral is more of a light pink coral.

Not a color I usually go for but I think it looks alright — it makes my teeth look extra-yellow but no one ever died from that so, I don’t really care.

Sophie Koshize Paris KSL4 Fierce Coral
Sophie Koshize Paris KSL4 Fierce Coral

KSL 5 – Rouge Chic

Also known as the red I favored over MAC Viva Glam 1. I chose to keep this over Viva Glam 1 because it has less brown in it. Rouge Chic is a not-so-bright brickish blue red — my go-to everyday red.

Sophie Koshize Paris KSL5 Rouge Chic
Sophie Koshize Paris KSL5 Rouge Chic

KSL 6 – Daring Raspberry

Daring Raspberry is a warm berry red. I don’t reach out for this a lot because it doesn’t make me feel like I can take over the world. I don’t see the point in wearing a red that doesn’t make you feel something. But this is a good option for people who don’t like in-your-face berry reds. It is muted enough for everyday use.

Sophie Koshize Paris KSL7 Daring Raspberry
Sophie Koshize Paris KSL7 Daring Raspberry

KSL 7 – Naughty Strawberry

This is one of my most used lipsticks from the line. It is a slightly less blue and more plum version of NARS Velvet Matte Never Say Never. It photographs brighter than it actually is. I say it’s 25% plum 75% fuchsia. It’s not muted but it’s not bright either. The wrist swatches are more accurate than the photo below.

Sophie Koshize Paris KSL7 Naughty Strawberry
Sophie Koshize Paris KSL7 Naughty Strawberry

KSL 8 – Radiant Fuchsia

Now this is my favorite bright pink lipstick. I would choose this over MAC Flat Out Fabulous (less bright, more plum) and NARS Carthage (less bright, a lot less blue). It’s the matte-est of the bunch but it’s not as dry as MAC retro matte lipsticks.

Radiant Fuchsia hugs the lips so nicely and is one of those lipsticks that becomes part of the lips. One of my ex-officemates described it as kapit na kapit. I don’t know if there’s a direct english translation for that.

I love how bright it is without looking neon and/or garish. I love that it doesn’t have a white base. I didn’t do it justice in my lip swatch here: My 2013 Favorite Lipsticks. It is still one of my favorite lipsticks this year.

If there’s one thing I hate about this particular shade — it is so annoyingly difficult to remove. I have to use a two-phase cleanser + micellar water to remove all the stain it leaves. The stain might be a good thing for some because this lipstick lasts through meals (yes, meal+”s”), but I’ve become one of those people who dislike staining lipsticks.

Sophie Koshize Paris KSL8 Radiant Fuchsia
Sophie Koshize Paris KSL8 Radiant Fuchsia


The full-size tubes come in a packaging that is not the most elegant-looking in the world.

But it is the best packaging I’ve ever tried in a lipstick that only costs Php 240 (that’s what, $5?). The packaging has weight (even heavier than Revlon Super Lustrous lipsticks) — not something I notice often in inexpensive lipsticks. The lipstick bullet feels secure, steady, and not wobbly (I’m looking at you, wet ‘n wild megalast!) in the tube. I’ve dropped these lipsticks several times (while closed) and I’ve tried applying them fully extended with pressure — not one bullet broke off on me.

Over-all Thoughts

The lighter colors do not last as long as the darker ones. But I’m ok with that because they don’t look bad when they fade. In general, all these lipsticks don’t bleed, feather, nor emphasize lines. There’s a subtle scent that I don’t care much for. The lipstick bullet in itself feels dense — think solid, like how MAC matte lipsticks are.

I don’t know how Sophie people made it possible to make a lipstick that feels balmy but looks matte at the same time, seriously. Even the bobbi brown creamy mattes have a lot more shine to it.

If you want to try all of the shades, they have a sampler for sale — all 8 shades for Php 240.

Right now, I don’t know from whom or where to get both the regular tubes and the sampler set. I bought my full-size tubes online but the seller closed shop. The sampler set, on the other hand, was gifted to me by Maj.


PS. If you’re bothered that I look slightly cross-eyed in some of the photos, no worries, I was focusing on an object that is too near.


Hi, I’m Rae and I am a scatterbrain. I am in my 30s and I write in this blog from the Philippines. I spend a tiny portion of my time de-stressing with makeup and skin care. Email: | Instagram: @scatterbraintures


  1. Hi, Good day po!

    It was so nice to hear that you loved our brand of lipsticks! I was a member of Sophie, nut just for my extra income but I was also started as a fan of their lipsticks, and bags as well! They just dont have a good and very nice products, but the good quality is also their assets. I’d like to ask if I can post your link on my FB Page? Here is my link, I am starting to be checking on my page everytime now after a long time that I haven’t updating it, I think it would be a nice comeback on my business if I will be featuring your blog! :) thank you and God bless! :)

  2. i’m a Sophie direct-seller po. :) you can order from me po if you want :) thank you po. and GOD bless :)

  3. hi sis! :) i am a Sophie member po. :) can i ask for permission po to post/use your photos on my facebook page and as business tools po? coz your photos are very nice and clear. ^_^ will put credits and link it back here to your site po. :) here’s my email add: thank you po! ^_^

  4. Sophie Paris Philippines cosmetics is my secret beautifiers since 2008.:) You can buy there products in their retail stores. Just like here in Cebu, they have a store beside BPI colon. I love these lipstick, My bosses always compliments me with rouge chick shades and radiant fuchsia

    • Those two are my favorites! Hoping I could find a retailer here. PS Thanks for dropping by.

  5. Daring Raspberry and Naughty Strawberry are the ones I always use whenever my friend brings her set to work. I love the formula because it doesn’t dry my lips out.

    • I hope the minis never get discontinued. I can survive with just that collection + bobbi brown creamy matte lipticks :D

  6. Good call on keeping Rouge Chic! I actually think Coral Wisdom looks really great on you too haha….as a light shade it’s just a tad more lively than Rosebud :) I haven’t heard of this brand much but every time I do it’s all about the lipstick….and P240 just cannot be argued with.

    • Not a fan of their P89 lipsticks. I didn’t know they had this line. Saw Radiant Fuchsia on an ex-workmate and the rest is history.

      Was surprised by Coral Wisdom too. I think I like Rosebud more because it doesn’t steal the show (like an appetizer) — perfect as a nude lipstick :D

    • It only lacks a good dark lipstick shade.

      Maybelline also came out with 8 creamy mattes. Awesome selection.

  7. I want Coral Wisdom, Rosebud, Rouge Chic and Daring Raspberry! OMG I need these lipsticks!!!

    • Hahaha, get them all! Or got the mini-set. I think Maj is going to be selling them.

  8. I love everything on you! On Rosebud, parang you need to match this lip color with super smoked eyes. I think this is the natural color of my lips! =O I’ve never tried Sophie Paris, TBH, but I’ve been wanting to enter their store located somewhere in EDSA. Hehehe.

    Stay gorg!

    • I think we have the same lip color. My natural lip color is in the previous post. Rosebud is like my lips but even-toned :D

    • I agree! They made a good decision choosing this particular color as the red in the line.

  9. I’m loving Fierce Coral on you! The darker ones of course I know looks good on you but I am quite taken by Fierce Coral. I also want a sampler set! Ang cute ng tiny lippies!

    • I know! I’m surprised that I look ok in the corals in this line. Most other corals I’ve tried made me look older (and sad). I guess, if there’s a red for everyone, there’s a coral for everyone, too.

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