If you’ve stumbled upon a few of my lipstick posts, you might have already noticed that I’m not one to style and/or take photos of untouched lipstick bullets. Ain’t got time for that.

I find taking photos a chore. I don’t derive satisfaction from it. It’s the part of blogging that I just want to get over with. I like talking about makeup more.

Nars Audacious Anna 2014-10-01 23.52.20
Nars Audacious Anna

I imagine that some people get OC-ish for me after seeing the photos on this blog. A few non-blogger friends do go out of their way to tell me when my photos look too dark, too blurry, or too green, etc. At least two of my friends volunteered to correct my photos for me. Haha!

Anyway, all this talk about photos stemmed from my frustration in getting an accurate shot for NARS Anna in terms of color.

Nars Audacious Anna FOTD
Happy Bata


Right now, I don’t have the luxury of natural light (until we move). I took dozens of photos for Anna a few weeks ago and they all looked too purple. I got so annoyed that I set the camera to raw. I can’t believe that my point-and-shoot has raw setting. I’ve never exerted this much effort in taking photos for this blog before (and they’re still not that good), but yeah, I think I got somewhere close to how Anna looks like in real life…

What?! I'm halfway through "N" now?!?!
What?! I’m halfway through “N” now?!?! | NARS Audacious Anna

I usually don’t care this much for other lipsticks, but Anna is the one. She’s the lipstick color I want to marry.

I know she doesn’t seem that unique, but SHE IS.

I’ve been on the hunt for a muted medium blue-toned pink lipstick. I thought that would be Mehr, described by MAC as dirty blue pink. Mehr does look dirty blue pink in the bullet and on my arm, but on my face, I couldn’t see a hint of blue in that lipstick at all. If Iana‘s skin tone pulls out the red in lipsticks, mine tones down the blue in them (I think.)

Would you believe if I tell you that Mehr leans slightly peachy on me. Whuuuut?!

NARS Audacious Anna
Anna is <3 | NARS Audacious Anna Lip Swatch

NARS describes Anna as smokey rose. On me, Anna is a muted medium smokey(?) blue/mauve pink. NARS made my wish come true. tears

Anna has strong blue undertones. The blue in it is so strong it appears almost mauve/ purple. Some people describe it as purply. I guess it takes that much pigment for the perfect amount of blue to show up on my lips.

On my skin tone, Anna is the epitome of just right-ness. It sits in that perfect spot between my-lips-but-better and pop-of-color. It’s not too natural-looking to be an MLBB lipstick, not too bright to be the star of the show, and not too pale that you can’t wear it on its own.

Finish, Application, Texture and Longevity

Anna is a low-shine satin lipstick. Same as Jane, it can be blotted down to a matte finish. I rarely wear it as applied, but even if I don’t blot, the shine eventually tones down.

NARS Audacious Anna
NARS Audacious Anna Lipstick (Unblotted)
NARS Audacious Anna Lipstick Blotted
NARS Audacious Anna Lipstick Blotted

Anna is consistent with the rest of the NARS Audacious lipsticks — I’m basing this off of reviews and my experience with NARS Jane.

It is creamy but not tacky. It’s easy to apply yet incredibly pigmented (one swipe for each lip is enough). It’s not the most lightweight lipstick but it’s comfortable to wear and is generally fuss-free. It doesn’t fade significantly unless I eat a full meal. It doesn’t move around but it transfers on cups/glasses. But I guess, that’s to be expected. Lipstick is not paint.

Similar Colors (Dupes? Nah.) | Comparison Swatches

NARS Audacious Anna Comparision Acc 2014-11-05 01.51.22

MAC Please Me was listed as a dupe over at Temptalia. I guess it was listed down because MAC describes Please Me as a muted rosy-tinted pink and Anna’s a smokey rose. Subtle nuances in pinks are not really subtle when the lipstick is against a face. MAC Please Me is in no way a dupe for NARS Anna. I don’t even think they belong to the same pink family.

I think Anna is closer to NYX Whipped Caviar and Mehr, both of which I don’t own anymore. I guess they would be less blue versions of Anna.

NARS Audacious Anna Comparison
Comparison Swatches [L-R]: 4U2 SHY03, MAC Please Me, NARS Anna Blotted, NARS Anna Unblotted, T. LeClerc Poudre, Bobbi Brown Tawny Pink
NARS Audacious Anna Poudre Tawny
NARS Anna, T. LeClerc Poudre, Bobbi Brown Tawny Pink | Blotted

The closest I have to Anna would probably T. LeClerc Rouge Theophile Mat in Poudre. Poudre is not as blue but I think it has the same base color and amount of pigment.

I think my want for other audacious lipsticks is dying down (thankfully). I’m still thinking of getting one of the nudes but the irrational sense of urgency is gone.

P.S. Look at the lipstick at the rightmost, there’s just no comparing against the pigmentation of Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte. No skin peeks through. I should write about that line soon…


Hi, I’m Rae and I am a scatterbrain. I am in my 30s and I write in this blog from the Philippines. I spend a tiny portion of my time de-stressing with makeup and skin care. Email: scatterbraintures@gmail.com | Instagram: @scatterbraintures


  1. I have been trying to avoid the NARS counter for so long now, but these NARS Audacious lipsticks have been coming out on my beauty blog feed too frequently these days… ugh, sign ba to? Buti na lang permanent shades sila! :lol:

    • Haha, YES. If I would recommend just one lipstick to try among everything that came out this year, it would a lipstick from the Audacious line :P

      • Damn it you guys… I actually checked out the Audacious line online yesterday and I now have 7 colors on my to-buy list. I am so doomed. :))

  2. Anna looks gorgeous on you Rae! Your review makes me want to run to the nearest NARS counter to check it out. lol
    I think you will love Tom Ford Pussycat or Plum Lush as well. Enabler hahaha

    • Yes! Those are the only two tom ford lipsticks in my wishlist, buti na lang busy. Otherwise, mapapabili ako for sure.

      • Buy na! hahaha I also want those two along with Ruby Rush. I love my NARS Annabella, but Ruby Rush seems to be more hydrating.

        • Dati, kasama Velvet Cherry, pero ang dami ko nang reds. Pag naubos siguro lipstick queen velvet rope.

  3. Hi Rae! I found your blog through another, Auxilary Beauty, and am glad I did. NARS lipsticks are too drying for me, but this looks lovely and moist on you! I know what you mean about having a specific color you want to find that SHOULD be available but is a wild goose chase. For me it is a perfect peachy, pinky, rosy that doesn’t wear too warm. Sounds simple but hasn’t proven to be.

    • I know, the other NARS lipsticks are drying, like some of the pure matte ones.

      “Sounds simple but hasn’t proven to be.” — I know how this feels exactly!

      I hope the audacious line has the color you’re looking for. Group the shades into groups to make it easier to fine the peach, pink, rosy color you’ve been looking for.

  4. I’m not into make up and lipsticks at all. In fact, the only thing I put on my lips are lipbalm because my lips to dry a lot. I own two lip stains and I rarely use them. But that Anna, I fell in love with the color. If I can wear lipsticks, that’s the color I will go for and also Bobbi Brown. Anna looks pretty good on you. How much is it, btw?

    • It’s 1,650. A little bit pricy. If you’re not a lipstick afficionado, I think it’s worth it ONLY if you’ve been looking for a particular color for so long and you found it from the line.

      • Yayks! It is expensive. The lip stain that I’m using is less than $6 only haha. It works well with my dry lips so I’ll stick with it.

  5. I want an Audacious lipstick na. I want Vera first! Btw, Anna looks gorgeous on you Rae. :)

  6. I want to own anything from this line! Your review makes me more interested. Bad Ka. #Charot!

    Ganda talaga sa’yo ng ganyang shades, plus your SMILE, dapat laging ganyan! Hihihi. <3

  7. i noticed also hindi na green yung eyes mo on your recent photos ^^ you look cute with anna! parang lahat most of the shades that i wish i could wear ay bagay sa you, like this one. i feel likes its gonna be too blue for me? oh and Mehr is also peachy on my face when i wear it :)

    • Hahaha, yes. I went for disposable clear contacts na. I usually buy whatever is on sale. If sale colored contacts, I’d buy that hahaha.

      I think this will look good on you. We both don’t like oranges and corals in general :P

      • ay i havent tried the other nars audacious lipsticks but i already have one lipstick from the line — charlotte — and i can see now why so many people like them. excellent quality talaga <3

  8. I can’t get this one BUT, I might try to get please me or the Bobby Brown one, because it’s sooo pretty <3 And looks amazing on you!
    Take care*

  9. I struggle with product photography, particularly when it comes to lipsticks. For some reason, my camera just messes up pinks and turns them more mauve/purple than they actually are. I totally feel your pain, Rae. :(

    Wonder how close Anna is in color to that MUFE Satin Mauve Pink I’ve been obsessing over these past few months. Were you able to check it out? Lumalabas naman yung pagka-blue nun on my lips, but not on my arm. Haha. Great, now I’m thinking of it again. :p

    • Having the same problem with photographing pinks too, they do either turn too mauve/purple, too bright, or the reverse — muted.

  10. You look so happy! And your haircut is so chic haha. And the color suits you of course, but you know that na (~it’s the look of love~) Comparing the full product shot to your lipstick, it looks like you’ve been using it religiously too. Do you find you have to wear blush with it or it can stand alone?

  11. For someone who hates taking photos, you actually do take beautiful product shots. That shade looks good on you :)

    • Thaaaanks. I’m so happy you’re ‘back’, I’ve been enjoying your holloween series.

  12. I totally want to pick up one of these lipsticks (or three) but cannot justify the price just yet. With the cold and dry weather, my lips are chapping like crazy X.x

    • Oh no… Hope it gets better. This lipstick is not particularly moisturizing but it’s not drying either. I’m not sure how it would work on chapped lips. But get at least one, they’re really great. :D

  13. UY CARTOON!!!!!!!! Hahaha gusto kong gisingin si J para lang ipakita sa kanya ang photos mo hihihi natutuwa ako :D Ang cute mo 5evaaah <3

  14. So I wrote this long comment and then it disappeared! Arggg. Retyping.

    You pull off this color so well! I think you’ve found your signature lip color!

    As you know, this was sold out so quickly so when I went to NARS the SA recommended a semi-similar color lipstick and liner combo. The lipstick is called Damage and the liner is called El Agua.

    • Will checkout that liner :D Maybe it can work for my lipsticks that aren’t blue-enough.

  15. ANG GANDA PLS. Haha I can see your love eyes for the lipstick! :D So happy you found it. Also, sobrang hindi accurate yung Temptalia…….. Yun lang!

  16. You pull of mauve/purpley shade so well huhu I age a lot whenever I use shades like this. You, however, look blooming!

    PS I haven’t thought about Audacious for a week now. Yay hahaha

    • That’s how I am with a lot of corals, browns, and peaches. Easily, plus 10 years!

      Galing mo. So far, I’m good ulit with the ban.

  17. Haaay, Anna. <3 So tempted! Hindi pa rin ako 100% sure sa Audacious line. Tapos nakita ko pa na part na daw ng permanent line ng NARS? Ang gulo. Hahaha!

    PS ang ganda mo talaga!!!

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