I stumbled upon this when I was looking for testers of the elusive Bobbie Cosmetics makeup line.

I didn’t realize it was a Maxi-Peel product at first. The packaging made it look like an organic-slash-natural product. Anyway, I picked it up because I check out almost anything literally green. After noticing the Maxi-Peel imprint, I wondered why something with tretinoin and hydroquinone would now be labeled Fresh and Natural — this only means one thing: it’s new.

Maxi-Peel Fresh and Natural Skin Purifier Bottle

Maxi-Peel Skin Purifier Ingredients

I got excited because it doesn’t have hydroquinone. I also got intrigued by the claim that it is neither a cleanser, a toner, nor an astringent.

Maxi-Peel Fresh and Natural Skin Purifier Leaflet 1

Maxi-Peel Fresh and Natural Skin Purifier Leaflet 2

“Skin Purifier.” Of course, we all know this is marketing but it’s nice to lose yourself every once in a while. You win this time, Splash Corporation.

Although, in my defense, this was not a totally thoughtless buy, look at the ingredients:

Alcohol Denat., Aqua, Niacinamide, Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Glycerin, Caprilyc/Capric Triglyceride, Sodium Ascorbate, Tocopherol, Retinol, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Fragrance, Tetrahydrodiferuloylmethane, Bisabolol Rac., Menthol.

Maxi-Peel Fresh and Natural Skin Purifier Ingredients

It has a blend of acids, a few anti-irritants, and several antioxidants (retinol, sodium ascorbate, tetrahydrodiferuloymathane).

Almost everything in the list can be an active on its own. I’m no chemist so I don’t know how these ingredients work together. All I know is that this is a drying solution. Good news to folks who avoid parabens, there’s an upside to alcohol-based products, they don’t need preservatives.

As for the claims, I took them with a grain of salt. I’m diving in with no expectations apart from probable dry skin, micro-peeling, and redness. Hopefully, the tolerance I developed from tretinoin would be good enough prep for this (EDIT: But I still did a patch test before using it).

By the way, I’m taking a break from tretinoin for a while so I can try this out. I think this is meant to be used alone + just moisturizer or sunblock. I believe the “no other exfoliants allowed” rule applies to this.

Day 1 was Thursday night (October 30) and here’s the suggested way of using it:

Maxi-Peel Fresh and Natural Skin Purifier How to use


Day 1

I used it as instructed and all I can say is — this is scary stuff and should be likened to the Maxi-Peel exfoliant solution.

Wait, no, I think people should be more cautious with this.

On Day 1, I put about 4 drops on a cotton pad and I applied it on a freshly washed face. My skin immediately turned red and slightly inflamed. After a few more seconds, I felt a stinging-itchy sensation. I thought it was an allergic reaction… but I remembered that this is how a glycolic acid peel feels like. So, I calmed myself down and prepared a baking soda solution in case things get worse (baking soda mixed with water neutralizes acids, get this ready when you’re doing DIY peels or when dealing with acids. That way, you don’t erase your face).

After a couple more minutes, the redness and stinging-itchy-tingling sensation died down. I then put on an Olay face serum to serve as my moisturizer.

I woke up to a face that looks pretty much the same. No signs of irritation whatsoever.

Day 2

This was supposed to be used morning and night, as it says on the back of the bottle. Uhmmm, heck no. I think this is too harsh to be used morning and night, especially on my first week.

Also, I tweaked the suggested routine.

On Day 2, I used it this way (and will probably stick with this game plan nightly, for the rest of the week):

  1. I applied it on a not-so freshly washed face. 
    In other words, I waited ’til my face was no longer damp (i.e., completely dry) before applying the solution.
  2. I transferred a few of the contents in an opaque spray bottle.
    I think the dropping thing is dangerous. Liquid soaks the cotton pad when you do the drop strategy. Spraying disperses the solution evenly and prevents soaking the cotton pad. It’s also easier to control how much product you dispense by spraying it on (*never spray it directly on the face and try not to inhale the product).
  3. I swiped it ONCE on each area of my face, applying no pressure on the skin.
  4. I put on moisturizer several minutes after. I still used the Olay Face Cream + Serum.

I didn’t experience itching and stinging on Day 2. No redness either.


I’ll try to post an update after a week. Wish me luck!

Please click here for the one-week use update: Maxi-Peel Skin Purifier First Week Update


Hi, I’m Rae and I am a scatterbrain. I am in my 30s and I write in this blog from the Philippines. I spend a tiny portion of my time de-stressing with makeup and skin care. Email: scatterbraintures@gmail.com | Instagram: @scatterbraintures


  1. I’m waiting for your updates Ms. Rae. I am using maxipeel cleanser for now though I used maxipeel tretinoin and hydroquinone 2 months ago and it fades my scars. Effective din naman po yung maxipeel solution pero hindi ko na po alam kung ano yung next step since yung nasa instruction is hanggang 2 months lang po ang paggamit ng solution. And meron pa pong konting break outs and scars po. And halata po na bumubuka yung pores, paano po yun? Plsss comment back po. :) Thank you!

    • Rae Reply

      Hi EC, I have an update a week after. Click the link in the post.

      Anyway, I currently use Stieva-A, a tretinoin cream. It doesn’t have hydroquinone so you can use it for more than 2 months.

  2. First of all, if you’re testing a product, do not apply it on your entire face or you’re risking irritation and lots of problems. Patch test. Use it only on a small portion of your face, typically on your jawline.

    And baking soda is BAD for your skin. Please do some research.

    • Rae Reply

      Baking soda IS bad for the skin when used alone and regularly because it is alkaline. But mixed with other liquids with an acid Ph, it neutralizes the Ph. So, if you’re dealing with acids, or if you’re doing a DIY chemical peel, have a baking soda solution ready in case you apply too much and want to neutralize the acid as soon as possible. Please do some research as well.

      (Edit: And I did a patch test.)

  3. Actually available siya ngayon sa Sample Room:


    i’m waiting for comments on reviews kung sino man mgrrisk na gmitin to… actually looking at the info:

    Glycolic acid-occurs naturally in sugar cane effectively removes skin contaminants
    Lactic and salicylic acid- improves overall skin texture and keeps pores unclogged and tight
    Tetrahydrodiferulolylmethane- from turmeric root (ginger) suppresses melanin production
    Niacinamide- brightens skin complexion
    Retinol-helps mitigate acne and improve aging skin
    Vitamins C & E- protect cells from damage

    nkakatempt itry pero nkktkot din…. I’m using tretinoin cream pa nman bka mairritate skin ko… d kaya?

    • Rae Reply

      I have an update on this after 1 week of use, I haven’t used it again since. Parang acid talaga sya. When you put it on, mahapdi, makati, and magssting.

    • ngtry ako nun glycolic soap from dermclinic… prang hndi nman.. cguro dhil I didn’t continue using it kc hndi nman nkkaminize ng pimples or acne…mas effective tlga tretinoin cream

      • Rae Reply

        I think soaps really take a while to work kasi you wash it off. Kaya I don’t usually spend on soap these days. I focus na lang on products that stay on my face.

  4. hello! I’m using the same product for many days. Maganda yung effect nya sakin. Satingin ko udepende lang tlaga sa skin type. Since nung ginamit ko yung product hindi na tinutubuan ng pimples yung forehead ko. Ang kintab nga eh hahaha. parang ang glow glow ng skin sa every time na gumigising ako. Hindi na rin ako masyado naglalagay ng make-up and powder. Do not put to much chemicals on your face. Pansin ko kasi sakin nung time na mas naglalagay ako ng mga cream etc mas pinipimples ako. Nagwawash nlng ako ng face pagkauwi ko then imbis na eskinol, yung maxipeel nlng ang ginagamit ko since ok yung effect nya :)

    • I agree. There are people who can tolerate this well, some who have to go through an ugly phase, and others who really won’t be able to tolerate it.

  5. kikaysikat Reply

    Sis ano kaya to parang maxipeel for teens? Hehe dahil sa packaging :)

    • Nope, iba yung ingredients nya. No tretinoin and hydroquinone.

      More on other acids.

  6. Hallo, what type of spray bottle do you use? I want to transfer some of my acne meds too. And where do you find those ~acid-resistant bottles~. haha

    • I use an opaque spray bottle from Watsons. It looks like a metallic tube but when you remove the housing, it’s made of glass. :D

  7. I started using this product since the beginning of the week and yes, I have to agree with you. It made my face super dry. The same experience on the first application though in my case, I still feel a little sting every time I apply it. Anyway I’m more worried about my skin’s temperature. From the day I used it, my skin feels like warmer than before. Is it by any chance, normal?

    • If I’m not mistaken, inflamed skin feels warmer to the touch, like when you get sunburn or contact dermatitis — the areas where skin is red and/or swollen feel warmer.

  8. panic mode after reading day 1. i’ll wait for your update since I also use maxipeel and might buy this if it doesn’t burn your face off by day 7 :)

  9. Wow! They’ve really improved on the packaging that it suddenly seems more expensive and more potent no? Andami niyang chemical peels which I think will make it really effective :) though mahina pa din sa paalala sa sunscreen ung collateral nila

    • I agree! Kulang sa warnings. I can name a few things they could’ve added: (1) Do a patch test. (2) Start slowly. (3) *Information that says AHA and BHA increases sensitivity to the sun.*

      I’m pretty sure, at least one person out there will use this incorrectly. This can burn the face. Unlike the other maxi-peel solution where burning and inflammation would come several days after, with this “skin purifier”, if used incorrectly, burns might happen as soon as it is applied.


  10. I’ve always been scared of Maxipeel, coz I saw my son’s nanny using this, and her neck was literally peeling. I just feel like if a product peels the skin so much, it might have very strong ingredients in it. Thus, I always avoid them. hehe

    • Yes! You don’t need it too. You have relatively good skin. For a time I dealt with acne so I learned a lot about acids through the years. If you don’t know how to use it, though, it’s dangerous stuff.

    • I’m happy that many people in the comments are scared of maxi-peel. They advertise it like it’s nothing.

  11. Wow, I’m excited about this! I’ve been on a no-tretinoin phase for almost 3 months and I’ve just started using Skinmate Shark Oil. I’m aware that it peels like crazy so I might switch to another astringent in case it happens. I think this might be the one. :)

    Btw, I saw Bobbie Cosmetics at a Mini Stop near my place. Saw its testers behind the cashier, so I guess you have to ask for it. Hope this helps. ;)

    • Were you referring to Skinmate Shark Oil when you said “peels like crazy”?

      I still can’t recommend this yet, but you being interested makes me want to take this ‘experiment’ seriously. Hahaha. Will give an update for sure.

      • Yup, I’m referring to Skinmate. After my 3rd application mukha na akong naagnas na bangkay! I stopped na muna since it’s really messing with my makeup and I easily get chapped lips these days which I think is due also to Skinmate.. @.@

  12. If only this hadn’t Alcohol and I might think about it…I like toners, but I hate the ones that have alcohol, mostly because it ruins everything. (I know, I can be a skin care nuts sometime)
    Specially because this has glycolic acid…I guess I stick with my idea of trying out the Mizon AHA serum.
    Anyway, thank you for your review <3

    • That’s probably better. I don’t remember you mentioning that you have oily skin, good call to avoid alcohol in skin care.

      • I have dehydrated skin, which makes my skin to produce more oil (It’s weird, but I believe that it makes sense)
        I try to avoid Alcohol and stuff like mineral oil as much as possible :/ My skin doesn’t like it at all.

  13. Maxi Peel, really? I don’t like that brand because of the packaging lol. But this one looks decent! I hope to see this IRL soon. Good luck, Rae! I am scared of trying out new skin care products! AND OH, we just started Nov a day ago, girl! heehee.

    • Hahaha. they’ve repackaging everything! Finally.

      I was snobbing Maxi Peel for the longest time, too, until I found out that the uber-expensive medicated toner from the derm that costs at least 10x as much has the same active ingredients as maxi-peel. I substituted the derm-prescribed solution for the latter and it worked. That made me want to take a 2nd look on their products.

  14. Interesting! I havent see this one yet. Is it also very affordable like the other Maxi Peel? Excited to see results!

    • Oh, yes. I forgot. The 50 ml bottle is Php 79. About 20 php more expensive than maxi-peel exfoliant solution.

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