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Shopping Ban Musings: Beauty MNL, Nars Audacious, and My Pocket Notebook

When you’re in a shopping ban, it’s like the universe is doing EVERYTHING in its power to tease and taunt you.

Maybe everything just seems more awesome because I can’t have it.

But my mind is all set. I have a good feeling that I’ll be successful because I was going to get at least 4 of the NARS Audacious lipsticks a day before the ban and I stopped myself because cramming purchases right before the ban is cheating. Ok, I did get one because ~y’know, last hurrah. 

I’ll write about this lipstick soon, I promise.

Nars Audacious Anna 2014-10-01 23.52.20

Also, I stumbled upon a new local shopping site — Beauty MNL. I stumbled upon their instagram first, then I clicked the site. I didn’t break, ok? We’re still good with my no-shopping challenge.

Going back, the site felt familiar and I was right, they’re affiliated with Deal Grocer and Taste Central. I already have an account with Deal Grocer, so I used that to sign up.


I got really excited because the site loads fast and they carry a lot of brands — drugstore, high-end, and local indie.

Some that caught my attention are:

Nars — because they have Mascate and other shades that are out-of-stock since forever at actual Nars boutiques.

Anastasia — because they have my shade on-hand in both the duo powder and brow wiz, Granite!!!

Tarte, Sonia Kashuk, and Viseart — because these brands are not easily accessible here and the prices are reasonable. Too bad they don’t sell the whole line of products.

They also have Lush. Finally, I can buy my beloved soaps without having to go inside the store (note: it’s still cheaper to get Lush from physical stores).

A lot of the products are overpriced (eg. Chanel, Bobbi Brown) but many other brands/products were priced at an acceptable range (or are currently on sale). I still think it’s best to find out how much a product costs at malls and in other online shops before buying.

They seem reliable because I’ve shopped several times from both DG and Taste Central. Beauty MNL might have the same warehouse/logistics as those other two. But I can’t vouch for them until I’ve actually tried the service. Hopefully, the 20% off on first purchase will still be valid by 2015.

I didn’t add anything in my cart because I might accidentally push the checkout button.


Everything I think I wanted, I wrote down in a little notebook that I bring everywhere with me.

I just started with this practice. Whenever I feel lust for something, I add it to the list like I’m adding stuff to a virtual virtual shopping cart. I’ve already listed down 34 items — wtf, right? It helps that I see the list all the time. Seeing the number grow makes me more determined to be compliant.

I’ll probably do this type of post every few times to release pressure (otherwise, I might explode). If you’re in a similar challenge, please share your tips and stories. If you wrote about it, put a link below. Let’s do this!

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  1. Waah! Parang ang ganda ng lip color! OMG! I’m so tempted! I’m not on a makeup ban naman but I’m trying to stop myself from buying stuff that I have a lot of already! And thanks for sharing about BeautyMNL. I’ll TRY to just take a peek and not buy! Haha.

  2. aw sayang i checked the site, was hoping they had lush cupcake mask cause the mall stores wont carry it. are you getting nars audacious charlotte? ill wait for you nalang to review your 4 nars lipstick beforei get one. im on a shopping ban na din (well i told myself i can buy at least 1 holiday set but well see haha) :)

  3. Medyo nainis ako sa BeautyMNL because when I first saw them, I felt like most of their brands were copied from Digital Traincase. I’m not assuming they did, but it’s left a bad taste in my mouth.

    Not really feeling very spendy the past couple of weeks so I’m pretty chill. I don’t think I’m committing to a complete ban though. I might just set a really low budget.

      1. Feeling ko, the products are from different sellers then put into one site. Marami ngang overpriced. Wala pa akong binibili na super gusto ko. I still have the 20% in case I badly want something. I am thinking about the NARS Radiant Creamy but… dami ko pang concealers! Hehe. :-)

        1. Ako rin. Kasi less the 20%, it would be cheaper. Baka sa anastasia brow stuff ko gamitin.

          I wonder who the other sellers are. I don’t know a lot of sellers.

  4. Totally agree with you! I’m actually on a shopping ban pero i get to cheat parin whenever I see awesome deals argggh! That’s why I refrain from browsing IG and FB shops para di ako matempt. It’s really hard! I think I should put my wish list in a notebook narin, nasa isip ko lang kasi sila haha para after some time, makalimutan ko rin and makatipid. LOL

    1. Sobrang nahihirapan ako with drugstore products when I’m on a makeup ban. They seem so harmless and inexpensive… Pero they pile up.

  5. Oh my, another online store! Lagot na! Haha

    Anyway, I too, keep a notebook where I list down the things I want, mostly makeup, but I can hold off buying. Already filled a couple of pages, back-to-back pa.

    1. Found a way to keep me from buying MAC, I somehow convinced myself that it’s time to spread my wings and try other brands. So far it’s working. :P And with Nars coming out with new lipsticks, it’ll probably take me a long while.

  6. wow! thanks for sharing that website. Kaya pala nagtataka ako parang ang onti na lang ng beauty products sa Taste central. Anyway, I’ve been doing the same thing too. I used to jot down my must buys first and surprised myself how I don’t like some of what’s on the list after weeks or so. Say Good bye to impulsive buy (woops tagline).

  7. !! They have SK!!!

    Can’t wait to see Anna on your lips! I love the idea of your ban, I feel like I should be writing down something as concrete as this. Hurrah for you and you have my support! (naks)

    1. If you look good in Mehr, this might look good on you too. It’s bluer, tho. On my face I can’t see the blue in Mehr at all.

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