I think I’m getting good at remembering lipstick colors and knowing what other lipsticks they are similar to. Unfortunately, that doesn’t keep me from getting the same thing when I buy stuff online.

I got three new lipsticks several weeks ago that are unfortunately the same with some lipsticks I’ve seen or tried already. Here they are:

Dupe #1: MAC True Love’s Kiss and Lipstick Queen Deep Red Sinner

I hate that there’s not enough swatches for Lipstick Queen Sinner in Deep Red. Had I known that it is as wet as MAC amplified lipsticks, I would have stayed as far away as I can.

In the swatches below Deep Red seems deeper, but trust me they’re the same color. True Love’s Kiss is just a little bit sheerer.

On the lips, I won’t be able to tell them apart if I put one on the right and the other on the left. If you can’t find True Love’s Kiss (Maleficent) anymore, go for Deep Red.

MAC True Loves Kiss Lipstick Queen Sinner Deep Red Dupe Swatch

Dupe #2: MAC Sin and MAC Fixed on Drama

I used to own Fixed on Drama (LE retro matte), so when I got Sin, I thought it looked very VERY familiar — including the formula. I know Sin is supposed to be matte but it is so dry it might as well be a retro matte. I also couldn’t tell them apart if I wore both of them on either side of my lips.

MAC Sin MAC Fixed on Drama Dupe Swatch

Dupe #3 (Bonus): MAC Flat Out Fabulous and Melt Cosmetics Shady Lady

So… I thought Shady Lady would be brighter and more purple — but no. It turns out it’s exactly the same color as Flat Out Fabulous. The differences are: Shady Lady leaves a stain, is more long-lasting, makes the lips look more plump while still being ultra-matte. I don’t know how they did it.

Anyway, staying true to my vow of keeping only one of each color at a time, I already gave Flat Out Fabulous to someone else.

If you’re looking for a cruelty-free/ vegan alternative to Flat Out Fabulous, I recommend Shady Lady.

MAC Flat Out Fabulous Melt Cosmetics Shady Lady Dupe Swatch

I hope the dupe streak ends here…

Thanks Cheche for letting me borrow and swatch your True Love’s Kiss and Fixed on Drama.


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  1. Hi, Rae, how ‘s MAC Sin compared to Lipstick Queen Entourage? :)

    • Hi Ae! Sin is significantly bluer and darker. Entourage is a deep wine red and is closer to MAC Diva. Sent you a direct photo on Instagram.

  2. Is Sin too dry? I like the Matte effect but I really hate how dry my lips can get…I always go for comfort :<
    And OMG, these are really good dupes!

    • Yes it is :(

      I don’t think it has the finish of the regular mac matte lipsticks.

      It might not be comfortable if you’re not used to the retro mattes :(

  3. I love MAC Sin! I’ve been meaning to try a plum lip but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to pull it off!

    x Francesca of http://primpandpaper.blogspot.com/

    • I think kapag may special characters yung link like “-” ayaw nya. :(

  4. This is what I’m scared of when I purchase lipsticks – I tend to gravitate towards the same-ish colors too so I’m bound to pick up dupes :( Next time I’m swatching my lipsticks on paper, bringing it with me to counters and swatch them next to each other. :)) Hahaha! Seryoso, though. :)

    • Hahahaha, I’ll do that! If I’m buying a lipstick that I think might be similar to what I already known, I’ll bring swatches on paper :D

    • Haven’t seen Prince Noir yet. Pero based on swatches on line, they do look like creamier versions of Sin.

  5. Winner talaga ang Lipstick Queen for me. Still looking for other reviews and swatches of all the shades available. Hehe

  6. Nice dupe list. But I feel bad for you since you’re going on a ban and the last few stuff you picked up are redundancies :/ Ako browns and violets naman hinahanap ko ngayon. Marami na akong pinks, oranges and reds and I don’t want to have redundancies anymore.

    • I wonder what browns would work for your skintone. Maybe velvet teddy would look good on you.

  7. They’d just some colors that we gravitate to more often than we like. I have tons and tons of hot pink lipsticks that are similar in shade but in terms of finish or longevity, they perform differently :D

  8. I want the Sin shade too! It’s funny that the same brand makes “limited edition” lipsticks na almost the same color din naman ng mga classic lipsticks nila. I guess the practical side of me thinks it’s funny. :P But I can’t blame MAC though, super dami din na kasi nilang shades na nilabas so konti na lang din mapagpipilian nila.

    • Yeah. Like the Novel Romance collection, all the lipsticks in that collection look similar to permanent lipstick shades. But for those who are suckers for packaging, ok na din.

  9. I spy your makeup caddy on the background. Ganda talaga! Oh and I like what I can see of your blouse. XD

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