For the longest time, Bobbi Brown Crushed Plum sat on the top spot (for which, I haven’t even wrote a dedicated post about). Not counting the stuff I mention on purge and purchases, I seldom talk about products I just got — especially if I really like them. I have a tendency to get blinded by the high. So, I usually wait after the high is gone. When the product is too good to be true, I wait even longer — sometimes even to a point where I’m almost about to use it all up. I must’ve gotten this skepticism from several years of audit work. I have issues. Lipstick Queen Velvet Rope It’s a special case with Lipstick Queen Velvet Rope. Since getting it (around 3 weeks ago), I’ve received a lot of messages from both blogger and offline friends, mainly asking if it’s worth the price. If you’re a lipstick addict afficionado, buy it — it IS worth the price. Lipstick Queen Velvet Rope 3 I was “suckered” into buying this after watching Poppy Kings’s promo vid for Barney’s New York where she says:

Basically, I’m trying to preempt any reason why a woman won’t wear lipstick and give her no excuse. Every nuance in the color has a totally different emotional landscape. Velvet Rope is a super high-pigment lipstick that feels like you’re wearing nothing.

This woman is talking to ME! Her passion for lipsticks makes me want to root for her and force her lipsticks on everyone. I think she’s wearing Velvet Rope in the vid. Love. Let’s move on to more important matters — the lipstick itself. I chose Velvet Rope Entourage to welcome me to the Lipstick Queen line. As soon as I received it, I swatched it on the back of my hand and I felt love.

Lipstick Queen Velvet Rope Entourage Swatch
The Richness | Lipstick Queen Velvet Rope – Entourage | Left – Blended; Right – Full-on Swatch (unblotted)

It was a different case when I swiped it on my lips for the first time. I got disappointed. I found it too slippy, similar to lipsticks that don’t quite set. (Hahaha, I must be the only woman on earth who likes tuggy lipsticks.) It’s pigmented, but I felt like it wasn’t as opaque as I thought it would be. Also, it’s not a true matte. I tried to build it up to the pigmentation I’m used to (Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte) and I ended up with splotchy dark colors on depressed areas of my lips. I felt so defeated that I just blotted off the extra layers thinking I’d just use it as a stain. But after I did that, I was blown away. When I looked at my lips in the mirror, I saw the richest, most vivid, deep red I have ever seen.

Lipstick Queen Velvet Rope Entourage Swatch Blotted
VELVET! | Lipstick Queen Velvet Rope – Entourage | Left-Blended Swatch; Right – Shine Blotted <3

On the Lipstick Queen website, Entourage is described as the richest wine. On me, it looks like a deep red (like the swatches above). It looks almost exactly like MAC Diva, but the difference is, when it’s on, there is nothing quite like it. It is not flat matte. It gives dimension without the duochrome — something other matte lipsticks try to achieve but fail at.


I removed everything and tried to apply it “right”.

Lipstick Queen Entourage Swatch
Lipstick Queen Entourage Swatch (Unblotted)

Apparently, this lipstick is not meant to be layered. Extra swipes will just feather and move around. I swipe it once on the top and bottom lip making sure I don’t get too close to the edge. Then with my pinky (a small pencil brush works better), I blend the color to the edge. It will end up like that in the photo above. Yes, that’s only one swipe blended out. Not 100% opaque, but very pigmented nonetheless. This lipstick gives new meaning to what “rich” means. I can’t capture it on camera, my photo skills are limited and I’m only using a point-and-shoot. But when you see it in real life, you’ll know what I mean.


This lipstick, as Poppy claimed, is high-pigment and lightweight. The woman preaches the truth. Compared to the matte lipsticks I’ve been wearing exclusively for most of the year, this lipstick feels like nothing. Nothing enough to make me forget that I’m wearing lipstick. There was a time I was deep in work and I accidentally smudged my lipstick because I forgot I was wearing one. The one thing I do not like about this lipstick is the mint. It smells and feels minty. I should have no problem with that, but if there’s one thing that CAN dry my lips out, it’s mint — even if it’s in a supposedly moisturizing balm. Good thing my lips can tolerate drier lipsticks. I can wear this for 3 consecutive days straight, but after that I would have to take a break and wear my other mattes.


It’s really suprising how long this lipstick wears, considering how slippy it is upon application and how thin it lays on. I usually equate drag to longevity. Velvet Rope Entourage is able to give both: lightweight-feel and long wear time. As the day goes on, the shine tones down a bit and you’ll end up with blotted-down-looking lips (see photo below). The blotted-down version looks like an even stain that doesn’t look flat. It looks like the skin on the top part of the lips is made up of red skin cells. I can’t describe it well but it’s like the lipstick became an actual part of your lips. Lipstick Queen Velvet Rope Entourage FOTD That’s pretty much how it will look like until your next meal. With drinking (water/coffee), there’s even but minimal fading — no lip rings with this lipstick. An important thing to mention is if you eat or drink just a few minutes after applying the lipstick, fading will be significant. It pays to wait a little bit longer for it to set. But to be honest, I can’t tell when it has set because, again, it’s very lightweight.


The lipstick is very easy to blend. You can apply it sheer and it will blend across the lips evenly (see blended swatch above). It’s also usable as a blush. My favorite thing about it is it makes the nicest looking ombre lips. You can put it on the corners of your lips and blend it to the center. Applying it like that makes the lips look really plump. I’m not usually moved by packaging — even with this one. I don’t care much for it, but it is beautiful — and heavy! It snaps shut via magnet(s) but I feel like the magnet isn’t strong enough. So far, I haven’t experienced the cap getting off, so, maybe it’s ok.


This is NOT the best matte lipstick in the universe. I still prefer my mattes to be ultra-matte and have 100% coverage. But this lipstick, in itself, created a new category of lipstick finish. Technically it’s matte. But it’s not matte. And it’s not satin either. It’s like a lipstick version of a foundation that doesn’t need subsequent contouring and highlighting . In a way, Poppy was successful in giving me no excuse to wearing a formula I’m not used to.

I’m definitely getting 2 more lipsticks from the line: Black Tie and Private Party. But I’ll check out the Sinner range first (coz you know ~cheaper).

Note: I rarely get chapped lips and those small hardened bits of skin. I don’t know how this will look on dry lips and if it settles on cracks. If you’re a matte lipstick lover, this is a must try. It’s the only “shiny” lipstick I like.

November 1, 2014 EDIT: After my satin lipsticks experiment, I got chapped lips. The blue pigments in this lipstick will cling to those dry skin bits. Exfoliate before use.


Hi, I’m Rae and I am a scatterbrain. I am in my 30s and I write in this blog from the Philippines. I spend a tiny portion of my time de-stressing with makeup and skin care. Email: | Instagram: @scatterbraintures


  1. OMG Rae!!! Enabler!!! hahaha I want this, sana may mag sell dito sa PH. I love the color, looks perfect on you! and also the packaging kaso I have super dry lips but, there’s a way for sho! :D

    • Thanks. Yeah, feeling ko this is a big NO if you have dry/ chappy lips.

  2. “It’s like a lipstick version of a foundation that doesn’t need subsequent contouring and highlighting.” – Ah, yes please! Nakaka-high nga! You made me check on swatches at this work hour, grabe ka. :))

    • Hahaha, ang ganda nito, if your lips are in OK condition, it’s a must-have.

  3. Oh my gosh! Lipstick Queen! I’ve always wanted one. It looks fab! Now I definitely need one.


  4. I only have one Lipstick Queen lipstick, but I FREAKING love it. Poppy definitely knows what she’s doing with these lipsticks, and I really like that they don’t tug because tugging feels uncomfortable to me. Her lipsticks are definitely worth the money, and I’m kind of sad the brand isn’t accessible in Canada! Velvet Rope is gorgeous!

    • Which one do you have? I purchased one of the Sinner lipsticks at, they ship worldwide, will let you know how it goes.

  5. Ang ganda!! I didn’t know Lipstick Queen had this line. Bet ko din ung packaging, ang bongga! I’ll look for other shades, ubusan nanaman ng allowance ito. Haha

  6. That’s one pretty expensive lipstick but I so love the shade on your lips! Checked out their other shades and I feel like I’ll bond well with Private Party… Or so I think. Or at least that’s the kind of shade I usually prefer. Price is quite steep though. xD

    • I want to get Private Party too. I thought of getting Black Tie next but since that’s also a red, it’s wiser if I get a pink.

  7. Wow that was expensive, but it looks really great on you! I’ve been wanting Diva for a time now, so baka yun muna since mas affordable.

    I also want to try Melt or Dose of Color, kaya lang I don’t know where to buy.

    For blushes, do you want something matte or okay lang may slight shimmer? I’ve been loving the Milani Baked Blush in Berry Amore, kasi it leans more to the mauvey colors, nagsawa na ko sa peachy.. :D

    I miss talking to you!

    • Ok lang slight shimmer. Will google your suggestions!

      Anyway, sent you a message on Twitter.

  8. What an excellent color! Looks great on you. I am partial to mattes myself but I shudder at the price.
    I guess I can live with the lippies I have now. Possible because I only know the popular brands in the Philippines. or I havr not caught the search for the best lipstick bug.

  9. HA! This is so bad for my wallet! I actually have a couple of Lipstick Queen lipsticks on my Amazon Wishlist. I can’t remember the names of the shades though. Eeeeh. I wanna try their formula na!!!! Now na! Huhuhuhuhu LOL naloka na~

        • Waaah, my LQ Sinner is coming in next week. Will let you know if it’s good. :D

          • Aba you’ve been shopping lately, huh!? We’ll wait for your blow by blow review, mmmkay? :D

  10. Omg this post made me drool! I was literally just researching on this lipstick a couple of minutes ago until i decided to go on my wordpress reader. You make me want it more!

    • Goooo!!! But, if have tiny dry bits on the lips, DON’T. Recently discovered, the pigment that makes it dark-ish, they clump in those areas. But if your lips are good, it’s so worth it.

    • Ako rin! Lalo na kapag blotted. Low maintenance na red. Well, parang naiyak talaga ako, kasi nung unang try, sobrang nadisappoint ako, tapos nung blotted na, naiyak ako sa ganda. :D

  11. Everytime I see you wear a vampy red, you make me want to try one! Kaso I can’t pull it off. I love the blotted version! It almost looks like your lips are naturally that color. I woke up like this ang look! haha :)

    • Wah, bakit ganun? Laging napupunta sa spam folder yung comments mo.

      Anyway, mas gusto ko din yung blotted version, haha.

  12. Hi! I checked my blog’s referring sites and led me to you! Thank you sooo much for featuring my blog! Seriously, I am so flattered as I have only just started my blog. You inspired me to keep on posting despite my busy sched. Thank you thank you! :)

    I love the shade of your lipstick, by the way! I love wine shades for rainy season as it makes my skin look…paler. Yeah, I like to be pale sometimes. LOL.



    • I love your blog Kat! It’s very informative and I love how it is written — simple and straight to the point. Even the stories :)

  13. OMG RAE!!!!!! I want this exact shade! I’m into berry/wine shades right now. I’m so happy to read your review on it! Aaaahhh!!!

    • I hope it looks berry/wine on you. On me it looks like deep red with just a tiny drop of wine. Have you tried MAC Diva? I suggest trying that on and see how it looks. Can’t tell the difference, colorwise, when swiped side by side.

  14. “It looks like the skin on the top part of the lips is made up of red skin cells.” You got me with this line. BUT IT HAS MINT. sobs I have sworn to myself that I will never get anything for my lips with mint as I have proven time and again that mint dries out my lips. BUT THIS IS SO TEMPTING! @_@ what to do?? Haha. Tagal pa naman ng cutoff ni @nicolettemakeup so I can still think… Though she has an extra of this shade coming in end of September…….

    • Hey Katsy! Di ko mahanap yung ingredients ng Sinner line from the website, but it says fragrance-free, so maybe it doesn’t have mint :D

      Velvet Rope is really minty. The scent is not faint. :(

      • Huhu I guess I’ll really have to pass on the Velvet Rope line. I’ll try to choose a shade from Sinner so I can try LQ out. Super thanks for emphasizing the mint part or I would’ve spent $$$ on a lipstick I couldn’t use. :)

  15. OMG OMG OMG. I wanna visit a counter and do a swatchfest just to choose one . Ang ganda talaga Rae :(( I’m liking star system pero it’s one of those tricky shades na kailnagan ko talaga iswatch eh. It could be super pleasant or terribly ashy, eeep!

    Natetempt na talaga ako magluxury. At least isa ng Tom Ford saka ito :P

    • Is there a counter of the brand near us? Like HK or SG? Parang Tom Ford, I keep going back and forth as I want a shade I can use everyday but those shades are hard to blind buy online. @_@

      Which Tom Ford are you getting? :D

      • Oh, I don’t know. It’s not even available in Australia where Poppy is from.

        Not getting anything from Tom Ford. I just can’t with non-matte lipsticks. I’m more likely to check out YSL’s Pur Couture Mat. But I’m not going to be buying anything until 2015 ;)

        • Ok lang ako sa Tom Ford, hahaha! I just wanna have one, you know? Parang rite of passage. I don’t feel like a real woman without one (chos. Very shallow, that’s not how I think DISCLAIMER! :>) Lancome is not full luxury, right? I got a casual inquiry about it and remember checking with you!

          • Hahaha, ako rin! I went through that face, thinking it would be good to get a nudish shade from Tom Ford kasi nude mattes usually look chalky and makes the lips look extra-dry. Anyway, saw a review of Star System (?) and medyo chalky daw :(

            Haven’t tried it yet. I don’t see Color Design at Lancome GB5 :(

      • Ok, I’m just replying through my phone, so I guess that’s for Tellie, haha.

        • Haha thanks for replying still! You won’t be getting from the Holiday collections? I told myself that I will get just one item from the holiday collections. MAC Prabal Gurung line not included in the limit. LOL.

          • I feel like I’m on a shopping spree now because my ban starts in October — napaka-counter-intuitive. :P

            Pero lately my focus has been on the low-priced lines. Found good matte lipsticks from Nichido and 4U2.

            If I’m going to buy anything, it should be blush, because I only have 2 right now: an orange and a cool pink. I think I need a neutral. Any recommendations?

          • Thanks! Ang daming suggestions. Anyway, recently found out the M&S has LE blushes. Will check that out.

    • I hear you. It’s harder to buy MLBBs and nudes online, one slight change in tone and the lipstick will look totally different. I’m just lucky that I really wanted to get the wine red shade, I know it’ll look good on me.

  16. Wow, super detailed review! Not a high-end lipstick junkie here but I’m not closing my doors to try this in the future! :-)

    • Just recently got interested in trying out matte offerings from lux brands. This is currently the only one I own.

      And so far, based on reviews, mid-priced lipsticks (MAC, Bobbi Brown, NARS) still wins when it comes to pigment.

  17. This is just stunning, Rae.
    Lipstick Queen was created by an Australian so it is a shame we don’t have access to the same range here (Poppy sold her business). Velvet Rope is unavailable here but even in the US it sells for $50!?!?! I have a different lip colour from the brand but I’m tempted to know what the fuss is all about with Velvet Rope!

    • That’s true. It’s unbelievable. Recently, I asked one of my friends who’s going to Australia to get one of the Sinner lipsticks, she told me, she couldn’t find any and that it might not be available there. I could somehow detect the accent, same as Rae Morris’, so I was almost certain she’s Australian.

  18. Hi Rae! Super bagay sayo ganyang color! How much is it? I know it’s pricey pero pag-iipunan ko. :) I love it!

    • It’s $50 at Nordstrom and on the Lipstick Queen website. Pero, test mo muna when we meet. Hit or Miss tong lipstick na to.

  19. How much is this and where did you get it? Grabe your review makes me want to try LQ!

    • Hey Pat, it’s $50 at Nordstrom. Pre-ordered it from @nicolettemakeup on IG. I’m not sure if the price she gave me is fixed since exchange rates move, but her markup was reasonable and she replies super fast.

  20. Bagay sayo! I know what you mean by the lipstick stain kind of becoming one with your lips.

    The price though. It’s scaring me.

    • True. I’ll try out the Sinner range line, mid-priced. Maybe it’s the same, packaging lang difference.

    • Thanks! Pero it’s not actual stain like that of the Revlon matte balms. Parang thin layer of lipstick sya which makes me inclined to think that this will not be good for people with dry chappy lips. I think it will clump

  21. I like tuggy lipsticks, too! Yay us Sahara desert lovers! I saw this being sold at a blog sale – 850 lang! Thought of getting it but I wasn’t quite sure. Ganda ng color, grabe!

    Is your header new? Love it!

    • Huwaaaat. That’s at least 3x cheaper. But I definitely understand. I think people are divided on Velvet Rope. And it’s not a slap-n-go type of lipstick for me, I’m not good ay controlling slippy lipsticks.

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