I’m on Nosy Beauty!

If you’re not already subscribed to Softly Sometimes, Nosy Beauty is a blog series run by Carina where she features people’s makeup bags.

Confession time: I felt anxious when Carina asked me to participate because I technically do not have a makeup bag. More often than not, I only bring 2 kinds of products with me that I shoot into one of the pockets of my tote bag: a face powder and a few tubes of lipstick.

But I thought, why not? No-makeup-bag people represent! (You have no idea how much I was tempted to write about makeup products I use everyday instead.)

Anyway, I hope you can find the time to check it out: Nosy Beauty Vol. 37: Rae.

Nosy Beauty Vol. 37 Rae

PS. Carina finds me discerning and critical!!!*kilig*

Ok, I don’t know exactly what she meant by that but it sounds like a compliment (if only I’m the same when I make life and shopping decisions) :D

Thanks Carina!


Hi, I’m Rae and I am a scatterbrain. I am in my 30s and I write in this blog from the Philippines. I spend a tiny portion of my time de-stressing with makeup and skin care. Email: scatterbraintures@gmail.com | Instagram: @scatterbraintures


  1. Kinilig din ako for you! Hihi. And I have to agree with you being discerning and critical!

  2. Yey!!! The discerning & critical part stuck with me, too! You really are, Rae! Congrats on the feature! :)

  3. I definitely feel you with bringing several tubes of lipstick. Hahaha! Mine’s composed of a face powder/setting powder, a pocket pack of face tissue, face brush, a lip tint and at least 2 tubes of lipstick! I usually wear a bolder color (like hot pink or a red tint) in the morning, but as the day goes on, I tend to tone down my lip color a bit. ;)

    • Haha, that’s out of laziness, the lipsticks accumulate over the course of the week. There’s usually just 1 lipstick on Monday, by the time Friday comes, there’s at least 5 there. :P

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