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Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Stay Mauve Lipstick | Review and Swatches

When I saw this lipstick on my sister-in-law, I thought it was the perfect my-lips-but-better lipstick for her. I thought it would be for me, too. What I didn’t realize was that she’s at least 2 shades darker than me.

Estee Lauder Stay Mauve Lipstick Tube
Estee Lauder Stay Mauve Lipstick Tube | I love the packaging. It looks very elegant and it has a weight to it.

Stay Mauve is, indeed, mauvey. Although, if I understand correctly, mauve is supposed to be a muted medium purple. On my extra-yellow and somewhat greenish skin, this lipstick registers as an even mix of pink and purple. If it were slightly more muted, it would’ve been more awesome than the awesomeness that it already is…

Estee Lauder Stay Mauve P1050184_edited
Estee Lauder Stay Mauve | Looks a little bit more pink in person.

I want to love this lipstick because of the color. Unfortunately, it feels slightly uncomfortable. Note that slightly for me is probably very for most people since I’m very comfortable with the driest of mattes.

This lipstick feels like the Revlon Ultimate Suede lipsticks. It sets to a lip decal-like feel that when I stretch my lips to smile, I become aware that I am wearing it.

Estee Lauder Stay Mauve Lipstick Bullet

Once it sets, it feels like I let Coke dry out on my lips. When I smack my lips together, I feel tackiness.

My lips feel dry while wearing it, but when I remove it at the end of the day, I find that my lips aren’t actually dry.

Estee Lauder Stay Mauve Lipstick on NC37_edited
It’s technically not matte but it’s very low-shine.

Opacity is another thing that keeps me from loving this. I consider it pigmented but some of my lips still peek through when I use just one swipe. I guess the Bobbi Brown Creamy Mattes really set the bar high for me when it comes to pigmentation.

Estee Lauder Stay Mauve Dupe 4U2 SHY 03 Swatch
Left: Estee Lauder Stay Mauve | Right: 4U2 SHY 03 Matte Lipstick (Yes. My thumb doesn’t have nail polish. I have ADD-like tendencies. Let’s just —

I will let go of this lipstick soon. I don’t have much room for lipsticks that aren’t “favorite material”. In addition, I own a similar lipstick that I seem to be favoring more — 4U2 SHY 03. They look almost the same on me, but 4U2 has a bit more blue-purple in it and is more comfortable to wear. If I hadn’t found 4U2, I’d probably still keep Stay Mauve.

Lipstick Swatches
More accurate swatch compared to the previous ones [L-R]: Estee Lauder Stay Mauve, MAC Please Me, MAC All Fired Up, Ever Bilena Orange Lip Pencil, 4U2 SHY 03 (swatched heavily)

P.S. It could be that I’m only feeling the tackiness because I try to build it up to the opacity I’m used to. For another perspective, check out Thess Termulo’s review here: One of The Best Lipstick Shades Ever.

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  1. i had a similar experience when it tried this on the counter (different shade) unless they have other matte formulas there, im pretty sure it had the same packaging as this lipstick. it felt okay at first pero after awhile it was a little sandy / sticky na.

  2. aaack! to bad this feels uncomfortable to wear, the shade is pretty pa naman…But I’m definitely with you on the Bobbi Brown creamy mattes ^_^ this reminds me so much of my Mac Pro Longwear lip creme in Seasoned Plum, which I haven’t used in a while. Since Fall is here I’ll have a chance to use it again. hehehe

    1. Yay, thanks for the link! I should read back on all your lipstick posts. Sana the pro longwear ones doesn’t “set” like this one does.

    1. I don’t know why it’s all different colors on facebook, instagram, and wordpress. I read a post somewhere that purple is a little difficult to capture accurately on photos. Something to do with light daw.

  3. I agree. The downside of this lippy. It dries my lips very quickly. But apparently the color suited my skin tone and I just love their pagka Mauve. :)

      1. I’m really quite surprised about your preference for matte, honestly. Most mattes I’ve tried are very fiddly to apply and ayun nga, pretty much drying. How do you deal??

        1. Oh, because of a lot of things :D
          – my face is usually shiny, and it looks extra shiny when my lips are shiny too :D I love the contrast between my shiny face and matte lips
          – most mattes are a bit tuggy, but I like that because of the control
          – once it’s on, it’s so low maintenance na. Transfer is low on glasses and cups and they don’t feel wet, generally longer lasting
          – best of all the pigment! Most matte lipsticks kasi, they take out most of the stuff that makes lipsticks wet/moist. So you’re left with mostly just the pigment. I like how solid it looks when on the face :P

  4. Rae, I’ve been on 3 separate trips to Watsons because I want that 4u2 lipstick. Laging out of stock. The first time I went there I bought the wrong shade pa! All I could remember was Shy. Lahat pala Shy, iba iba lang ang number.

      1. I got Shy 05. It’s a Nicki Minaj pink on the lips. Haha! I remembered your swatch to be darker kaya I was having second thoughts. At that time, yun ang pinaka purple sa display so I still bought it. I’m going back for Shy 03 talaga.

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