It always happens to me — I specifically look for something and I end up buying something else.

The something is a makeup brush holder and the something else is this makeup caddy:

Glam Caddy Empty
Introducing — The Glam Caddy

This means, as of this writing, I still don’t have a container that will hold my brushes in a way that I will see all of them, without them collecting dust.

BUT, it’s ok.

Because now I have this nifty storage thing to hold all of my makeup (plus my sun care products, nail stuff, kabuki brushes, and dry shampoos). Yes, ALL of them. While I’ve been really really bad at not shopping, I’ve been good at letting go of makeup items I’m not making the most out of. Hopefully, I’d be able to limit myself to this container.

Here’s the Glam Caddy filled in:

Glam Caddy Filled In
360-Degree Turn

The box says the Glam Caddy can fit 200 items. I don’t have time to count, but it sure can fit a lot of stuff. If that’s not enough for you to buy it, maybe the Lazy Susan feature will get you to head over to Lazada. It turns a full 360!!!

For people who own way more makeup than I do, I can imagine this could work as a storage solution for products used on a daily basis. It’s difficult to lose stuff in this, you absolutely can see everything.


I noticed a few areas where this could improve on in terms of quality.

All in all, this is a good concept. I just wish the makers thought of using acrylic instead of typical transparent plastic (I don’t know if acrylic is a type of plastic). Also, it makes a squeaky sound as I turn it. It’s not disturbingly loud and screechy, but there is a sound. I really hope this lasts me at least a few years.

This has a weight limit of 10 lbs. That’s almost 5 kgs. My makeup is composed mostly of low to mid-priced products. I only have a few items that fall under the luxury side of the spectrum. I don’t recommend this to people whose makeup collection is mostly luxury items. We all know how big and heavy most of them are. I’m almost sure 200 luxury items weigh more than 5 kgs. I’m basing this off of a tube of Lipstick Queen. It fell on my foot from chest-level height and now I know that beauty truly is pain.

This might not be a good storage option for eye shadow palettes. I don’t own a lot of eye shadow palettes but I think the slots can only fit smaller ones. For reference, see Wet ‘n Wild Comfort Zone palette in the photo.

Overall Thoughts

Despite quality issues, I’m happy with this purchase. Every time I see it, I’m inspired to play around with stuff.

Will this keep me from buying stuff? We shall see.

Lazada sells this for Php 499. It’s the best deal I found online. They shipped it within the promised 5 working days — a little longer than what I’m used to but they kept me updated with the shipping status. Also, shipping fee would be around Php 200 if your total purchase amount doesn’t exceed Php 1k. I had to bully Husband into looking for stuff he “needs”.

Husband’s Thoughts on The Glam Caddy

“May speed limit ba ‘to?”

“Sana instead na makeup, cold cuts na lang ang laman.”


Hi, I’m Rae and I am a scatterbrain. I am in my 30s and I write in this blog from the Philippines. I spend a tiny portion of my time de-stressing with makeup and skin care. Email: | Instagram: @scatterbraintures


  1. I went through Lazada’s storage solutions section and I can’t find this there anymore… I’m sad. :( Do you have any idea where else I could get this?

  2. daaamn i want this. but wala na akong space in my room for it. i keep all my makeup inside a train case para hindi malagyan ng dust so im also looking for a good brush cup holder. but something i can put inside the case and then place it on the table when im doing my makeup. kinda like sigma but a cheaper version.

    nakakapanghinayan naman the P200 shipping if the items is below the limit.

  3. Yup, I absolutely need a makeup caddy like this one too. Right now, my brushes are in a plastic tall cup that I’m not using anymore. I better get something more decent for my brushes hehe.

  4. I won’t go to Lazada muna baka maclick ang ‘Buy Now’, delikado na. Haha

    Let me know if you find a good brush holder. I’m also looking for a cheap one.

    • Sure! I found a few vases at Landmark that could work pero wala pa akong binibili.

  5. Your makeup collection is my inspiration. You’re so ruthless you are in keeping only what you know you will use! I eventually want to trim it down to something on that level.

    I use a large empty plastic cup to hold my makeup brushes haha. Whatever!

    • I guess I’m only able to keep it that level because I haven’t explored eye shadows yet. We’ll see. I’ve been really trying to focus less on lip stuff and more on my eyes.

  6. I just use a small IKEA pot-plant pot for my brushes and it works a treat and looks pretty too.
    I’m too OCD for a caddy – I need things organised in a very specific manner :)

    • I’m the opposite of someone with obsessive compulsive personality disorder.

      I ‘need’ things to look messy. I’m not comfortable when my makeup is in pristine condition. I like them all covered with fingerprints and I like putting a dent on pretty embossings. Hahaha!

      Anyway, thinking of getting an upright spaghetti dispenser. Maybe that could work too.

  7. Thank looks nice. I want that but I am trying to cut back on my purchases this year. I do agree with your hubby, do they sell cold cuts at Lazada?

  8. I am also yet to find a cheap solution to hold my makeup brushes that will not collect dust. Hmmm I read an alternative solution from either Juvy or Hazel I think but I haven’t been able to check out sa mall. I got addicted to storage solutions din. Bought from landmark, then muji, then daiso, then got this rolling vanity case with mirror nung time na nagfeeling ako magMUA, ended up using the glamourbox boxes for storage. Oooh lipstick queen! Syempre inuna chineck ung lipstick!

    • Parang di pa ako addicted :P Because I don’t have stuff to store anymore. Yung brushes na lang talaga. Namamahalan ako sa brush storage containers.

      • Found the link! It was Hazel’s pala – she used food storage for brush storage

        • I remember this! Kaso out of the way for me ang Robinsons. Pero feeling ko meron nito sa landmark or SM. Let me know of you find something :D

        • May nahanap ako before, dispenser ng spaghetti kaso masyadong matangkad.

  9. I’m anticipating a storage solutions addiction. I bought a huge acrylic box with tons of slots for lippies, pens, brushes, whatevers. Then now I have trays, baskets and lipstick containers. BDJ has some in their shop that are priced really low (cheaper than SM and Landmark.)

    • Thanks Tellie, will check that out. I hope they have something to hold brushes.

  10. Wow that’s some neat collection you got there. :D i always had problems with storing and organizing all my makeup xD

  11. Ang ganda!!!! Gusto ko na rin! Pero wala na akong space. Siksikan to the max na. Haha

    • Hindi ko nga din alam if it’s space-saving. I feel like it is. Because I don’t have a layered makeup storage solution. Lahat naka-bins at boxes mula sa kung ano ano.

  12. Ang gandaaa, I want one! Now if only I have the table space for this I’ll buy it na. But! Your husband has such a great idea! This one is going to be super useful in the kitchen. :D

    • I thought of that! It’ seem like a good device (?) to store McCormic stuff, salt, sugar, etc. Problem lang talaga is weight limit, and parang it will get swiveled around more if used for food/kitchen purposes.

  13. Awesome, and it sure beats the two plastic toolboxes that currently house my makeup collection. :)) Still trying to wait for acrylic drawers though. Nagpahanap na ako sa friend ko who frequents Divisoria.

    Cold cuts? Hahaha. Kung kinulang ng serving platters sa house party…

    • Hope your friend finds a good deal. Ang mamahal ng acrylic cases sa malls. Even online, ang mahal din.

    • Hahaha, I was about to post this entry when he said that, haha. Might as well include it :D

  14. Aray naman, guurl. Nakapaglakad ka naman ba ng maayos after? Lol. I’m imagining E spinning this around and looking like a kyoot litol boy who’s got this super amazed look on his face. Hahaha! Gusto ko na rin talagaaaa! Checking out Lazada right now! I might end up purchasing this gamit yung kikitain ko sa sale hehe

    • Ok lang, pero ang sakit sa metatarsals. Natawa pa ako kasi mas concerned pa ako dun sa lipstick kesa sa paa ko. Bago ko tingnan yung paa ko, tiningnan ko muna if intact pa din yung lipstick sa loob.

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