I got a little crazy with lipsticks this month. I know there are still a few more days until the official end of August, but I probably won’t be buying any more tubes.

T. LeClerc Le Rouge Theophile Matte

T. LeClerc got me most excited this month.

T LeClerc Cerise Poudre


I don’t know much about T. LeClerc, much less their matte lipstick line — le rouge theophile matte. There are only 6 shades in the line and I picked out two: Cerise and Poudre. Cerise is a muted brick red and Poudre is THE my-lips-but-better shade I’ve been looking for.

Not going to be showing you a swatch of Poudre, it deserves its own post and I’m making excuses because the photo I took was blurry.

Here’s Cerise (bottom) compared to MAC Sin (top):

MAC Sin T LeClerc Cerise Swatches 2


MAC Sin (matte) is another new addition to my lipstick collection. Most dark lipsticks I come across are always either purple or plum. It’s rare that I come across a really dark, blackened red — like Melt 6six6 (that lipstick is always out-of-stock). I found MAC Sin while I was checking out makeup brushes at MUPStore.

I didn’t want to buy another MAC lipstick because I’m trying to venture out of the brand and explore other matte lipstick options. But the MAC matte/ retro matte line has something most other brands don’t have — color variety.

MAC Sin T LeClerc Cerise Lipstick Bullets

MAC Sin T LeClerc Bullet Closeup

Left – T LeClerc Cerise; Right – MAC Sin

MAC Sin is my current most used red, trumping Inglot 412.

Inglot Matte Lipstick in 422

I guess my want for Riri Boy never waned. That’s the sole reason why I picked this up. Anyway, I noticed that my interest in Inglot’s matte lipsticks is growing stronger. They’re opaque and they’re true mattes.

Melt Shady Lady Inglot 422 Bullets
Left – Matte Shady Lady; Right – Inglot 422

Inglot 422 washes me out to some extent, like MAC Up the Amp, but I like it. I still don’t know the best cheek color to pair it with so I do what I always do in this situation, I use it as a blush as well. :D

Melt Shady Lady

I thought this was going to be brighter than MAC Flat Out Fabulous; and more of a hot pink than fuchsia. But it turns out, they’re dupes of each other. Bummer. The good news is, if I run out Flat Out Fabulous, I now know of a cruelty-free alternative.

Melt Shady Lady Inglot 422 2
Top – Inglot 422; Bottom – Melt Shady Lady

Melt Shady Lady is the definition of opaque lipstick. All you need is one swipe (just on one lip) — smack both lips together and you’re good to go. I can’t wait to write about this in a separate post. It’s so good it deserves a review a la ItsJudyTime.

Now, for the toss-aways…

Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte in True Pink

Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte remains to be my favorite matte lipstick formula.  But I’m letting go of True Pink because the color doesn’t do much for my skin tone. I guess those who love MAC Mehr might love this, too.

Revlon Foxy Lady Bobbi Brown True Pink

I’m going to be putting this up for sale (Php 500), along with other stuff, on Sept 13 and 14 (check out the sidebar!).

Revlon Super Lustrous Shine – Foxy Lady

I got this from the August BDJ Box.  Seeing the color on the bullet, I thought I would love it. It looked like my kind of color before I swiped it on and.got disappointed that it’s brown, sheer, and shimmery.

I’m letting this go as well. Aside from the fact that I don’t like sheer lipsticks, most browns age me.

True Pink Foxy Lady 2
Top – Revlon Foxy Lady; Bottom – Bobbi Brown True Pink

Extra: Sophie Paris Koshize Satinlips Mini-lipstick Set

2014-08-10 05.06.03

Aren’t these the cutest? This is my favorite drugstore matte lipstick line and it’s about time people knew about it. They’re quite creamy for matte lipsticks. Some of them have a little bit of sheen but not so much that you’d consider them satin. The name is confusing, really. I’ll try to write about these soon, complete with wrist and lip swatches.

EDIT: Totally forgot about NARS Vesuvio which I’m probably letting go as well.

All in all, that’s a net of 4 new lipsticks excluding the mini-set, and in case you’re wondering, I already broke my candle jar lipstick limit.


Hi, I’m Rae and I am a scatterbrain. I am in my 30s and I write in this blog from the Philippines. I spend a tiny portion of my time de-stressing with makeup and skin care. Email: scatterbraintures@gmail.com | Instagram: @scatterbraintures


  1. The Bobbi Brown True Pink looks so nice on the tube! Too bad matte formulas are so unforgiving on my lips. :(

  2. amagad i want to buy the bobbi brown true pink lipstick. i really hope i can go to meet you and buy it if ever :) btw been browsing through your lipstick collection lately. im planning to do a mini lipstick haul. so far im eying bobbi brown crushing plum, mehr, craving, flat out fabulous. hope i can get all but well see i recently did another haul and wala nako moneyz lol

    tongue twister – say LeClerc ten time nonstop hehe

    • I know you love opaque lipsticks! If you’re looking for a light colored one that doesn’t look dry and would cover your lips entirely, Bobbi Brown True Pink is ‘IT’. I just can’t accept reservations though, because a lot of people seem to want it. First come first served na lang at the venue. Hope to finally meet you there :)

        • I think you’re better off with bobbi brown’s true pink. It cover up a mole. Seriously. I’m putting up please me for sale too. But the latter has a tendency to emphasize dryness. You might not like it.

  3. I hope to visit your blogger sale! Sana maconvince ko si hubby to accompany me. The lipstick shades your purchased are all right up my alley (lol, what a word!) :D See you!!!

    • Yay, still not yet done picking out stuff to put on sale. Excited na din ako.

  4. Dibs na nga sa True Pink! Amp huhuhu…And okay, I already typed that prior to seeing Tellie’s comment. GRRRR! Hahaha

  5. Those Sophie Paris minis are so darn cute. Ito nga yung sa friend ko. I use these whenever she brings them to work. I agree Rae, best lipstick for a drugstore brand.

    • Maj (@makeupinmanila on IG) gave them to me. We’ll be neighbors if I still live where I grew up. Apparently, there’s a Sophie Paris store there, she offered to buy a pack for me.

  6. LOVE your lipsticks! Parang gusto ko tuloy bumili. My sis and I went to the MUPStore sa QC and you’re right, some are good deals while some are overpriced. My sister bought her NARS Funny Face there for only Php 1,000 din. Btw, I’m very interested in getting your Bobbi Brown True Pink!!! Haha! Pwede na bang i-reserve? Hahaha!

    • Haha, I guess pwede. Pero I won’t be doing online sale/shipping :D See you!

      • Heart broken ako bigla nung nabasa kong first come, first serve na! :((((( I have classes in the morning. Haha!

  7. I highly admire your purging of lipsticks. I could (almost) never do it even though I don’t like the shade, texture, wear. I’m talking about NYX round lipsticks, lol. I try to purge at the end of the year but it’s always so hard!

    • Oh no, I’m not to be admired… Purging creates space that I’m always tempted to fill in again. Ha! Not buying and purging should go hand in hand :P

    • Yes! I know you don’t prefer super bright red lipsticks too (e.g. Ruby Woo). I think you’ll also love Cerise! :D

  8. So… MUPStore. I’ve been waiting to read about customers’ experiences. How is it? How’s price and variety? And which branch did you visit? :p

    • They have a lot of stuff. Some are overpriced, some are really good deals. Their hourglass blush and ambient powder are only 2k each. Nars pure matte lipstick 1k only, but they’re running out of colors. They also sell the cheapest Kevyn Aucoin online. Overpriced: limited edition mac lipsticks, viseart, some hakuhodo brushes. They cater more to makeup artists, I think.

        • Yup, pero wala na yung mga shades na gusto ko (Volga, Mascate). I think Tonkin na lang nakita ko dun.

    • Forgot, I go to their Makati store. Also, sucks if you don’t want to bring cash. You have to pay +6% more for credit card purchases.

      • Gotta do my research on price then. I inquired about their Chanel lipsticks before. It’s the same price as in Rustan’s. Depe-depende nga. :(

        • I think ang ok sa kanila is you get to see the stuff, even if you can’t test it. Most online resellers of high-end brands, puro preorder. Sometimes, I go there to buy something tapos I check out other stuff I’m interested in just to see how they look like tapos I buy somewhere else. Pero with stuff that are distributed here, I usually buy at malls na lang. Iba pa rin yung experience :P

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