After finishing bottles and bottles of micellar water, I now declare the product as a permanent in my nightly skin care routine. I still don’t think it falls in the must-have category — it’s nice to have but I can live without it.

If you’re not familiar with micellar water, I’d like to welcome you to beauty internet universe. Hi! You must be new here. Micellar water is a makeup remover that is basically just water with surfactants that are mild enough to leave on the skin. A more intelligent explanation can be found here: What is micellar water and how does it work?

I’ve tried 3 brands: Bioderma, Casino Expert, and Bifesta

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I think they’re all somewhat the same. All of them are gentle enough, all of them are not good at removing waterproof makeup (obviously, because they are mostly just water), and all of them can not remove every trace of makeup in one go.

As far as I know, cleansing waters are supposed to be no-rinse. I can do the no-rinse thing if I come home really tired, but if I have enough energy to worry about how acne-prone my skin is, I always rinse it off, even with just water (then I put on tretinoin cream afterwards).

At this point, you might already be asking how this type of product made its way into my skin care routine if I think I can do without it. Basically, I use this product just to loosen up sunscreen and makeup before I wash my face with non-foamy cleansers (e.g., physiogel, vmv cream cleanser, etc.).

Usually, I soak one cotton pad with the product and wipe it all over my face. It removes most of my eye shadow and face makeup. On mascara and eyeliner, it’s useless.

Sometimes, I put the solution in a spray bottle and I spritz (spritz?) it all over my face, massage it a little, then I wash with water — you know, just to save on cotton pads. Buying micellar water is like buying just the liquid part of makeup wipes. But I like the former more because most makeup wipes feel slippy.

So, for the purpose I use this product for, all three brands are essentially the same to me. But of course, there are actual differences.


I can only speak for the sensibio variant (haven’t tried the others).

This one is the least tacky and most water-like (???). I think it’s also the best at removing eye shadow. But for honesty’s sake, that doesn’t matter to me because if there will still be some eye makeup left, what difference does it make?

I bought this at a BYS counter at Watsons for Php 699, if I remember right. So, that’s 1.398 php per ml. I’m not sure if BYS is still selling this. But I know that Watsons will be officially distributing Bioderma products soon (check out their instagram @biodermaph).


This may not be relevant but Bifesta tastes bitter and feels the tackiest of all three.

But, if I need to name one that I would most likely do a no-rinse experiment with, I’d pick Bifesta because it has variants that make it appear like it could actually work as a leave-on skin care product. I’ve already finished two bottles of this: Age Care and Bright Up. I didn’t notice any significant difference between those two, probably because I rinse them off. When I finish all the waters I have left, I’d get the Moist variant (and probably do the experiment).

This costs Php 419 for a 300ml bottle, Php 1.3966666… per ml.


Casino is probably already phased-out by now. I bought 6 bottles of this. 4 of which, I’ve used up, the other 2, I gave to friends. A 200 ml. bottle costs *hold tight* Php 86. That’s Php 0.43 per ml.!!!

I bought them at a buy-one-get-one deal from Shopwise (that’s Php 86 for 2 bottles). Maybe they were on clearance at that time. They used to be also available at Rustan’s Supermarket but I don’t see them anymore.

This is the least ‘moisturizing’ of all of them, but it’s still not drying. It has a toner-like feel that I really like and it does what it’s supposed to do for a fraction of the cost.


Over-all Thoughts

As I said, micellar water is not a must-have. I just feel the need to double-cleanse since shifting to non-foamy cleansers. I can substitute this with physiogel cleanser (i.e., cotton pad the physiogel cleanser and use it in a cleansing water fashion) but that seems costly. The best and neatest makeup removing routine would probably be: two-phase makeup remover for the eye area and micelle solution for the rest of the face.

If you don’t wear a lot of waterproof makeup, maybe this type of product would be enough as your sole cleansing product. If you expect it to remove all types of makeup, you’ll be disappointed.

PS. I wish D’Mark (the official distributer of Bioderma in the PH) would sell it here at a price that is a little bit closer how much it costs in France. I saw in a few websites that 2 500ml bottles only costs around 20 euros?!?!

PPS. Recently found out that Garnier and L’Oreal (technically the same company) now sells this mythical water as well.


Hi, I’m Rae and I am a scatterbrain. I am in my 30s and I write in this blog from the Philippines. I spend a tiny portion of my time de-stressing with makeup and skin care. Email: | Instagram: @scatterbraintures


  1. i super agree how bioderma and bifesta are somewhat similar! haha! as for the Casino expert, I haven’t tried it out yet. Pero micellar water makeup removers are a must have for me because I barely wear a lot of makeup on a daily basis (pond’s girl peg everyday) and I’m super lazy when it comes to taking off my makeup. These products ENABLE the lazy girl in me hahaahah because I can’t bare going to sleep without taking off my makeup naman. :)

  2. oh thats good news! is P699 a good price na for that size of bioderma or are there cheaper versions online? i like the idea that it doesnt need rinsing. i was suppose to get a cleansing balm from TBS but idk baka tamarin ako to use it.

    • The cheapest I’ve seen online is Php 1,300. I hope watsons sells it for less than Php 699.

    • Nakakatamad! After trying out Lush’s cleansing balm, I decided never to buy that type of product ever again.

  3. Interesting. I’d like to suggest you try Human Heart Nature cleansing oil. You can order online or check their sites for a list of their branches.

    • Hi, I already tried that before. Not so much a fan of cleansing oils since I use cream cleansers :) But I’m a fan of sunflower oil in my moisturizers.

  4. I use bioderma as my main makeup remover which is by far the best out there for me. Though I haven’t really tried it with waterproof makeup, but it work well with mascara. I just press the soaked cotton on my eyelids (plus lashes) for a good 20 seconds and viola! :)

  5. Will you try or have you tried Happy Skin’s Make A Clean Sweep Revitalizing Micellar Makeup Cleanser? :)

    • I probably won’t. It’s pricier by the ml compared to all these 3 and I doubt that it’s significantly better.

  6. half-hearted with bifesta…I thought I can use it as a toner as well but they seem to be sticky on me specially the moist I wish the casino one is still available

  7. I have Bioderma and Bifesta (Age care) and have tried leaving them on at night. I just wipe the excess with tissue, no moisturizer after. Bioderma seems to leave me in my natural state of flakiness but Bifesta seems to help somewhat. I feel a bit taut with Bifesta, but super duper smooth.

    • Sige, I’ll buy Bifesta (Moist) next. I think my main thing with leaving it on is that I have to apply a niacinamide serum + tretinoin cream afterwards, and I don’t know if they’re ok to put on top of each other.

      Maybe I’ll do that as an experiment. Bifesta + Tretinoin.

  8. I have been having a hard time trying to remove my waterproof Heroine Make mascara, I tried Happy Skin (the priciest micellar water that I know) but I have to soak my lids in the cotton filled solution in it for more than 10 sec…a definite deal breaker, I am currently using the Etude House Mascara Remover priced at 199php it is similar to the ZA Make-up remover only cheaper. And since I too hate NOT washing my face at night, I also rinse my face (using a foamily cleaner) , so I don`t think I would bother with the no rinse kind anymore.

    • I think two-phase cleansers are best for mascara. Even oil cleansers can’t remove most mascaras.

      Maybe cleansing water is meant for face makeup lang and some eyeshadow.

  9. 86!! That’s cheap! Wish I knew about it before they phased out – would’ve been nice to try it haha I didn’t know Biodera will launch here soon! Excitinggg. Favorite forever <3

    I've been testing Maybelline's Micellar Water, and so far, so good! I wish we have it here!

    • Yay, meron na din maybelline. Maybe malapit nang magkaron ng micellar water dito. As much as possible I want to buy my stuff from malls if they’re available here.

  10. Holy shit! Spritzing micellar water is such a genius idea! Thanks for that! :D

    • Hahaha, yeah, tipid :D Although I read somewhere that it has to be used with a cotton pad daw where makeup could latch on. Something about hydrophyllic tails or whatever.

      But so far so good.

  11. Only tried Bifesta and it’s the only micellar water I use now. It really is a pain for waterproof makeup. I want to try Bioderma because I want to know what the fuss is all about. But maybe when I can buy it somewhere cheaper.

    • Totally gave up on micellar water for waterproof makeup. Now, I use a two-phase cleanser for the eye, then I use micellar water to remove the rest of my makeup and the residue of the two-phase cleanser.

  12. I’ve never developed a liking to Bioderma despite rave reviews from youtubers. I don’t know why. And I’ve seen that thing being sold at BYS. The Bifesta one I’d like to try someday but my cheapass self is finding it hard to shell out php400 for a cleanser.

    • Have you tried any cleansing water yet? Parang di sya talaga need e, you’re not missing anything. I just like that it removes most of my makeup without drying my skin and I don’t like oil cleansers.

  13. I’ve tried Bifesta age care, Casino which stung my eyes :( and Mustela’s no-rinse cleansing fluid (supposed to be for baby bums hihi). I like the last because of the scent but they all work more or less the same. I can’t do the cleansing-water-only routine, my skin doesn’t seem to like it. But it’s great for when I’m really tired.

    • I didn’t know Casino stings. I gave up on using cleansing water for eye makeup a long time ago. Thanks for that info. As if someone in france would be reading this, ha!

  14. I want to try Bioderma. I have tried the Bifesta one before but thought it broke me out. But after thinking about it, it may be the Mac Studio Fix foundation that I was using during that time as well.

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