Lipstick. Again.

Before I discovered Bobbi Brown creamy matte lipsticks, MAC retro matte was my favorite lipstick formula. But if I’m not mistaken, it used to come only in one color — Ruby Woo. I used to own Ruby Woo and while I loved the formula, the color was just too overwhelmingly bright for me.  When I found out that MAC is making some of the limited edition retro matte lipsticks part of the permanent line, I almost made it my life’s mission to collect them all.

MAC Flat Out Fabulous Lipstick on Medium Olive Skin Tone

I ended up getting 3 from the line (excluding Ruby Woo): Fixed on Drama, All Fired Up, and Flat Out Fabulous.

MAC Flat Out Fabulous Retro Matte

MAC describes Flat Out Fabulous as a bright plum matte.  I’m not sure if this is what bright plum looks like. I think it’s fuchsia with a tinge of Heroine.

MAC Flat Out Fabulous Heroine Radiant Fuchsia
T-B: Sophie Paris Koshize Radiant Fuchsia, MAC Flat Out Fabulous, MAC Heroine

Hollie compared this to NARS Schiap while Donna was reminded of NARS Funny Face. I have yet to see for myself.

I like this color a lot.  It’s one of those pinks that exude power more than cutesy-ness — it’s very woman boss. It’s the lipstick I wear when I don’t want to wear red but want to feel like I can take over the multiverse.

PS. I’m disappointed that Fixed On Drama was not made part of the permanent line.


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  3. I was looking up reviews on Flat out Fabulous 2 weeks ago and when I got to your review– I was sold. I loved the color on you so the following day I went to MAC to try it out. I love iiiiiiiiiiit. It’s like a girlier version of Rebel. I’ve been using Flat out Fabulous everyday since I got it haha

    • Haha, ang ganda no? May dupe sya sa L’Oreal. Moist Matte Glamour Fuchsia. :D Buti na lang di ko binili.

  4. oh nice theyre making it permanent na pala. All Fired Up is on my list <3
    i love your lipstick collection rae, especially the mac ones :)

  5. Ruby Woo is my favorite red lipstick ever! Flat Out Fabulous is a gorgeous, gorgeous shade. I’m glad to hear it’s permanent. :)

  6. Ang ganda! It looks so good on you! I think it’s more of a Funny Face than a Schiap according to your swatch. I have both kasi and the Schiap is slightly lighter.

    • Nakakacurious naman ang Funny Face, I might check that out soon. Thanks Dawn!

  7. This kinda reminds me of the MAC LE shade Silly with a hint of Heroine. Suits you really well! <3

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