I realized that last month’s non-haul didn’t mean anything after a friend told me ” ~but compared to the stuff you bought…”

Hehehe, oo nga naman.

But I’m glad I started this sort of series.  It’s amusing how most of my makeup cravings really do die when I let them stay longer in the wants list. Right, Tellie(Did you know that Tellie practices the x-month rule? I can’t remember if it’s 3 months or 6 months.   Nevertheless, she waits that long before buying anything. That girl is superwoman.)

Now for the list —


These have been in my wish list since forever. I’m quite surprised that I still haven’t impulsively bought at least one pencil in recent months given my love for matte lip colors. I’ve been eyeing Train Bleu, 413 BLKR, Cruella, Damned, Never Say Never, and Sex Machine.

I guess owning the Sonia Kashuk Velvet Matte Lip Crayons made me realize that I have an aversion to lip products that need sharpening. Seeing the ‘color’ being shaved off feels painful.

Unfortunately, crossing these out made my want for NARS’ conventional matte lipsticks stronger, e.g. Volga, Shanghai Express, Funny Face, etc.


I really loved my artist studio brushes ’til they shed on me. My favorites were the angled liner brush and the lip brush. The latter is still usable. I was going to get an additional 2 of each of those because I can’t not wash them every after use. Maybe it’s a good thing that they shed before I bought new ones.



These were an almost. I almost bought Pinstripe (and probably, Lace too). Being new to blushes, I find the stark dissimilarity between the colors in this line very appealing. They cost almost half as much as the NARS blushes and based on reviews, they’re not lacking in quality.

Crossing this out of the list was a case of destiny getting in the way. By that I mean, I stumbled upon several blog posts on Rouge Bunny Rouge Original Skin blushes and I realized that pigmentation is not always a good thing — if you’re not living under beauty universe rock, you would know that the instain blushes are BAM!!! PIGMENT!-blushes. For now, since I’m experimenting with how to shape blush on my face, I would much rather have something I can build up instead of sheer down.



Urban Decay Naked

Particularly the Naked that was up for sale at Carina’s blog. I saw it within the 30 minutes after the blog sale page was published.  I almost immediately asked for it to be reserved.  It’s already used, but in the photo, there’s hardly a dent on any of the pans.  It was a steal for Php 1,700.

I phoned Cheche to confirm if she thinks it was indeed a good deal, secretly hoping she’d talk me out of buying it.

It was going to be impulsive shopping at its finest but I recognized that right away, so I slept on it, thinking — if it’s still available the next day, it’s meant to be mine.

I woke up decided that I’d be getting it only to see this word — RESERVED.  Ouch.

After a good number of minutes picking up the pieces of my heart, I realized that I should be thankful someone snagged it first.  If I really wanted the Naked, I would already have one right now.

In the spirit of full disclosure: Makeup I bought this month — 4U2 matte lipstick in SHY 03, Bourjois cream to powder eyeshadow in blue tenebreux (I just picked this up from the post, but I bought it last month), NYX Wonder Pencil in Deep, NARS Sheer Glow Stromboli, and Nars Laguna Bronzer.


Hi, I’m Rae and I am a scatterbrain. I am in my 30s and I write in this blog from the Philippines. I spend a tiny portion of my time de-stressing with makeup and skin care. Email: scatterbraintures@gmail.com | Instagram: @scatterbraintures


  1. Delayed gratification? Yes, please! I must try this instead of impulse-buying my butt off. My salutations to Tellie. That’s willpower!

  2. mas magandang reasoning yun kesa sa x month :P. if you really wanted one, then you should’ve already had it. i’ll try to apply it in life lol :D

    • Hahaha, hindi effective sakin both. Hahaha, pero may nangyari recently na sobrang gumagana.

  3. NO to INSTAIN and Artist Studio Brushes (shed and scratchy after a few washes, most of them).

    YES to one red Velvet Matte Lip Pencil.

    MAYBE on the Naked palette if you don’t have a lot of neutrals yet. Heck, they say it’s THE neutral palette to own but then these are more on the shimmery side kasi. So if you’re into mattes more than shimmers, NO on this one na lang rin.

    • I am tempted to buy Viseart pero kasi, pang pro sya. Nahiya naman ang makeup skills ko para sa palette na yun.

  4. This post is such a great idea! You get the kick out of blogging about makeup without seeing the damage to your wallet. I might just start doing this; I’ll write down all the stuff I get urges to buy whenever I go by Sephora and then write about it. XD

    • I want to hear all about it. Those will be kind of like first impressions too. And are still helpful

  5. I have three of the Instain blushes that I grabbed during a flash sale. I quite like these but do agree that they are super pigmented. I apply them with a really fluffy brush (the elf Complexion Brush is a good one). Dab the brush in slightly (barely touching the blush and bristles) and you’re good to go. This isn’t a slap on and go kind of blush but I find that it lasts a lot longer than any of my other Tarte and Benefit blushes. The ones I have are matte and they don’t get splotchy. Packaging is really retro and cute; the mirror is handy for on the go touch ups of lipstick or something because your blush won’t need to ;). On the plus side, it’ll last forever!

    • You always have helpful tips to share. Which colors do you have? If I remember right Lace, Argyle(?), and Houndstooth are matte.

      • I have Toile, Houndstooth, and Swiss Dot. Toile and Houndstooth have a barely noticeable sheen in the pan but when applied onto my cheeks, I don’t see any kind of shine or sparkle, so I consider them mattes.

  6. Hold it in, girl! Hahaha! It’s the 3-month rule, and the way to remember it is: parang break-up lang… Only this time, you’re trying to move on from makeup, hihihi!

    I’m rooting for you to eventually buy Naked and NARS VMLP (I love my one and only Red Square!). I think those are great buys. Instain, you can do without.

    • I really wanted to get a few of the velvet mattes, but the sharpening!–no deal. I’m ok with sharpening for eye stuff but it’s a different case with lipsticks.

  7. I want to try the NARS lip pencils too but like you, I’m not too keen on sharpening lip products. :/ I really like the shade Lodhi pa naman. Huhu.

    • For some reason, your comments are being classified as spam :( Sorry, just saw this today. Anyway, I thought about that too, there are some colors in that line that I really like. But then, I’m sure there’s a similar color that would give me the same look.

  8. San mo nabili yung Bourjois? Stop rubbing your sheer glow in my face. :(( Haha gonna buy it na but I dont go to Rustan’s often.

    • I’m so happy. I’ve only bought one item this June. Crossing my fingers on complying with the limit list.

  9. Available sa BonMarche yung Naked 1. 2,500 lang. Haha! At marami rin akong gusto na NARS Matte Pencils huhu

    • Gusto ko rin pala yung Flower Lip Suede Velvet Lip Chubby. Yung kay Drew Barrymore. Gusto ko lang i-try. Kaso yung gusto kong shades – Berry-More and Mauve Over – out of stock sa BonMarche :(

      • Di-tasa din? May major gusto ako ngayon Estee Lauder Stay-in-Place in Stay Mauve. Baka yun na MLBB ko.

          • On Estee Lauder, on my sister-in-law, it looks like the bobbi brown cream matte, it’s matte pero may onting sheen. Or siguro para syang very low shine satin lipstick.

      • Where can you buy those dito sa philippines?:( i saw it sa youtube i think it’s better kesa sa revlon matte lip balms :(

        • Oh, I’m sorry you meant the pencils from flower. I’ve only seen them on bonmarchepage.com

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