So, this happened:

Artist Studio Brushes

My artist studio brushes started shedding. I bought all of these on the same day, some time last year. I’m not sure whether it’s the quality of the brushes or if I’m washing them wrong. Maybe both.


I don’t use warm water anymore because the last time I did that to wash an ELF studio brush, it shed like crazy.

I usually just lay it down to dry overnight. Then I store it upright in pencil holder fashion in the morning. I have a feeling that it could still be wet inside, near the neck of the brush where I can’t feel it. When I store it upright, the water could be seeping down and loosening up the glue.

But then, someone also left a comment on one of my instagram photos saying her artist studio angled flat top brush is shedding like crazy.

Googling for reliable makeup brushes now. Feel free to suggest investment pieces for (really) tiny-spaced lids. I need a blending brush, preferably small, tapered, and pointed. I’m eyeing Hakuhodo and Rae Morris, but I’m still looking for cheaper options. I have a Sigma E45 but it splayed and lost the point.

In other news, I think I’m getting better at eye makeup application.


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  1. Oh no! I got an artist studio foundation brush a couple of months ago. I guess only time will tell if it’ll start crazy-shedding. I don’t use it often though as I prefer to use my fingers in applying foundation… Love the charm vegan brushes. :)

  2. I’ve been using my Charm brush set for more than a year now and so far, so good. I don’t use them every day though so I just wash them thoroughly with warm water and clarifying shampoo every two weeks(?) then spot clean with either J&C Super Clean Solutions or Ellana Brush Cleaner every time I use them. :)

  3. Suesh brushes are great. I bought a set and I have had them for 3 years. But I don’t use them everyday since I have an alternative set. I also have a Real Techiques set that I find very fluffy and dries easily.

  4. Majority of my brushes are from Charm, they’re pretty reliable. I also own a couple from Etude House and E.L.F. studio (black handles), the flat top one from E.L.F. is my favorite. And Marionnaud–their professional brushes are good, except for the matte handles which get dirty and I cleaned it completely off eventually.

    • Thanks! I’ll check out Charm, definitely.

      I used to have those matte-handled marionnaud brushes. They’re like Nars, they melt eventually. :P

  5. I don’t think it’s you, though. Artist Studio isn’t really super reliable.

    In general, MAC brushes aren’t really small. I don’t suggest trying to make it work especially since MAC is a bit expensive and is not HG level naman.

  6. How about:

    MAC 224 tapered blending?


    MAC286 duo fibre tapered blending brush? (nasa wishlist ko toh lol)

    I don’t own a lot of brushes so I can’t tell. Most of my brushes are from MAC and they don’t shed. I keep them in a ~sleeping~ position. Never tried vertical kasi wala pa akong mahanap na magandang lalagyanan, lolz.

    Well, good luck!

    • Hahaha, i-pprolong ko na lang yung drying time. Parang wala akong space to lay them all down. :(

      Will check out 224, meron ba nun dito sa atin?

      PS. Thanks for the suggestions.

  7. Mine is starting to shed too. My sister is using real techniques brushes and they are still looking after more than a year of usage

    • That’s sad. I’m a little not sure if I should invest in brushes because I don’t have skills yet. I dunno. What do you think?

      • same here, so I usually buy brushes that are affordable so I don’t have to cry a river when I find them useless heheheh the priciest brush that I have right now is from ecotools and so far I’m only using the mini kabuki brush (which unfortunately is already dying) and the mini powder brush

        • Panong dying? Balak ko pa man din bumili ng ecotools kasi they’re cheaper and they have the same makers as real techniques. The cheap brush I can vouch for is nichido’s kabuki brush.

  8. Aw that sucks! I do have a good amount of Artist Studio brushes and none of them have shed so far. I just use clarifying shampoo and water to wash them. The brand I’m currently trying is Charm, which is pretty good to me so far.

    • I use liquid castile soap or Johnsons baby shampoo. There’s charm near the Ellana booth at the Ramp right? I’ve only checked out the face brushes.

  9. Hakuhodo and NARS are great. MAC ones don’t really shed but the bristles can be a bit poke-y. RealTechniques is a pretty great cheap option but I don’t know how well they hold up over the years.

    • Good thing I didn’t put makeup brushes in the ‘limit list’ hahaha.

      • I put my brushes on a ban, too. :( Hahaha I have a lot, but I have I think 3-4 kinds I’m “allowed” to buy

    • Will check that out. I have a feeling that it’s too big for me but I’ll give it a feel at the store. Thanks! How are your Zoeva picks?

      • The Zoeva Face Base brush is soooooooooo amazing! Super soft and no shedding! :D

        • Grabe, most of the eye brushes are out of stock. Tempted to apply for the bloggers package thing that I read from Bless My Bag.

          • Go for it! Tingin ko papasa ka naman dun. :) Lagi ngang nauubos yung Zoeve brushes dun. Tingin ko talaga, ok ang quality nila. :)

          • Nagpa-wait na lang ako. Parang di ko kaya ang free stuff keme. Pang-candid purchases lang ang writing skills ko.

    • I have a sonia kashuk travel brush set. D they haven’t shed yet. But I don’t like them, not sure if it’s just because they’re travel brushes. Help me shop in a few weeks?

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