What lip color do people think is more appropriate for the monsoon season? Is monsoon in the tropics the equivalent of autumn/winter in 4-season countries? If it is, then ladies, it’s time to bring out your plums, oxblood reds, and burgundies!

To be honest, the darkest of my lipsticks are never put on-hold in the summer months. I don’t care much for seasons. When I check out lipsticks, I tend to swatch the darkest colors first. Dark gets me excited.

Dark Lipstick Collection P1040568
Reference: Bare Lips
By the way, I have flu-like symptoms right now. But I bet you can’t tell because I’m wearing an awesome concealer pencil on my currently very red waterline. I also used it to cover up the redness around my nose. Check out the NYX Wonder Pencil, it’s awesome.

When I thought of writing this post, I forgot that I don’t have a ton of lipsticks anymore. As I pulled out the darkest lipsticks from my candle jar lipstick holder, I was surprised to find out that I only have three.

Dark Lipstick Collection P1040664
A result of ruthless de-stashing.
Dark Lipstick Collection P1040672
Nyx Siren, Bobbi Brown Crushed Plum, Colour Collection Plum Paradise
Dark Lipstick Collection P1040661
Crushed Plum, Siren, Plum Paradise

The least dark of the three is Colour Collecton Plum Promise Lipstick. It’s the only non-matte lipstick I have. I rarely wear this on the lips but when I do, I blot it with a tissue to take out the shine. This is kind of like the Revlon Balm Stains — when the lipstick wears off, it leaves an even reddish berry stain. I really like it as a cream blush because the stain it leaves lasts all day.

Dark Lipstick Colour Plum Paradise P10405851
Shiny Face + Shiny Lips

The second darkest is Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte in Crushed Plum. On arm swatches, it looks the same as Nyx Siren. On the face, they look different. Crushed Plum is lighter and more purple.

The Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte formula is the most comfortable matte lipstick formula I’ve ever come across. It has a little bit of sheen upon application (in the photo below, the sheen is exaggerated by the lighting), but it’s still pretty much matte, especially as the day goes on.

Dark Lipstick Crushed Plum P1040626
Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte – Crushed Plum |
Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s Kevyn Aucoin Candlelight

I used to have Wet ‘n Wild Vamp it Up, a blackened purple (that is said to be a dupe for MAC Cyber). It’s the darkest lipstick I’ve owned so far. I can audaciously wear it on non-halloween days and get a kick from confused faces. I don’t have it anymore because~ can’t remember~ I probably mentioned the reason here somewhere.

Right now, the darkest lipstick I have is the darkest shade in the Nyx matte lipstick line — Nyx Siren.

Dark Lipstick Nyx Siren P1040642
Feeling Kontrabida |

Siren is a hair deeper, bluer, and redder than Crushed Plum. I almost didn’t buy it because the tube looks like a frosty metallic burgundy plum. Good thing it doesn’t appear like that on the lips. I think they made it two-toned to give a 3D effect on the lips.

Dark Lipstick Nyx Siren P1040637
Nyx Siren (Seryoso na.)

If I had to keep just one, I’d choose Bobbi Brown. It’s weightless and its wear-time is forever (not really, but it’s the longest wearing lipstick I’ve tried). That said, I feel obliged to mention that in terms of color, I like Nyx Siren more. The darker the better? Maybe someday I’ll get Nars Train Bleu.

Before I end this…

SURPRISE!!! — this is a collab with Elaine and Becs!

I asked them to do this with me because they seem as comfortable with wearing dark lipsticks as I am. When we were setting things in motion, it turned out that all of us didn’t have a lot of dark lipsticks, haha, FAIL. But maybe you don’t really need a lot of dark lipsticks?

Anyway, check out their deepest darkest lipsticks (click the links below, pleeease, and comment if you like this type of thing):



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  1. Oh cool!, I remembered you asking me about the Bobbi brown creamy matte lipstick, so glad you liked it as much as I did! makes me want to buy more shades! hehe Crushed plum is really pretty, however I find the Nyx Siren more attractive on you.

    I do wear dark lipsticks too, but not as often as I want to. I recently bought mac rebel and mac craving lippies (both on the plumy dark side). hehe. I think the darkest lipstick I own is WetnWild Vamp It Up and Covergirl lip perfection in Enamour. I’m still planning on buying a deep dark red lippie, but not sure which one to get yet. though I have my eye on Mac Prince Noir or Mac Diva. Do you have any suggestion?
    Random Beauty by Hollie

    • I might get MAC Diva someday. I think I’m not the best person to ask because I always just buy mattes. Currently, I’m eyeing Rimmel 107, MAC Diva, and Bobbi Brown Red Carpet. :P

      I recommend Inglot 412 only if you’re ok with mac’s retro matte finish.

  2. Thanks for reminding me that I need plum-colored lipstick! I started wearing reds again though as soon as it started raining. The weather really had an impact on lipstick mood. ;)

  3. You make me want to purchase plum lippies :D

    felishmichelle.blogspot.com | Latest post: Propolis For Acne

    • Hi Mitch, sorry didn’t see your post. It went to spam because of the links. Anyway, go with plum lipsticks! They’re great.

  4. Nice collab! I love deep/dark lipsticks too but I think I have more reds and pinks. Hehe

    • I think I have more MLBB/Nudes recently, strange, I wear strong colors a lot.

  5. posts like this reminds me how i’m not very experimental with darker lipstick shades!! must search for deep shades and see if i can pull it off, too! :P

    • I have a feeling maninibago ka at first. You have a very childlike face :P

  6. I love them deep darks too!!! you definitely know what shade suits you best, Rae. Ganda ng mga to on you, they look perfect for your skintone pa.

    • I was going to ask you but I remembered your post re: Guerlain Orgueil :P

      Bilhin mo na Crushed Plum, it looked great when you tried it.

  7. NYX Siren on your kontrabida face. Sold ako. Kainis lang dahil ayaw sakin ng NYX mattes. Huhu

    Anyway, have you tried Merlot?

  8. NYX Siren is my fave on you. And I like the kontrabida look, hihihi! Your strong lips face is so much like mine (halos bare face) but your face looks more 3d than mine. Gandaaaa <3

    • Deym, should’ve asked you too, if you already have a post like this or if you’ll write one soon, I’d be happy to link you :)

      • Wala pa e but i’ll check if I have enough dark lipsticks to post. I have siguro 2-3! But my wishlist is loooooooooong haha

  9. Lakas maka angas-angasan tong mga dark lippies! :D So pretty to look at!
    I can never pull off dark lippies. Even dark reds, maroons (ay basta dark shade ng red! Hahaha) It’ll transform me from being 21yrs old to 31yrs old. -__-


    • Haha, natawa ako dito. Siguro kasi 31 na ako, kaya it doesn’t matter if it makes me look 31, hahahaha :D

  10. Agh! Your awesome smirk+that dark lippie = swoon! I myself have not yet tried that shade of lipstick yet; the darkest I have are dark or brick reds.

  11. Can I haz your flawless face? :( Everything looks good on you! Ganda lang! Di ba you have the Inglot one na parang dupe ng Heaux? :) Kala ko kasali sya dito, Hehe

    • Dapat isasali ko si Inglot 412 but it doesn’t give me that dark lipstick look. It gives the look that only red can give. :D

    • By the way, I was wearing a wash of foundation in the photos. I wasn’t feeling well and I have a few tiny pimples :)

  12. Your angas-angasan smirk is worthy of any Pinoy teledrama. I love dark lipsticks too, but just like you I don’t have a lot in my stash. :/ My fave is WetnWild’s Sugar Plum Fairy.


    • I want that color. I don’t buy rebel because it’s satin. Sana less shine tong si sugar plum fairy :D

  13. I have so much looooove for your kontabida face! Hehe. Grabe gusto ko rin yung Crushed Plum.

    I really enjoyed doing this collab!!!!!! Let’s do it again~ :D

  14. Ugh bakit ang bagay sayo nung ganitong shade? Haha! You don’t need anything else din, itong lipstick lang you look done na!

    PS. You’re making me want the highlighter!

  15. I’m one hour delayed, pero sige. Hahaha. Anyway, gusto ko yang Crushed Plum!!! I swatched it sa Megamall and fell in love! <3 Btw, love the kontrabida look :p

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