If Maleficent were Asian, had a round face, and hooded lids, this is how her makeup would look like… (Therefore, not Maleficent, not even close.)

Maleficent 2 P1040748
Not a Maleficent Makeup Look

I can’t just contour my cheeks, wear red lipstick, then call it a Maleficent makeup look, can I?

So, let’s just talk about what I did and where I went wrong. :P


First blunder: I did not wear mascara. Bwahahaha, this is too funny. I’m not used to wearing mascara so I forgot :D

Anyway, I should’ve intensified and winged out the eye shadow more. But I’m not sure if it’d make the look more Maleficent since my lid has a puff where a crease should be. When I was doing my eye makeup, I realized how small my lid space is.

Useless fact: the distance between my brows and the upper perimeter of my eyes is just a little over half of a centimeter. I don’t have enough space for swirls and twirls. Products used: the brown inglot rainbow pan and bobbi brown eye liner pencil.

Let’s move to my eyebrows — I’m wearing a black, not-so pigmented cream eye shadow from Pinkies Collection. I look strange when I wear brown brow products because my eyebrow hairs are super black, fat, and dense. I will forever stand by the belief that it’s ok to use black (and dark grey) brow products. My brows don’t look scouse, right? But it does look asymmetrical (Because I forgot [again???] to finish the other brow. Guess which one).


I wore NARS Sheer Glow (Stromboli) set with Ben Nye Luxury Banana Powder. Before this, I don’t think I’ve ever done a face this matte. Ever. Maleficent’s face seems velvetty matte in the movie, but I just can’t NOT put a highlighter on the cheekbones and on the bridge of my nose (Kevyn Aucoin Celestial Powder).

Speaking of nose — not bad for my first try at doing a nose line! After seeing how flat my face looked after putting on a med-full coverage foundation, I gave it a shot. I didn’t want to make my nose look slimmer or more defined. I just want to add back the definition. I feel so proud of myself. I think my nose still looks like Rae-nose. I used a greyish brown eye shadow from Jazzy Collection and the edge of ELF Flat Top powder brush. I like the effect it gave — the shadow looked really diffused.

I think I like contouring now.

The cheek contour, on the other hand, was also done using the same Jazzy eye shadow and the edge of ELF flat top powder brush. I blended the contour downwards using Marionnaud N38 blush brush. I didn’t do the fishy face because that technique doesn’t work for my anatomy. When I do the fishy face, I end up with a very low shade that looks like a streak of mud.

Wearable Maleficent Makeup Look
Attempt at annoyed-looking, villainy facial expression.


I used MAC Kiss Me Quick lip pencil all over my lips but it looked too bright — as bright as Ruby Woo but a little less ruby red. I mixed in a super thin layer of Nyx Siren to deepen up the red a little bit. Anyway, do you find Angelina’s lipstick in the movie quite deeper compared to MAC True Love’s Kiss? I expected the lipstick to be somewhat of a matte slightly blackened red, but True Love’s Kiss looked bright and would probably fit Snow White more.

* * *

I didn’t expect that I would enjoy doing this, I meant, taking time actually savoring (?) makeup application. It’s a very calming activity. Better than yoga, for me.

P.S. Check out Elaine’s Maleficent-inspired FOTD (and all her other FOTDS!).


Hi, I’m Rae and I am a scatterbrain. I am in my 30s and I write in this blog from the Philippines. I spend a tiny portion of my time de-stressing with makeup and skin care. Email: scatterbraintures@gmail.com | Instagram: @scatterbraintures


  1. Just trawling through some of your older posts and stumbled across this.
    LOVE it, you look stunning Rae. The lip is terrific but it’s your eyes that I think look even better, they smoulder!

  2. Nice! I like what you did with the contour of your nose. Sadly, I don’t know how to apply makeup. I just like reading about it (even if I don;t get the effects on the skin) hahahah

    • Haha, it’s ok :p I think I’m reading blogs more for entertainment than as reference

  3. i got the maleficent vibe! and rae you look super pretty on these photos talaga, by far my fave look on you :)
    i can relate with having puffy lids, thats the main reason why i dont feel strongly about eyeshadow makeup / looks, kase the look disappears naman when i look straight into the camera :(

  4. At first look, reminded me of Mulan, her disney-princess look (not her kabuki look!). But probably its because you mentioned “asian”. .. it’s so hard to pull off the maleficent look for us asian. :(

    • Googled a few images. You’re right! If I toned down the red a little bit, it’s a Mulan look.

  5. Second photo is FIERCE. You should do MOAR FOTDS! Enjoyed this one thoroughly!

  6. my guess is your right eyebrow? hehehe.. I’m so proud of you! nagawa mo ung eyeshadow… ang galing galing! kaya lng bat nman walang mascara? i need an explanation. char! :)

  7. Damn guuuurl. You look so pretty!!! I love the lips on you! This is like a toned-down Maleficent look that’s perfect for everyday wear :)

    • Oh no… Ito na yung all out ko Becs. Di ko kaya tong gawin everyday. PS Thanks for finding the look purty.

  8. The contour is so perfect, and I am guessing the undone brow is the left one? Haha. Nanghula talaga eh noh! :D

    • Yay! Thank you. Feeling ko isa yan sa mga biggest accomplishments ko in life. Hahahaha.

    • Thank you! I rarely do that angle :P I just want to show the contouring on the cheeks.

    • I took a little bit of tips from your Rebecca Minkoff look some posts ago.

  9. i love this post Rae! i’m laughing the entire way through – makeup definitely calms me better than yoga! i want to do a look like this also but i don’t think any amount of contouring can get me Maleficent-like/not a Maleficent-like cheekbones right now. it’s just so hard to stop eating :D

    • You and me both. I saw a photo of Angelina in non-maleficent makeup and I realized that they worked with her natural facial features (which I don’t have).

      • Angelina’s bone structure = <3 i want a lipstick shade like yours here na. i dont think i have one haha (or i'm just making an excuse but i can't coz i'm on a baaaaaaaan)

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