Recently, I’ve been feeling like I already have A LOT of makeup. But when I took an inventory of my stuff, I realized that the only product that I own an unreasonable number of is foundation (and maybe eyeshadows — I relatively have few, I think, but since I seldom wear them, I consider them a lot.)

Since I’m really good at rationalizing my makeup purchases, I’m better off setting hard rules than arbitrary guidelines (no buts).

I already did something like this more than a year ago but my rules were too tight (e.g., 3 lipsticks at a time? Uhmm, yeah, riiight.)

Starting June 2014, I have a new rule: I’m only allowed two product purchases a month (regardless of price). It’s still quite a stringent rule but it comes with an exception (of course). I’m allowed to buy one more IF I’m below these numbers.


The achievable count would be:

FIVE = 1 cream + 1 medium-full coverage liquid + 1 sheer liquid + 2 powder foundations (or any combination as long as I keep it to 5)

I could’ve brought it down to three but who am I kidding.

Foundation Wants List:

  1. L’Oreal True Match Super Blendable (4.5 Fresh Beige)
  2. NARS Sheer Matte (Stromboli)
  3. Maybelline Fit Me (220 or 250, not sure what my shade is yet)
  4. Urban Decay Nake Foundation (I think I could be #4)
  5. Any of the Becca face bases with the shade Olive

Note: Tinted Moisturizers and BB Creams are counted as foundations.

Current Stash = 7

Foundation and Powder Collection

FACE POWDERS (i.e., setting, finishing, blotting, and over-all highlighting powders)

I don’t set my foundation with powder. I used to think I’m extremely oily but I have a feeling that I rate ‘moderate’ in the oily skin spectrum. I’m very tolerant with shine on my face, as long as I don’t look sweaty. I think that the contrast between shiny face + matte everything else is acceptable.

I probably only need 1, but I’m not ready to give up on over-all enhancing/ highlighting powders yet. So, for now, I’d say:

TWO = 1 legit blotting and/ or setting powder + 1 over-all highlighting powder

Face Powders Wants List:

  1. Guerlain Meteorites (not decided on which one yet)
  2. Chanel Les Beiges Health Glow Powder
  3. Ben Nye Banana Powder (the pressed version); I have the loose powder which can be inconvenient sometimes.
  4. Bobbi Brown Retouching Powder (the yellow one)
  5. MAC Blot (Medium-Dark)
  6. MAC Mineralized Skin Finish (Medium-Dark)

Current Stash = 3


I think I can live off just one in this category — preferably a bronzer product. On contouring — I’m not quite sure why I ‘must’ want more prominent cheek bones or why it is the look to go for. I’m also not sure if I want to make my face look more slim or sculpted. I just don’t want to look flat.

For the sake of having one of each, the magic number will be:

TWO = 1 bronzer + 1 contour product

Bronzer/ Contour Product Wants List:

  1. Sonia Kashuk Undetectable Creme Bronzer (Rich Bronze)
  2. Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder (Medium)
  3. Soleil Tan De Chanel (is that still the name?)
  4. Nyx Taupe Blush

Curent Stash = 1 (NARS Laguna)

Blush and Bronzer Collection


Aaaah, this one’s tricky. I’ve only recently started really using and exploring blushers. So, I don’t know. Maybe 6 should be enough?

SIX = 3 cream blushes + 3 powder ones (plum, lilac pink, something neutral, something corally or peachy).

Blush Wants List:

  1. Rouge Bunny Rouge Original Skin Blush (Gracilis, en route)
  2. NARS Sin or The Balm Instain Pinstripe
  3. Revlon PhotoReady Cream Blush (the berry-ish shade)
  4. Illamasqua Cream Blusher (Laid and Libido)

Current Stash = 5

HIGHLIGHTERS (excl. Finishing Powders)

Highlighters are like concentrated pieces of the galaxy and they take forever to finish. So I’m keeping —

TWO = 1 champagne + 1 ivory

Current Stash = 2


These are my most neglected makeup stuff. My brows are quite bushy and I shape them on my own with a razor. I think I’m satisfied with the shape I come up with. I don’t feel the need to define them on a day-to-day basis.

With eyeliners, I don’t use them in the way they are usually used. I always make a smudged line instead of a sharp and precise line.

I think I only need one of each.

TWO = 1 eyeliner and 1 eyebrow product

Current Stash = 1 eyebrow pencil and 4 liners

Eyebrow Product and Eyeliner Wants List:

  1. Anastasia Brow Pomade (Ebony)
    I think this doubles up as an eyeliner too.
  2. Shu Uemura Hard Pencil
  3. The grey retractable brow pencil from Tony Moly
  4. Kanebo Kate Slim Gel Liner in Brown
  5. Maybelline Color Tattoo (Tough as Taupe)


I guess I’m good with what I have right now. I’m realizing that palettes are awesome and they already cover my eyeshadow needs, more or less.

I guess, for now, I’m ok with:

THREE+ = 2 neutral palettes + 1 slightly more colorful palette (+ a few singles if I run out of my most used colors from the palette, and maaaybe MAC Club)

2014-05-23 04.00.52

Current Stash = 3 palettes (is Inglot counted as a palette?)


I’m not a mascara wearer because I always poke my eyeballs/contact lenses when I try. Seriously.

I currently have one (probably) expired tube which means I technically don’t have mascara right now.

I guess ONE is enough.

Fairy Drops Mascara

Mascara Wants List:

  1. Maybelline Great Lash
  2. Fashion 21 Double Up Mascara (or is it Nichido)


I’m currently maintaining an arbitrary number of lipsticks. As long as they still fit my candle jar, I feel like I don’t have too much.

2014-05-27 04.52.06

I think I have about 20. But I’m letting go of 4 tubes that I think I will never pick up.

Lipsticks Wants List:

  1. Melt Lipstick (6Six6 and Shady Lady)
  2. Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte (Razzberry, Red Carpet, Jenna, Tawny Pink, and Hot)
  3. NARS Matte Lip Products (Mascate [this’ll be a repurchase], Never Say Never, Sex Machine, Schiap, BLKR, and a lot more)
  4. Kevyn Aucoin Matte Lip Color(s)
  5. Tom Ford Black Orchid

Lipstick Rule: Don’t buy any more tubes if they won’t fit in the candle jar anymore.


I don’t have a problem keeping the numbers that low. I have mad de-stashing skills. My main problem is shopping itself. I can easily let go of 5 lipsticks and purchase another 5. What’s the point in that? I had to put a limit to the number of products I shop for regardless of the number of products I tossed, emptied, or gave away. So, I’m not allowed to buy more than 3 makeup items a month regardless of the amount of stuff I have.

Credit to Liz of Beauty Reductionista for this idea :)


Hi, I’m Rae and I am a scatterbrain. I am in my 30s and I write in this blog from the Philippines. I spend a tiny portion of my time de-stressing with makeup and skin care. Email: | Instagram: @scatterbraintures


    • Yay! Hope you’ll write about it too. I want to see what’s in your collection.

  1. If you’re talking about the Revlon Cream Blush in 18 Berry Flirtatious, I think it’s an okay blush. It is a bit dry compared to the Josie Maran Argan Sticks but mine is still creamy after having it for almost a year (the Josie Maran one kind of dried up in 3 months–I’m removing the top layer constantly to access the fresh layer underneath; breaks my heart to have to get rid of a limited-edition product). It has a dusty, lemon-y scent but once I apply it, I can’t smell it anymore. The color isn’t very pigmented so you’d have to build it up. Lasting power is so so but I think it’s perfect for new cream blush users as it is very blendable if you apply too much. On my normal cheeks, I find that it lasts 5-6 hours (my cheeks are rosy underneath anyway) if I set it with a translucent face powder. The compact is bulky but there’s a mirror included; you press the button and the mirror literally shoots out–makes me feel like Inspector Gadget or something LOL.

    The other cream blush in 200 Flushed is pretty nice. It’s in a compact jar packaging. It hasn’t dried out on me either. The color is quite bright but it’s not very pigmented if you apply with your fingers. I like to use a stipple brush to apply and blend the color out. It creates a believable pink flush that looks like you’ve been outside running around.

    Both have a silicone-y texture, which is probably why they’re so easy to blend. They aren’t pigmented but I think they create a very natural, believable flush to the cheeks.

    The L’Oreal foundation is one of my favorite drugstore foundations. I like applying it with a Beauty Blender to sheer it out as I over apply foundation all the time. Since it doesn’t have a pump, I constantly pour out too much so having the BB is handy. You will need a primer like the POREfessional or something to fill in your pores because this will sink into them. Right now, my skin is normal on my forehead and cheeks but slightly dry on my nose and chin but this foundation didn’t cling to the dry spots or get oily in my normal zones. Foundation tends to break up on me in around 3-4 hours because of my massive oil factories but this one surprisingly did not get oily until 6 hours in and even then, I only used 1 oil blotting sheet instead of 3! I didn’t even use a setting powder because it felt dry on its own in 15 minutes. When my skin is combination-oily, it definitely needs a powder to set or else it will start to move around my face and get patchy. There is a difference between the one that comes in a bottle without a pump and the one that does come in a pump; from some international blogs and Youtubers I follow, it isn’t very good at all. The other one that comes in a pump, TrueMatch Lumi Foundation, is different from the pump foundation I’m talking about and that one is nice too. I find it lighter than the Super Blendable yet still gives me good coverage for my minor redness and post-acne hyperpigmentation. I do notice a bit more glow than the Super Blendable but I usually set my foundations with the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder which eliminates most of the glow (I prefer a matte, sometimes satin, finish most of the time).

    The Maybelline Color Tattoos are some of my favorites (even beating out MUFE Aqua Creams for me) cream eyeshadows. However, I find that Tough as Taupe was dry and hard to blend out in comparison to the other ones I have. It might’ve been that I got a bad one but the matte ones I’ve encountered all have that issue. If I were to recommend one (or two), I really like Barely Branded to use underneath my matte eyeshadows to give them a luminescence or using it as an inner corner highlight (It’s quite pigmented so a little goes a long way) and Inked in Pink, which is a metallic pink that works just as well as the MUFE Aqua Cream in 16 Pink Beige (Inked in Pink is a darker, redder pink) and looks great as a base for my Naked 3 eyeshadows. Some people use the Tough as Taupe as an eyebrow pomade or eyeliner but mine is just too hard to get any color out.

    Whoo, this is such a long comment (thanks for reading it all!) but I really had a lot to say about some of these items xD

    • Wow, just finished reading this. Thanks for the recommendations. Will cross out tough as taupe now.

      The one I like from Revlon is enchantment which is quite berry-plummish, and you’re right, most of what I sampled are not very pigmented which I think I prefer right now, don’t have the skills yet.

  2. I am a makeup addict but limited to eyebrow, faux lashes, eyeliners and lipsticks. Hahaha I am slowly building up my collection But I think I got overboard with my lipstick hoarding!
    This is great though for people who don’t have a system in buying makeup. Publish na’to sa newspaper! Hahahaha

  3. Haha good luck! :D I find having rules really helpful because I haven’t been shopping lately. I go on a “Do I really want THIS to be my ONLY blush purchase until an indefinite amount of time?” So, it makes me less crazy grabby.

  4. Hindi nga talaga nag post comment ko kanina. Pffft. Anyway, nahilo ako sa rules mo. Whew! Basta ko bili lang ng bili. Bahala na si Batman. Rich ako e! Hahaha chos

  5. I have a very disorganized mind, so I have no idea where to start my clearing of cosmetics. You on the othet hand have it all figures out. Its like a science with you! I will maybe start with my lipsticks. Since that is my thing and go from there. Thanks Rae

    • It is kind of like science and math with me and I feel like most beauty bloggers are either crafters or painters or designers… basta the artist types. My brain is very disorganized too. I have to force myself to follow a system or structure, otherwise sobrang gulo and I get overwhelmed with information (that’s why the blog’s title is scatterbraintures :P)

      Start with one type of product and see where it goes :D

      • I don’t really like systems. Too lazy for follow anything. Will be posting my lipstick stuff next week coz that is where I have such a large excess that my husband asked why I needed so much.

  6. I have a very disorganized mind, so I have no idea where to start my clearing of cosmetics. You on the othet hand have it all figures out. Its like a science with you! I will maybe start with my lipsticks. Since that is my thing and go from there.

  7. I don’t want to think about my stash until I put up my blog sale. I’m doing a first wave and second wave because I’m still pretty anxious to let go of anything.

    Anyway, about Ben Nye Banana: I think a lot of people don’t know what they’re talking about when they rave about it. I hope you’ve tried it or can swatch from a friend. I find that it only looks pretty on deep skin like Kim K’s but it doesn’t do much for medium morena. I went up a shade (Buff) thinking it will help but it seems to do nothing, still. I might go up one more after the sale.

    • I have the ben nye loose powder and I like it :) I want the pressed version because it’s less messy. I guess the really yellow-olive people will find it a good product. On those leaning towards neutral, it will be a hit or miss.

    • Hello dear! I have Banana, Cameo and the Neutral Set one. The Luxury Powders (Banana, Buff, Cameo, etc.) are actually meant to be “cooked”. So for Kim K’s case, they let it sit on her undereyes then just dust and blend the excess off afterwards. If you are looking for a setting powder, go for the Neutral Set. :)

      • I have banana and I like it. I just like the pressed version for convenience :)

        I like it over sunblock to counter ashiness because most of my sunblocks are zinc oxide based :D Try it :P

  8. I want the Melt 6six6 too! Where to buy dear?

    And for mascara, if you can find Pixy Cosmetics, go for that one. :D

    • Di ko nga alam e :( It’s out of stock in the US site, so kahit magpreorder wala pa din

      • Lipstick All U Can is having pre-order for these lippies, I love Shady Lady, Darling and Summer. Sana may 6six6 din.

        • If you want shady lady too, mupstore has it on hand, along with Belladona, DGAF, and the more outrageous colors :( Yung 6six6 pa yung wala, huhuhuhu

  9. I need to this also – do an inventory, de-stash, make a wish list that I cross at least 90% off… Yay for discipline! :D

  10. Galing nito, sobrang organized nga. Parang ang sarap gawin pero hindi ko alam kung paano ko sisimulan. Hahaha

    • Nakapag-imbentaryo kasi ako when I did the #10daysofbeauty tag. Dumali tuloy.

    • No! Yours is. Hahaha. I missed concealer though. Sama ko na lang sa foundation count. Nga pala, it’s the end of May. Update please!

        • Oi ha, sabi mo kaya sa post, if none was purchased for the month, it will be stated as well. Hahaha. I read every single word :P

        • I can’t tomorrow girl. Meron na akong commitment with a friend + work til 11pm :(

  11. I love the organization of all this! It’s a system! Very inspiring, maybe I should do something like this to prevent further impulse buys. I would actually recommend Clinique mascaras, they are what I’m using nowadays.

    • True, I was mindblown when I saw this system from the Beauty Reductionista. It makes sense and it’s very doable.

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