There was a time when I didn’t own any nude-y neutral lipstick and it kept me from wearing colorful eyeshadows. Is that too OC? I’m not yet skilled enough to make a strong colored lip and eye makeup work.

I thought that a brown neutral matte is the way to go. I spent several weeks choosing between Taupe and Velvet Teddy. I ended up buying the latter first. I was afraid that Taupe was too dark a brown.

MAC Taupe Lipstick No Lipstick P1040517Bare Lips/ Face

I was at my lightest when I first wore velvet teddy and it looked ok, but when I got a little darker, it made me look sickly so I disposed of it right away. For reference, I have medium yellow-olive skin (I match with MAC NC37; but NARS Stromboli is closest to my skin tone).

I bought Taupe soon after, and I like it more. But it’s not staple lipstick-material.

MAC Taupe Swatch

MAC says Taupe is a muted reddish-taupe brown. That’s a pretty accurate description looking at the color from the bullet. But my skin color somehow brings out a warm rusty orange tone in the lipstick that I didn’t expect. It doesn’t look totally off but I’d prefer if it looks on me as it does on the tube. From googling, I found out that some of my fellow greenish very-yellow ladies experienced the same thing.

MAC Taupe Hand Swatch P1040525

Lipsticks have a knack for looking a different color on my face (e.g., Mehr, which is supposed to be a dirty blue pink, looks slightly peachy on me and not blue at all).

MAC Taupe Lipstick FOTD P1040519MAC Taupe + Bare Face

I hope I was able to catch the rusty orange, but as I said, the lipstick doesn’t look off — AND, if I can wear it with a brick red top, it’s neutral enough. I can see myself finishing the tube but I’m likely to look for another lipstick that will look truly muted reddish-brown.

P.S. Notice anything different? I went to the optometrist to update my prescription and got clear contacts, finally. I’m still getting dizzy with my eyeglasses because my left eye is +4.00 and my right is +1.00. 

My lips don’t get dry, so my opinion on this lipstick being ‘not drying’ is irrelevant.


Hi, I’m Rae and I am a scatterbrain. I am in my 30s and I write in this blog from the Philippines. I spend a tiny portion of my time de-stressing with makeup and skin care. Email: | Instagram: @scatterbraintures


  1. hi rae! i looks a little bit diff on you here (warmer) compared to victoria’s swatch (more nude) but both pretty pa din :) naintriga na talaga ako with this shade haha. i hope we have it here in alabang to swatch.

    • Becs has deeper skin tone :) On me it does come off warm and rusty. On even lighter skin tones, reddish brown naman :D

  2. I see the “rusty” part of this lipstick but not the orange. I’ve also experienced lipsticks na ang ganda ng color sa tube pero kapag nasa lips mo nag-iba na. Like Creme in Your Coffee — I bought it based on Temptalia’s swatch. It looks more brown on me than any swatches I found online and doesn’t pull any pinks, which I like if I’m in a mood for it.

    • Really wish I’ve read reviews of this. Most people with my coloring found it rusty too :(

        • I wonder what you’ll think about it… Di ko makuha sa camera e, pero may pagka-kalawang tone sya.

          Nga pala, sinet-aside ko yung Maze Runner, sinimulan ko na Seven Wonders :P

          • Heh natawa naman ako sa kalawang tone! It doesn’t look kalawangish on you naman sa pictures. It’s a nice MLBB color :)

            Hindi ko pa nauumpisahan yung Tomb of Shadows kasi tinatapos ko pa yung two episodes ng Fargo. Haha

  3. This is an interesting take on MLBB. Ganito pala MLBB ng medium olive. I’d love to wear something like this but it’s gonna look too vampy on me, I bet. I’d love to find a muted enough brown (not nude) for me!

    • This kind of color can make you look old, I think. On Becs this is a good nude naman.

  4. I love how you do your face shots. Law of thirds no? But that stark white background, plus a face shot is really striking to me. Regarding the color, I think it looks pretty good on you, but I can understand that there are some nuances that might not be that visible on photos.

    • Hehehehe, just googled ‘law of thirds’. I do the “crop the photo until selfie arm disappears” technique. And I end up with my face on the right of a 4×6 frame :D

      That stark background is our door :D

      On the lipstick, yup, it doesn’t look bad. I’m just OC because I know I can only allow myself a few lipsticks.

    • Oh you… Thanks! My skin’s been doing well the past recent years + my camera is too low-tech to capture details :D

  5. I can never get what kind of nude lipstick to wear. I have.medium dark skintone.and I look very eye.poping colors so I rarely wear.light lipsticks. I am trying out fun eyeshadows so.maybe I should try a.nude,.but.which shade. Colors colors…sigh I love being a girl.

    • Joey! Try this. I’ve seen reviews of this from people of medium-dark to dark coloring over at makeupalley. And they say this is the perfect nude, on me it’s more like an mlbb-type lipstick. :)

    • Awww, thanks. That’s the best my skin has been since I got adult acne in my 20s. But it may also be the camera. Only using a point and shoot and it doesn’t get the details well (or I just don’t know how).

  6. Have you tried MAC Chili? Baka it will suit you din! Or maybe you need to layer something over this color to counter the rusty orange? Kaso ang trabaho no haha

    I think I finally found my perfect nude – MAC Patisserie!

    • Really annoyed that lipsticks are not coming out on me the way they look on the tube and most people

  7. chechejacela Reply

    My opinion on nude lipsticks still stands… Why wear them if it doesn’t show color? I’d rather wear lipgloss/lipbalm. :p

    • Haha, well, yung tunay na lips ko ay sobrang putla. So may color pa din :p Pero mas exciting talaga ang happy colors

  8. I have yet to find my nude brown from MAC. (Currently collecting colorful lipsticks from them since it’s summer. Hahaha) Taupe looks ok on you!

    Maybe this can help,
    I check swatches on youtube because it gives out the colors more than on photos. Am I making any sense? Hahaha Also, check for more swatches from MAC. I have this on my bookmark bar. Hahaha

    • Thanks! Will check them out. I check out youtube vids of people who uses nars stromboli :p Lipstick colors really translate differently on greenish-yellow skin :p

      • I know! Though I’m not yellow on my face (but really really yellow below the neck. wth hahaha) and most lipsticks come off differently on each person talaga. Proven and tested.

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