I remember saying that I won’t buy this again. But can you blame me? A tube only costs 50 php and it didn’t sink in to me that this is just a renamed and repackaged tube of their old tinted moisturizer.

Myra E VitaGlow BB Cream Tube

The smell, texture, and finish is the same as the old one but the ingredients listed are not exactly the same (rearranged maybe?).

Myra E VitaGlow BB Cream Ingredients

And — as if the sparkle situation wasn’t bad enough in the previous release, they decided to add more. WHHHYYY???

Myra E VitaGlow BB Cream Peasize

The sparkles can now be seen in any lighting situation. With the old one, you can only see them in fluorescent light.

Note: My phone camera couldn’t capture the smaller specks, so, just imagine that there’s a mini-galaxy of various sizes of shimmer on the back of my hand. It gets worse if you try to build up coverage — it’s like 3D shimmer :D

Myra E VitaGlow BB Cream

I highly recommend this to those who are going to a Twilight-themed costume party some time in October, if Twilight is still relevant. I’m telling you, no other bb cream can give you that much shimmer. Serious question: Do all vampires sparkle?

I hope they consider making a VitaMatte variant. I’m sure there’s a sizable market for us who do not dream of becoming Edward Cullen’s wife.

P.S. If you still wish to try this, I’m going to try to dissuade you one more time — spend your 50 pesos on something else, e.g., McDonald’s Cookie Butter-flavored McFlurry OR add another 50 and get the Maxi-Peel Concealing Cream instead.



Hi, I’m Rae and I am a scatterbrain. I am in my 30s and I write in this blog from the Philippines. I spend a tiny portion of my time de-stressing with makeup and skin care. Email: scatterbraintures@gmail.com | Instagram: @scatterbraintures


  1. Sayang I mean why put shimmers or glitters on a BB Cream? I don’t know what’s their definition of BB Cream, to the makers of this not so awesome product. Kaya pala ng sale ng 50 pesos… Quite surprising BB cream for 50 bucks?! hehe.. I have respect for Myra E pa nman…

    • The regular price is 99, I think. I read of someone who used this as a highlighter :P

      • i have bought one nun Sunday sa Watsons Megamall, 99Php nga cia.. Bmli din ako nun QuickFX No Shine Mattifier, try ko parehu kung okay…hehe

  2. i got a little burnt mark on my face beacuse of this stupid product, I regreted buying this!~

  3. Oh no, only douche-y companies release old products in new packaging. :( Will definitely go for the ice cream instead!!! On another note, how is the maxipeel concealing cream? Any reviews?

    • Maxipeel Concealing Cream has limited color selection too. It makes you sweat a little during the first few minutes after applying but you’d still look presentable after patting off the sweat with a tissue. The scent is quite strong. It’s an ‘ok’ product, but I’d only recommended for people who don’t need a lot of coverage. :) It’s kind of like Myra E without the shimmer.

  4. genzelkisses Reply

    Ohh my gulay! parang shimmer powder hahaThanks for the review Rae! I’ve been seeing this pa naman on IG and FB these days.

    • I’m curious what they’d think about it. Because my tube is really sparkly.

    • Ok, I just learned about this word “ratchet” when I read about Solange and Jay Z hahaha.

    • Could be.

      There’s nothing written on the label. I think this was a wrongfully executed “glow”. :D

  5. Hahahaha Twilight hahaha! I read and actually like the books but despise the movies. And wait lang, BB cream ba talaga ito o highlighter? Yung totoo?

    • Parang BB Cream poser hahaha. Ibig sabihin ba nun na-catfish ako? Yun ba ang gamit ng term na “catfish”?

      This should be named Myra VitaSparkle. :D

    • I like vampire stories in general. :D But it doesn’t mean I also want to walk around looking like them. Hahaha.

      • What is catfish (I know it’s hito) even huhuhu matanda na ba ko at di ko na alam ang mga terminologies na ito? -_- Mag submit tayo ng proposal na palitan ang name to VitaSparkle :p Also, who wants to look like a freaking vampire? They’re too pale. And in the case of Twilight vampires, they’re too pale AND too sparkly. Hahaha

        • Mali pala ang usage. Here’s what catfish means (from Urban Dictionary) – A catfish is someone who pretends to be someone they’re not using Facebook or other social media to create false identities, particularly to pursue deceptive online romances.

        • I like Robert Pattinson. I admire his being a minimalist. He prefers to live in a small apartment and live a simple life sans superfluousness. But, of course, it’s not very ideal to live in a random apartment in the city when you’re a famous actor.

          • Yeah. Even though he’s a millionare now he still drives an old beat up Ford. I think he belittles himself too much though.. i agree that he needs to be bit more secure. Cuz I’d stalk him like a mofo when I see him hehehehe :)

  6. I had the same problem with the Étude House BB Cream, satin finish with shimmer, clearly I am not the shimmer type. I now stay away from BB creams and will stick to matte foundations. Am too old to be shimmering. I guess now we know why they slashed the price. If it’s tinted moisturizer I suggest the Laura Mercier if you haven’t tried it yet.

  7. That bad, huh? Lol. I used to use that before, but it wasn’t all that shimmery. I used it everyday and no one ever really commented or asked if I was going for a Twilight vampire look.

    • Just found out that this was initially 99 php, and now it’s at 50 php. I guess because it’s that bad :P

      • Ouchie. Haha. I guess no one’s buying. They should just get rid of the shiny stuff. It’s actually okay if not for that.

        • Their marketing folks are probably living under internet rock. They should be googling product reviews for this, right?

          • True. For a huge company (Unilab) they seem quite oblivious to product reception and feedback.

  8. I haven’t encountered a shimmery BB cream yet. They are serious about the “glowing” written on the packaging. lol.

  9. Oh gosh the sparkle is still visible with your phone camera’s photos. I was a Twihard in middle school but I don’t think this will fly at my early morning job xD

    • Yeah, I’m fascinated by vampire stories but that doesn’t mean I’d want to look like them :p

  10. Wahaha the twilight angle is hilarious! I’m pretty ok the myra tinted moisturizer though (I think I have the old variant/tube) even though I did notice the sparkle effect as well.

    • Hahaha, got that from the husband, he once told me para daw akong si Edward Cullen. In denial kasi ako na hindi ako sparkly. That was with the tinted moisturizer

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