Using tretinoin everyday for Week 3 was a success.

I did modify the routine because that time of the month came in week 3.

I alternated Stieva A with VMV Superskin 3 Toner (Clindamycin Phosphate + Tretinoin Solution). I usually get 1 – 2 tiny pimples during my period. I still broke out with a pimple but as of this writing, it’s gone.


Stieva A Routine

Cream Cleanser > Olay Serum (Niacinamide) > Double-tap instagram photos for 15 minutes > Apply Stieva A

VMV Superskin 3 Toner Routine

Cream Cleanser > VMV Toner (sprayed on a cotton pad) > Apply Olay Serum (Niacinamide) > Double-tap instagram photos forever

Using tretinoin seems very complicated at first, but once you get the hang of it, it could simplify your skin care routine. I just use 3 products at night — to cleanse, treat, and moisturize (4 if I add my amusement product — twitter or instagram).

In the mornings, I only use 2 skin care products — a cream cleanser and a sun protection something. Since I’m extra-lazy, my face base also doubles as a sun protection product (Disclaimer: If I know that I’m not going to stay indoors all day, I use legit sun protection. Also, there’s no window where I work and I’m not directly under artificial light, so don’t be too worried about my DGAF about sunscreen attitude. Stressing about sun protection causes pre-mature aging too, you know.)

Moving on…

Same as week 2, I still haven’t experienced redness or irritation and peeling was still very minimal. There were no visible flakes on my face and I didn’t see tiny white specks of skin when I wore dark-colored clothes.

For Week 4, I’m continuing to use tretinoin every day. This time, I’ll just use the Stieva A cream.

Other stuff:

I just confirmed that the Clindamycin + Tretinoin variant of the Superskin toners has been phased out. They’re using the mandelic acid active ingredient now.

Also, I used Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation with SPF 15 PA++ as my sun protection product in Week 3 and my face didn’t get darker. I’m using something else in Week 4 (Surprise surprise!)

P.S. Depending on the progress of Week 4, I’m considering making monthly updates instead.


Hi, I’m Rae and I am a scatterbrain. I am in my 30s and I write in this blog from the Philippines. I spend a tiny portion of my time de-stressing with makeup and skin care. Email: | Instagram: @scatterbraintures


  1. I agree at first talaga ng gamit ng Tretinoin Cream nakakawindang… Yung first 4 weeks ko gamit nun chaka ng face ko but as more weeks passed by gumganda na.. Ngaun lagpas 3 mos. ko na gngamit ung tretinoin I’m getting the hang of it. Prang wla nlng… Part na ng routine ko. Kampante pa ko khit mgkapimple ako before my period since meron ako nito I know hindi mgging worst ung face ko…

    • True, ito na ang bida sa skin care routine ko. Nagpapalit ako nang lahat: cleanser, moisturizer, etc. Pero di nawawala tretinoin.

  2. My dermatologist prescribed me a clindamycin toner first time na pumunta ako sa knya due to my acne last Feb. ksma nun tretinoin cream, dko bnli kc wla ako budget. 300 or 350 ata cia…mgnda ba yung clindamycin toner? my skin is doing well naman na compare nun bago ako pumunta sa derma ko.. just wondering about that clindamycin toner…how it differs from a regular toner. Thanks

    • Yung Clindamycin Phosphate kasi, antibiotic sya that specifically kills P. Acne bacteria, the bacteria that causes acne.

      Merong toner dati yung VMV na magkasama tretinoin and clindamycin phosphate. Sayang discontinued na. Favorite ko yun!

      Ang problem ko lang, yung mga toner na may clindamycin, lahat nung nakita ko, alcohol-based. Feeling ko sobrang dry nang skin kapag tret and clindamycin toner sabay. Kaya bumibili lang ako nun kapag out of hand na talaga yung pimples. Pero ngayon di na nangyayari yun. Satisfied na ako sa tretinoin alone.

  3. e. sevilla Reply

    hi! i really like your blog and how detailed you are when using new products. i would like to ask how your current tretinoin routine is going. i followed your updates and it seems like you have almost completely avoided the redness that comes with tret use with this particular routine. hindi ka pa rin ba namumula after weeks 4 and 5? that’s awesome. kasi i’m planning to get on the tret again and i’m gonna use your “strategy” kasi i really can’t have ANY redness right now… i’m going to school e :( the redness is so embarassing. i can deal with the dryness and the micropeeling but not the extreme redness. :( i did try using maxi peel everyday for like 5 weeks and my skin never adjusted to daily tretinoin use… i was still really red after 5 weeks. that was a month ago. do you think if i use tret in cream form and very very slowly built up my tolerance again like you did, do think i’ll ever get red again? i’d appreciate your advice. i love your blog!

    • When you stop using tretinoin regularly, there’s a higher chance for redness to come back.

      I’m still using tretinoin (Stieva A) and I didn’t experience redness subsequently after this series. :)

  4. Hi.where did u buy Stieva-? Is it available in Cebu? Do u need a prescription?

    • You don’t need prescription. I think it’s available in Cebu esp at bigger pharmacies.

    • In the Philippines, yes. It’s not regulated, like for example, Maxi-Peel and RDL. They have prescription-strength tretinoin in them but you can pick them up from the supermarket.

      Tretinoin Cream like Retin A and Stieva A, you can get them OTC. Just ask the pharmacist :)

  5. You make tret seem so simple, but I know it’s not. And given my pagka-salawahan, I don’t think I should even think about it as much as I am now. flies away

    • I’m lucky I don’t react to it as bad as people experience. Once you go past that difficult phase, it’s simple.

      Thankfully, I’m past that stage of wanting to switch to a lot of different products.

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