In Week 2, I used Tretinoin for three non-consecutive nights — 15 to 20 minutes after applying a niacinamide serum.

I noticed something interesting this week. My dead skin cells seem to be loosening up. It’s not obvious when I look in the mirror, but whenever I wash my face, I feel some sort of ruddiness. When I massage my face with a cream cleanser, there is balling action going on. I’m assuming that it’s skin.

Stieva A 0.1% Cream

During the middle of the week, the skin under my eyes started feeling drier than usual. The cream seem to be crawling up and around my eyes. In the past, I used to put tretinoin on the crows feet area but I was using a separate tube in a lower concentration for that purpose (o.o25%). Initially, I wanted to use any ordinary facial moisturizer but I wasn’t sure if the moisturizers I have are safe for the eyes.

I asked Tellie what she would recommend for a basic eye cream and she suggested Celeteque Brightening Eye Tuck Plus Dark Circles Lightener. I think it’s working great — so far — in the moisturization front. But I might check out Olay’s offerings after I finish Celeteque — purely out of curiosity.

I experienced minimal flaking near the jaw and outer cheek area as the end of the week was approaching. There was still no redness, inflammation, or anything that indicated some form of irritation.  I guess the niacinamide + tretinoin combo is effective.

For Week 3, I’ll be using tretinoin every day. I will skip a day if I notice that my skin is extra dry or if I experience moderate to severe flaking and irritation.

My face still looks pretty much the same. I also don’t have any pimple or acne right now, so there’s really no need to post photos of myself (excuses!).

Routine Change

I haven’t been using a dedicated sunblock lately — I can feel you cringe.  My risk appetite has always been high, so good luck to me.

I’m determined to finish all of my foundations starting with Koh Gen Do Aqua that has SPF 15 PA++. I know sun protection from makeup is generally considered not enough. But my recently changed work schedule starts at 4pm and I stay indoors all the time.

See you again next week.

If you missed the first installment, click the link: Tretinoin Update – Week 1.



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  1. Strangely, hindi ako nabobore dito. Looking forward to what happens next week. I’m glad you took it slow and fingers crossed for your daily routine. Do you know how long it takes to get goddess skin?

    • Hahaha, goddess skin is a myth. I don’t believe I can achieve that through topicals.

      It’s very relative with tretinoin. Some experience significant improvement in as early as 2 months. When I first started around 4 years ago… My skin normalized after 3 months. I used to have tiny pimples and a lot of closed comedones. Post-tretinoin, my skin is like how it is when you saw me :)

  2. I had a really bad break out this past month. I attribute this to not washing my make-up brushed properly. Ugh! I now have dark pimple marks. Been using brightening lotion from celeteque to lighten it. So far so good. Tretinoin seems a wee bit complicated for me.

    • It is! If I didn’t have acne problems I would not have started with it. But it addresses all my problems so I find the effort worth it.

      If I have a tip for that, make sure your skin doesn’t get dry, don’t use drying spot treatment stuff like panoxyl or anything that has high alcohol. When you dry out the pimple, it ends up dark. But if you keep it moisturized, parang pale brown lang sya that easily goes away.

  3. I wish I can find a product that can actually help blemishes. Nayayamot na talaga ko, I dunno what to do anymore -_- Anyway, when are you guys freeeeeeee hahaha I need a social life lol

    • Ano ang blemishes? Dark spots ba yun?

      All my weekends are booked this month. Kayo na lang muna.

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