For the recap of my Week 1 tretinoin skin care routine, click this: Easing My Way Into Tretinoin. The routine is at the bottom of the post.


This will be a quick update since I only used tretinoin twice the past week.

I didn’t take photos of my face because it still looks almost the same as before I went back to tretinoin.

I didn’t experience redness or flaking. Either my strategy works or it’s too early to tell.  But I’m sure the product is working. After washing, there were areas on my face where dead skin cells seem to have come off. They were too subtle to be captured by my point-and-shoot camera (or I don’t know how to use a camera). I’m sorry I couldn’t describe it well but it looks shiny — like how skin looks like if you pull off a layer of skin several days after a medium-depth chemical peel.

There was one day when I saw something that looked like micro-peeling — definitely not flaking.  They were on very small areas and were easily remedied by washing the face and putting on the Olay serum.

My skin is a little less oily than usual. But I’m not sure if it was tretinoin that caused it because it’s also extra-cold and dry in the office lately.

This week I’m using tretinoin thrice.

Hopefully, the update will be as good as this week.


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  1. I notice your product is sweating, is tret supposed to be refrigerated? (random lang)

    Gogogo! I support this experimentation. Maybe you don’t have a lot of results starting off with 2x a week usage but at least you know how much it does for you! Better to start slow than risk being another horror story right?

    • I think it is. Because when I buy it, they give it to me cold.

      I also checked it at the MIMS website (yes, I made an account, please don’t judge :S). I don’t usually follow storage temperature requirements but since this is a drug, I’m making an exception :D

  2. Ate Rae, keep us updated pag naubos mo na to ha, Ate Iya uses this too and she recommend it. I hope it will work for me too, pero intay ko muna ang final review mo. hehe

  3. Hindi ko maalala parang nakagamit na ko ng soap nito. Is it okay to use tret kahit walang medication ng doctor or mas okay kung magpa consult ako sa derma? Hindi pa kasi ako naka try ng tret. I this same dun sa mga lumalabas na clarifying set na may soap, toner, cream etc? dami sa IG kasi nacucurious ako sa peeling effect.

    • It’s always ok to consult with a doctor first. Yep this is the same as those in the sets. Pero I like tretinoin that comes from the pharmacy.

      What’s your goal for your skin?

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