Finally, we’re at Part 3 of 3.  Most of these are the not-so recent purchases; and some were already reviewed. Note: I didn’t include the stuff I bought that I’ve already disposed of i.e., hourglass blush, mac lipsticks (cosmo, velvet teddy, studded kiss), and bobbi brown creamy matte lipstick in pink lily.


Let’s get this over with.


This is where I got a little crazy. I don’t wear foundation everyday and I only have one face. So, I don’t know why I buy foundations :(

haul bases

I bought Koh Gen Doh Aqua because I broke the bottle of L’Oreal Lucent Magique and because it was on sale. Sales bring about a sense of urgency that can turn off all logic sometimes. I like this foundation. I literally use it as a tinted moisturizer. After washing my face, I put it on with my fingers like a moisturizer. I stopped using it because I just can’t deal with sunscreen + liquid or cream stuff in the summer.

Getting the MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus came from the need for a powder foundation to counter the ashiness of physical sunblock. It seems like a very logical reason to buy it, right? But I currently have 3 other foundation powders that can serve that purpose.

I think I bought this because the SA was very accommodating and because she didn’t immediately assume what my shade was upon seeing my face. She swatched all possible matches on my jawline. She allowed me to go out of the store and check the foundation under sunlight and even encouraged me to walk around the mall first to see if the foundation will oxidize. Ladies, that’s how you sell to customers.

On buying the MAC Face and Body Foundation, I have no logical explanation for buying this other than the love for light coverage, dewy finish foundations. Recently, I found good use for this. I mix it with my super watery sunscreens eliminating the need to powder. Great, but not great, because I’m using Studio Fix less and less.

The one thing I’m not guilty about is my Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer purchase. It’s one of the best shopping decisions I’ve made this year. I use it mostly as an under eye concealer. Most concealers tend to look either orange or ashy on my eyes, this one doesn’t. Also, most other under eye concealers tend to stay matte even when the rest of my face gets shiny. It looks really weird when that happens. I like that KA doesn’t look overly matte.

haul bases 2

I’m not getting any sun lately — in case you’re wondering why my arm is too light this summer. Sun, I miss you. Currently, only Kevyn Aucoin SX08 and Koh Gen Doh OC-2 matches me perfectly.


I didn’t buy the primers to be used as primers. I’m not quite convinced that they’re needed. Anyway, I was checking out the Shiseido White Lucent Spot Targeting Serum when it hit me that it could be more practical to get the Spot Control Base with SPF 35++. I use this as a sunscreen, but right now it’s just too creamy for the level of heat and humidity we’re experiencing. I probably could use it if I take a cab to and from work, but I prefer walking.

I bought the ELF Mineral Infused Primer for an experiment that I still haven’t started yet, sooo… yeah. But I used it on E and it did great in blurring out pores.

Lipsticks: Bobbi Brown, VMV, Inglot, MAC, and Sophie Paris

If in some unlikely circumstance that I’d be required to buy from only one brand and lipstick line, I already know which one I’d buy from — the Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Lipstick line. It’s THE most comfortable matte lipstick I’ve worn. But note that my my lips don’t get dry, I don’t wear lip balm, and I can handle the driest of all dry lipsticks (driest so far: Nyx Matte). I have crushed plum and true pink. I will probably buy some more (satisfying the one-in-one-out rule). See photo below for swatches:

bobbi-brown creamy matte

Who makes sheer matte lipsticks? VMV does. I don’t get it! The top swatch (photo below) is one swipe, the bottom swatch is 10 swipes. The tube is literally bullet hard. I bought VMV Velvet Matte in Danger and I probably won’t buy it again. It’s a muted brick red and is a good lipstick to ease you into red, if you’re too scared to try. But since it’s very sheer, it might not work for those with naturally strong-colored lips.

vmv hypoallergenics danger

I already wrote about Inglot 412 and Heroine a few posts ago. I’m going to write about MAC Flat Out Fabulous soon so let’s just talk about Sophie Paris. I already own all 4 of the bright-colored Sophie Koshize Matte Lipsticks. Since I liked all of them, I explored the nude/MLBB options.


I have (from L-R in the photo above), Dramatic Pink, Coral Wisdom, and Rosebud. I dropped Rosebud from a 4-foot high dresser that’s why it looks like cr*p. Good thing I left the cap closed. It’s my current favorite MLBB (borderline nude) lipstick. The other two, I’m not enjoying so much. They’re much less pigmented and they don’t apply as evenly.

Ellana Blush and Concealer

Both of these, I ordered by mistake. I wanted to get the green corrector (Innocence), and the red wine blush. I don’t know what happened there. I tried Awake on the undereyes and it sure does brighten. Unfortunately, I’m not fond of highlighting the undereye area. But it’s a good matte highlighter for the bridge of my nose, brow bone, and the inner corners of my eyes. I like it. It doesn’t look dry and chalky despite being matte.

The blush is good too, but I think it will look better when my skin switches to its summer skin tone. Currently, I’m using affection as a bronzer. I might not buy both of these again. Loose powders are too fussy.

ellana minerals

* * *

I feel like I missed a few things but I think I got most of the stuff. If you missed the first two parts, here are the links: Part 1, Part 2.

For daily foundation wearers out there, how long does it take you to finish a standard sized bottle?


Hi, I’m Rae and I am a scatterbrain. I am in my 30s and I write in this blog from the Philippines. I spend a tiny portion of my time de-stressing with makeup and skin care. Email: | Instagram: @scatterbraintures


  1. I take sooo long too use up foundations because on most days, I just spot conceal! I can’t bare wearing foundation everyday especially since it’s so hot here in Manila! haha. I’ve been dying to get the KA concealer though! may I know how you were able to gra ahold of that beauty? :)

    • Got it from Makeup Pro (mupstore in both in IG and FB). Read and watch a lot of reviews before you decide on buying and on which shade to get. It has a lot of coverage and buying the wrong shade will make it kind of useless :(

  2. hi, is the mac face and body available already here in manila? thank you.

  3. genzelkisses Reply

    Ohhh I would love to try MAC Studio fix powder! I love the colors of those BB lippies you got <3 Sheet matte from VMV, a friend of mine used to buy from VMV. I heard their skincare products work!

    • Yup I vouch for their basic skin care lines, I just hope that they adjust their pricing here.

  4. now that you mentioned it, its weird nga to find a sheer matte lipstick. i dont think ive ever seen one, maybe bec i like full coverage matte lipsticks and thats always what im looking for.
    i find that the MAC SA’s here are so bipolar. either they are very accommodating and friendly or they seem very impatient in answering questions. but most of them are nice naman esp when they are used to having me around their counters swatching every single lip color lol

    • I’m not sure if it’s just that shade or because its a bad batch… We’ll see.

  5. I wear foundation on a daily basis but I tend to rotate foundations depending on my skin condition (darn you combination skin!) so I’ve never actually gone through anything… The closest one to being done is my Covergirl 3 in 1 foundation at about 1/3 of the way finished.

    I really want to try the Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick as none of my foundations match me very well right now thanks to me finally getting some sun but I think it might be too heavy for the warming weather >.< I also have a sample of the Bobbi Brown BB cream in Medium but it was waaay too orange and dark for my skin tone. I might give the Fair a try, even though I never thought I'd be a fair skin tone in any foundation xD

    I have a Bobbi Brown lipstick in Salmon and really like it! Too bad it's a bit expensive so I wouldn't buy more any time soon :(

    • I used to own Bobbi Brown foundation stick, the old formula. I’ve already disposed of it. I wasn’t using it that much. It makes a good undereye concealer though.

  6. Good job mac sa. i tried using bb cream/ foundation for 2 whole months at di ko talaga makalahati ang isang tube/bottle

  7. I’m a daily foundie user. For liquids, it takes me 4-6 months while for powders it’s around 3-5 months. :P Anyway, I find the sheer matte lippies from VMV weird too…

    • Ok, it looks like I won’t be able to finish all of my foundations :(

  8. Even with over 15 foundations, I don’t consider it a problem yet as I wear foundation everyday. However, I wear it so lightly that it takes too long to finish (maybe 6 mos. for twice daily powder foundation routine, and around NEVER for liquid foundations.) I know other people finish things up faster, huhu.

    Anyways, how did you end up buying Ellana? Was told I might not get my brush since they’ve been purging stocks of those since forever :(

    • I got them early this year, along with the foundation sampler. I’m still not able to buy from the site.

  9. I have yet to make any MAC lipstick purchase since I am a tightwad and don’t care about the long as it looks good on me. I do have a Bobbi Brown, that i won from an even that I love to pieces, it’s Red Carpet and I feel sexy everytime i where it so it is kinda magic for me. Most of the make-up I own i got from the beauty boxes and sampleroomph or are gifts from family and friends. I have no need to.purchase, i feel i have too much! Oh well, now i am am into eyeshadow. I am saving up to buy Happy Skin. This is due to Elaine’s post i can’t get over how cool those limited edition lip products are! I stay away from Clinque and Mac stores, i might end up buyibg stuff coz the SAs are really sweet.

    • I’ll trade a few of my mac lipsticks for bobbi brown. Hahaha. But bobbi brown has fewer color choices. Red Carpet is such a gorgeous color. I’ll get that after I finish one of my reds :) I think they have a new red one, Scarlet.

      If you’re more into trying out the more outrageous colors, MAC is the place to go. Otherwise, I’d choose Sophie Paris any time.

      I don’t subscribe to any the beauty boxes. I feel like I’ll end up not using most of them.

      • I like to experiment and find out what i actually like. Mostly i like Shiseido and clinque for skincare and if strapped for cash, Za will do. Bobbi Brown is drying on the lips but i usually exfoliate and put balm every night so it is fine. Mac seems a bit too crazy for me. Maybe when i have Raffy do cosplay…

        • Oh, I like matte lipsticks a lot. That’s why I like MAC. They’re the only brand I know that has a good selection of matte lipstick colors.

          If you want to try out colors, I really recommend Wet ‘n Wild megalast lipsticks. sells them for Php 148 only. It really helped me to find out which colors work on my skin tone.

          Not very familiar with satin lipsticks.

  10. What branch of MAC was that? Some MAC have poor customer service kasi :( Good thing that SA extended exemplary help on you! :)

  11. Wow! I’ve never tried any of the foundations you purchased. Maybe because I prefer mine to be of medium-full coverage. :)

    Bobbi Brown lipstick never really appealed to me. Haha heck, I don’t even own anything BB. Crushed Plum looks nice btw. :)

    • MAC Studio Fix Plus and Kevyn Aucoin are both medium to full-coverage foundations :)

      The other two are sheer, and in my opinion, should not be built up to medium coverage :P

      If you should try any of their products, try the lipsticks :D Bobbi Brown has more appeal to older people, I guess.

  12. HAHAHA I have a face base/foundation problem as well. D: I don’t think I’ve actually finished any but I’ve given away a lot of what I have, esp. if they don’t work out for me.

    My other weird obsession is primers. They have changed my makeup life huhu. I notice that they usually make my liquid base apply better + they help my mineral foundations “stick” to my skin. Hehe.

    • I haven’t figured out how to layer sunblock and primer together. Maybe I should get a high-spf primer. :P

      How about finishing powders? I’m challenged by that product. I need to meet my match! Powders on my list are Chanel Les Beiges and Rouge Bunny Rouge.

      • I remember writing a reply for this! Haha nawala. :( I don’t actually know if they make high-SPF primers, but I do immediately apply SPF/moisturizer then wait a few minutes before adding more layers so they don’t mush themselves together. I usually do my eyebrows or get dressed or something haha.

        I love finishing powders! I swatched the Les Beiges tapos suuuuper ganda, but I haven’t been buying Chanel~ siguro 1 year na since my last Chanel purchase. The RBR is great daw. I saw a review by Wondegondigo on blogspot and Karima of Shameless Fripperies. I wanted to buy but I stopped myself. :p

        • Chanel is not considered CF? That’s too bad. I’ll try to wear foundation for 2 consecutive weeks . If I can do that, I’ll buy a finishing powder for my birthday.

          • Nopes, they sell in China! Hehe. I know, their matte lipsticks are some of my faaaaves. Yay, rooting for you! :)

  13. As soon as you mentioned how the MAC SA sold you the powder, I immediately thought of the only MAC SA I trust in Rockwell. Her name’s April. Damn best SA I’ve encountered. She’s given me honest-to-God opinions even if it means I may not buy anything. hehe

    Oh and I don’t know why but I’ve never really looked into Bobbi Brown lipsticks. I’ll have to remedy that soon!

    • On the SA, I’ll make sure to get her name the next time I go there.

      On bobbi brown lipsticks, these are my first from them and I’m regretting that I didn’t check them out sooner. What’s keeping me from buying more is that I already all the colors I need. I’m on a one-in-one-out rule with lipsticks now.

  14. I love reading about hauls! That said, sales are the bane of beauty afficionados haha!

    That’s a little sad about VMV, but thanks for letting us know! I was planning to try that actually. How do you buy the Sophie Paris stuff? I used to have a work colleague who was a dealer but I switched work and no longer have access. I love their bags!

    • I found a seller online. Try the koshize lipsticks, esp the brighter shades. I’d gladly pay more for them.

  15. I love that MAC SA. Woooh! And gurl, you got a lot pala these past few months :) And I want to buy some Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte lipsticks na huhuhu

    • I think I should never go to the mall alone. I don’t buy stuff when I’m with other people. It’s like a ‘me’ time type of thing.

  16. What you said about sales is true for me too! As for foundation, I have a buying problem as well. Wala pa akong nauubos kahit isa. :(

    • Try ko magfoundation everyday this week. Sana ok na yun for spf. I can’t be bothered to put so much liquidy stuff on my face.

      • Ako rin, ang heavy kasi. I use Celeteque’s Matte Moisturizer with SPF 30(?) para 2 in 1 na hahaha

        • I’ll try to figure this out, kelangan ko magamit lahat ng foundation ko :P

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