I crossed several things on my wish list after testing them out at the counter. I didn’t realize that non-shopping feels just as good as shopping (Yeah, right. I hope I don’t get struck by lightning…)

The Bobbi Brown Art Sticks

I’ve waited for these since I saw them posted in Bobbi Brown Cosmetics’ instagram. I was going to buy another creamy matte lipstick when I saw the sticks propped up on the counter.

Bobbi Brown Art Stick

These pencils are the biggest makeup pencils I have ever seen. I think it’s at least 1.5 cm in diameter. Immediately, before even swatching the pencils, I asked the SA if it comes with a sharpener. Thankfully, it does, because no other sharpener could accommodate those. Imagine the fat preschool pencils you probably owned, then add about 50% more girth (???).

The need for a sharpener already turned me off, but I had to see if there’s any color in the line that would make me let that slide.

I immediately picked out Cherry Wood (the darkest in the bunch), Bright Raspberry (bright blue-based pink), and Sunset Orange (only because I was looking for Jenna – a bright orange creamy matte lipstick, and it wasn’t available).

Of the three, I liked Bright Raspberry the most. But I was disappointed that it wasn’t as matte and opaque as I thought it would be.

To be fair to the art sticks, they are NOT bad at all. It can still be described as pigmented (for a multi-use product). I think they are supposed to be not super pigmented. I only intended to use it on the lips and if you’ve tried any of the creamy mattes, the art sticks pale in comparison.

The Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette

I was very very disappointed with the Bobbi and Katie palette that I thought I’d just get another neutral eyeshadow palette. I think I’ve read Carina’s comparison post about 5 or more times and even asked her about it. I think I would best fit the Naked 2 but I slept on it and decided on just using the Bobbi Brown palette. I’m going to have to wet my brush every time and use a good eye primer/base — an apt punishment for not asking my mom what she wanted for christmas. (In case you’d want to know, my mom took 2 of my powder foundations and a red lipstick instead).

urban decay naked 2

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer

NC35 is too orange-red on me, there’s no NC37, and NC40 is too dark.  Also, when I went to the store to check it out and upon holding it for the first time, I realized that the bottle is made of glass. Fine by me. It made it so much easier to move on. This is why:

Maybelline Color Tattoos

I’m not sure if it’s because the testers were old or if they were kept open for too long or both. The color tattoos I swatched in all the stores I went to were very clumpy and difficult to blend. I’m not even planning on looking for the matte ones anymore. Incidentally, I checked out the Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Color and I fell in like with them. I didn’t buy any. But they replaced the color tattoos on my list.

Life's short. Rock show-stopping colors. #purepigments

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What did you cross out on your wish list this month? Do share.


Hi, I’m Rae and I am a scatterbrain. I am in my 30s and I write in this blog from the Philippines. I spend a tiny portion of my time de-stressing with makeup and skin care. Email: scatterbraintures@gmail.com | Instagram: @scatterbraintures


  1. I really like my Maybelline Color Tattoos! The ones in your picture looks like the loose pigments and not the cream eyeshadows. I’ve had mine for over a year and they still work just like the day I first got them :)

    I really want the Too Faced Natural Eye Palette that’s been recently revamped but I need a neutral eyeshadow palette like I need a hole in my head -.-

    This post was quite interesting as it’s a reversal on the haul; it’s quite therapeutic!

    • That photo is embedded from Maybelline’s Instagram. From photos I’ve seen, those sold in the Philippines has a different packaging. Also, someone mentioned here that the formula here is different from the ones in other countries.

  2. I think iba yung formula nung mga Color Tattoos here! Not sure, but I think I read somewhere na it’s different.

    • Parang mas nag-enjoy ako sa non-haul kesa sa haul post. The haul post is still sitting on my drafts. :P

  3. Ive a Bobbi brown art stick narin and ANG LAKI nga! Super jumbo hotdog!! Hehe. I cant wait to try it out!!! :)

    So happy you did a haul post! I love the initial impressions too! :-) Cant wait to see your looks with the Naked palette!

    • Haul post to follow, hahaha. These are the stuff I ended up not buying.

      Hey, I tagged you to do the “I Love Drugstore Makeup” tag. :P Not sure if you already did it though and if you do tags in general :P

      • Ay ano ba yan! I missed out on the ‘NON’ hahahaha :)) So glad you didnt buy the maybelline tattoos – sobrang di ko alam how to work with them so theyre just sitting on my desk now gathering dust :-/ Will wait for the real haul post!

  4. I only have one Maybelline Tattoo and I am not getting the hype… well, yet. Maybe the shade I bought isn’t that great, or I just have extremely oily lids. :P Anyway, maybe I should try doing this kind of post so that I can lessen my spendings. Haha!

    • What shade did you get. None of the colors really strike me too. Except for the pale yellow gold one. Pero I didn’t get that because I couldn’t get it to spread out. I was planning to use is as a highlighter, pero I already bought one so hindi na lang muna for now.

  5. The Color Tattoos really dry out easily. The ones you saw at the counter have most likely been there for quite some time, heh. Do try them out when you can though! They’re incredibly pigmented, and they stay on all day! :)

  6. I kinda like the Maybelline Tattoos, although not all the colors are fab, I feel I can live but the colors I did pick out. I usually use the inked pink as a base for most of my neutral eye makeup. But I am pretty much a newbie so, who I am I to say what is great and what is not.

      • Inky Pink, Bare bronze, Emerald Green and Purple. I have tried the pink and will be playing with the other colors on Raffy

      • Rae, I have only started getting interested in all the pretty colors of the eyeshadows. I do like the Maybelline Tattoos and I do playing with them on Raffy’s face. I have neutrals Inky Pink, Bare to the Bones Vanilla, Emerald Green, Painted Purple,

        • Swerte ni Raffy! Hahaha. Ako din. I just started this year. I used to just use my eyebrow powder as eyeshadow kapag kelangan talaga :p

          • Raffy is such a jock. Which makes me want to do her make-up more. Nang asar ang Mummy. I have attended like 4 free make-up workshops so far. Some slots are free, other I won via an FB contest. it encouraged me to try eyeshadow. Pretty colors! I am just dabbling but most of the kids come to me to have their make-up done for occasions. I am contemplating making a side job out of it.

          • Go! Since the interest is there, go na. I’m starting to like eyeshadow coz no one breaks out on the lids. Hahaha. I can try a lot of colors without fear

          • I look terrible with certain colors. In have oily lids that need eye primer to keep the shadow in place.

  7. First of all, I love the new blog look! Or did I say that already? Anyway, I recently crossed off the Revlon illuminator thingies off my list. I swatched it and it was too sparkly/shimmery for my taste.

    The Naked 2 is still on my list but I keep postponing buying it. Maybe it’s because I know I don’t really want it, I just want to complete the trilogy.

  8. Next time we hang out, I’ll bring my Naked 2 and a few of my Color Tattoos. I need you to change your mind about these things. Hahaha! But really, I need you to change your mind about the Color Tattoos! The ones that are available are not good. But the US version is definitely amazing! You hafta try those before you completely make up your mind. Lol dinedemonyo kita hahahaha

    PS. You keep your changing layout. Naloloka ako hahaha (pakelamera mode)

    • I want serif as body text for my themes. You can’t change font with a free template so I keep looking for a new one. Almost all themes are sans serif. :(

      Anyway, I’m pretty sure I won’t change my mind. Shimmery stuff is not for me.

  9. I “ghost shop” online and somehow it helped me in not buying anything hehehe . I’ll also stop trying make-up for now since everything I buy just won’t fit on my maarteng life

      • it’s nothing special, it’s just my other term for window shopping online wherein I go to a certain online store, look at the items, think hard if I need/like a product and even research about the product to get if yes then I’ll put it in my basket. Then after looking into the whole online store, I check out and even fill out whatever that needs to fill out but stops when I’m on the payment area and close the tab. Sometimes, just the feeling of shopping is enough. I do this especially when stressed :) because I tend to shop random things that I don’t really need or even want when I’m stressed

  10. The color tattoos may be dried out already on those counters. New ones are sooo creamy, and if they dry out after some time, four drops of eye-mo puts them back to life. Hihi.

    • Probably, kasi some of them were kept open. Thanks for the eye-mo suggestion. Might try that with one of my gel liners.

      If Maybelline releases something that’s not too metallic (a little frost is OK), I might just try one.

      On Bobbi Brown, I agree, 1,500 is a lot esp if you have to sharpen it. Sayang yung product, hahaha.

      On MAC. Naku, samahan kaya kita, may girl dun na sobrang accommodating.

      • I remembered one SA doon sa Rustan’s na super accomodating, but I did not see her last time. Maybe sa ibang MAC branches mas ok. :)

        • Usually sa MOA medyo bad yung experience ko. During the times I go there, someone always follows me around. Sa Makati kasi, they ask if they can help you with something, tapos sasabihin ko na gusto ko lang mag-explore. Tapos they leave me alone. Sa susunod siguro, I’ll attempt to tell the person na magtitingin-tingin lang muna ako at tawagin ko na lang sya if I need anything.

  11. My current go-to concealer is the MAC Pro Longwear and I use the shade NW35. I HATE that it comes in a glass container! It also comes in a pump which I also HATE because it seems to let out way too much product every pump. But, it’s a great concealer nonetheless. Haha.

    The NARS foundations have been on my wishlist for so long. I wanna try them coz I’ve heard great things about them. But, I’m skeptical about buying a bottle right away since it’s very expensive. Have you tried it?

    • I haven’t owned any nars face base yet. :( I did try a nars sheer glow foundation before and I liked it :D

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