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A Convenient Way To Dry Makeup Brushes Part 2

I used to dry my makeup brushes by clipping them to a clothespin hanger.

Recently, I discovered another way to do it. Same as before, it has something to do with the laundry. If you have a small living space, you probably own a drying rack like this:

Ikea Drying Rack


I had the brightest idea of laying the brushes on it (along with our clothes). This is my setup:

Real Techniques Brushes

This only works for long-handled brushes. For kabuki brushes, I hang a mesh cloth or a dry microfiber towel on two rods and lay the brushes in between.

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  1. I just let my brushes dry on a microfiber cloth, but I have to say natotorture brushes sa kin dahil so sobrang higpit ng piga ko, yikes!

  2. Hahaha, should I buy a set to get that upside down thingamajig? :D I only like the buffing brush. :P

  3. I use the black thing(?) that came with the Real Techniques Core Collection Set and insert the long handled brushes upside down after I wash them then I let it stand. Minsan towel lang din. Haha

  4. My hack is similar: I bought a mini-grill / rack from Daiso and set one leg lower than the other (folding legs, yay!). I lay the bristles on the lowered side over some quick dry towels and set the whole thing over a toaster sheet-pan. This way, I can move shit around my sink and not worry about a gazillion precious brushes that musn’t be disturbed.

  5. I do the pinning to a clothespin hanger technique too. Kapag naiisip ko kung gaano karami kailangan kong bilhin na Brush Guard, kinakalimutan ko na lang na gusto ko bumili. Hahaha!

  6. Do you re-use them? I only use the brush once tapos hugas na agad. Kaya siguro hindi ako nagmmakeup madalas, kasi onti lang brush ko, patamaran maglaba ng brushes. Haha.

  7. Thanks! I haven’t tried that yet. I should get more brush guards. I only have one (variety pack)

  8. Wala na akong space! Huhuhu. BTW, I took that photo using my phone. Uhmmm, medyo out of focus, practice pa.

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