I can live off just lipsticks for months. I don’t touch blush, foundation, and eye makeup on a regular basis. Sometimes I wonder why I even maintain a beauty blog. If you’ve just recently stumbled upon my blog, I’m sorry to disappoint, you won’t be seeing diversity here. My taste range is very narrow and I’m not really a makeup wearing person :p

Anyway, Cheche, one of my closest college friends, has been tagging me on her Instagram FOTD posts lately. That really inspired me to give a little bit more attention to blush and eye makeup. We met at Glorietta 5 yesterday to check out a few Inglot stuff.

Inglot Matte Lipsticks

Cheche was looking to swatch Inglot’s 412 matte lipstick so we proceeded to the lipstick section as soon as we entered the store. I wore 412 that day so she could see it on me.  When I pointed her to the bullet, she was surprised to see that it’s purply because on my lips, it’s red.  I tell you, there’s sorcery in that lipstick. If you really want to know what color it is, you’d have to go to the store and see for yourself.  Cheche didn’t end up buying it.  I feel like she’s dead set on getting a back up of MAC Fixed on Drama.

I swatched a few lipsticks myself (see photo above).  I regret that I didn’t check Inglot’s mattes sooner because my lipstick shopping restraint right now for colors I already own has gotten so strong that I’m confident I won’t buy another lipstick (note: I don’t have a warm red yet).  Anyway, if I remember right, the swatches above are 405, 409, 421, and 420.  I wish ghosts are real so that Mr. Inglot can haunt the brand’s marketing folks and talk them into giving these lipsticks a name I can easily remember.

Inglot Freedom Palette 2

We then checked out the eye shadows.  Inglot is eyeshadow-heaven for matte-loving people like me.  There are so many matte colors to choose from and they are organized by color family making it so much easier for me to find the exact shade I wanted.

However, it was difficult to ignore the rainbow eye shadow options so I bought two of those instead:

  If I didn't already know which colors to get, I'd be overwhelmed.

I was looking for a specific shade of brown and purple anyway so why not get 3 of each, technically.

I almost bought the freedom palette with a slot for blush but none of the freedom blushes called out my name (translation: nothing looked similar to Nars Sin).

Inglot Rainbow

Here’s my non-credible first impression on these eyeshadows:  they’re pigmented but not totally opaque (since I’m a beginner, I wanted something I can layer/ build up), they apply evenly and are easy to diffuse (?).  I need to improve my eye makeup vocabulary.

I would choose the blue and the black-grey rainbow shadows if I decide to get more.

Since I don’t have brushes to apply these with, we went to Suesh (up on the 2nd floor).  I bought 2 brushes: the AB Bullet C30 brush and the extra small AB eyeshadow brush.  I wanted to get a blending brush but there wasn’t one small enough for my lids.  I think the bullet brush would suffice.

Suesh Bullet Brush

I’m so excited to play with these.  Hopefully, I can post an EOTD within the week.


Hi, I’m Rae and I am a scatterbrain. I am in my 30s and I write in this blog from the Philippines. I spend a tiny portion of my time de-stressing with makeup and skin care. Email: scatterbraintures@gmail.com | Instagram: @scatterbraintures


  1. I love the purple trio that you got! Better value for money to, kesa the duo eyeshadows from NARS no?

    • Magkano yung duo eyeshadow ng Nars? Di ko sure e. This is not very pigmented.

  2. Go play, go play! I’m so excited for you! Hihi. Also, regarding Suesh brushes, I have a few eye brushes from them and after I’ve washed them for the first time, hindi na siya ganun ka-soft. Tapos nakakatusok na siya sa eyes. It huuurts :(

    PS. Got a notif and an email that you sent me a DM but when I checked my Twitter account, waley nanaman. Nakakaloka na ”to. Lol

    • Di ko din alam nangyayari girl. Wiped out yung DMs ko. :|

      Anyway, hinugasan ko na sya at splayed na sya ngayon. I remember ordering a brush guard from Fred from tiny brushes, sana that should do the trick. I washed it with liquid castile soap and soft pa din naman.

  3. I’m addicted to lipsticks too! Although I just wear 3 shades regularly, I can’t stop hoarding! Haha! Anyway, how much are the eyeshadows you bought? I haven’t been to Inglot yet, but I want to know the price points so when I visit soon, I can be prepared. LOL. XD

    • The rainbow pan shadows are php 475 and the 2-slot palette is less than php 500… If i remember right.

  4. I haven’t visited Inglot yet, but I need to do an eyeshadow swatchfest one of these days just to personally confirm what you and other beauty bloggers said about pigmentation. :)

  5. I really haven’t tried any Inglot yet, and i feel so left out. Haha. :D And what’s a freedom palette?

    • They have empty palettes with slots (varying number and sizes). They have eyeshadows and blushes that fit those slots and you get to choose which ones. Inglot calls it the Freedom System.

  6. I have not been to Inglot yet. Thanks for the heads up about it not being too pigmented. Even though I’m still a noob, I think good eye shadow should be very pigmented. Still willing to shop.

    • I think Ellana’s eyeshadow quad, the one you last reviewed, is more pigmented than this. Hindi naman sya totally sheer pero it wasn’t the opacity I expected. I’m not sure with the non-rainbow pans.

  7. I once circled all of Glorietta by myself for just swatches. My mom was having her hair colored so I told her I was gonna look at makeup. Some of the eyeshadows I swatched were so amazingly pigmented and buttery. The prices of their other products are so much cheaper than others when you look at it quality wise. So I think Inglot is definitely a hit and miss brand.

    • It’s a good thing that I’m not particularly looking for very pigmented eyeshadows right now. Basta yung hindi lang years bago magbuild up yung color.

  8. I agree, Inglot’s not really that pigmented! I don’t know if it’s the shades I chose, but I don’t see the fuss, lol. Nice to build your own palette, though, but I think I have to come to terms with the fact that I mostly buy palettes because I am attracted by the color story. Haha. I’ve got a few rainbow pans, but not that purple! So pretty. :)

    • Thankfully, these are more pigmented than the only other palette I have from bobbi brown. That one’s a waste of money :(

  9. Inglot is so tempting to try, but I’m sure I will instantly lose two hours in that place!

    • The appeal comes from building your own palette and the variety of color. Feeling ko, if I’ll look for a particular shade of blue, I’d find it at Inglot

  10. ang galing.. tumagal ung swatches!!! me purpose din pala ung pagkakalimot mong burahin sya.. hehehe.. go make an Elsa inspired EOTD! Can’t wait!!!!

    And let me just add na ambabait na ng mga sales rep sa Inglot… I was expecting na me biglang mgsasabi satin ng price without us askjng, pero walang ganon.. Ready pa naman akong mgtaray if ever.. hahaha

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