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Result: The 7-Day Purederm Skin Soothing Moisture Mask Experiment

Since I brought it upon myself to write about the result of my experience with this product — here I am.

Hello fellow beauty bloggers! Do you also find it difficult to write a post about a product you can just tweet about instead, and say: “This product is meh.” ?

Why did I have to post a prelude? :|

I hoped that the result would make me report, “Hi guys! I found a cheaper alternative to Laneige Water Sleeping Pack!”

Unfortunately, the end result I’ve had with this mask is nowhere near my experience with Laneige.  This is one of those products that doesn’t do anything.  It didn’t irritate my skin but it also didn’t improve it.

Purederm Skin Soothing Moisture Mask

It made me wish that I’m a believer of magic and the supernatural.  That way, I can just placebo my way into beautiful skin.

Oh well, that’s that.  Maybe this can work for dry-skinned people who actually need a moisture mask.  For me, this is a waste of time.

PS. Sorry for not taking photos of the contents of the sachet.  I don’t want it to waste any more of my time.  But in case you’re curious,  the product looks, feels, and dries up like aloe vera gel and it doesn’t look anything like the mask that the lady on the packaging had on.

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  1. Meron akong nakitang leave in moisture ask from Too Cool for School kaso di ko pa nabibili. I’m looking for reviews kaso wala ako masyado makita.

  2. I remember following you up about this post. Hehehe. I’m one of those “dry-skinned people who actually need a moisture mask” so I’m thinking of giving it a try pa din. :)

  3. Friend marami na rin ako naexperience na ganyang items. Wa-effect. And sad to say, it’s usually among the drugstore brands. Kaya mahirap din talaga magventure into drugstore, parang treasure hunt lang talaga.

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