I’m currently in the process of editing my makeup and skin care stuff.  I came to the conclusion that project use-up-your-stuff won’t really work for me.

So I listed my activities, the frequency by which I do them, and the beauty stuff I actually need for those.

I’m glad I’ve developed my de-stashing muscles through recent years. Otherwise, I’m sure I won’t be able to let go.  I’m also glad I don’t have the tendency to collect stuff for the sake of collecting.

That being said, the ability to let go of stuff is a lot different from the ability to keep myself from buying stuff I don’t need. I still have to work on the latter.

Moving on to what I should be talking about, the Hourglass Ambient Lighting palette.  I bought this around 5 months ago and it’s one of the stuff I disposed of.

I had a particularly hard time deciding if I should part with it because I asked my brother to get it for me when he went to the US to visit his girlfriend. I mean, they spent effort in looking for it and now I feel like crap for selling it.

But when I read this quote from an excerpt of a knitting book, I knew what had to be done:

“Yarn is meant to have a future,
and yarn I don’t love won’t ever be knit;
I am liberating it
that it may achieve its full potential with another knitter.”

It wasn’t that I didn’t like it.  I did.  I tested it several times and I used it on 2 weddings — including my own.  And in all the times I used it, I think I looked a little better.  Sometimes I even get compliments.

Now you’re probably wondering why I even considered letting go of it.

It said on the instructions on the website:  Apply powder all over the face using Ambient Powder Brush...

I thought I could use it sans any other face base or complexion product.  I don’t like normal face powders because they make my face look dry.  I thought this could reduce the shine on my face without leaving it overly matte.  What didn’t sink in to me in the instructions was this:  Apply powder all over the face using Ambient Powder Brush… as the final step for a flawless complexionwhich means there has to be something underneath first for it to work it’s magic.

The palette has three of the ambient powders: dim light, incandescent light, and radiant light.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette Review


On its own, Dim Light accentuates my pores and dims my skin, and not in the dim light beautifying kind of way.  Over a matte foundation like MAC Studio Fix Plus Powder, it looks good. It brings back sheen and a little bit of dimension. The sheen is not enough for it to be considered a highlighter though. It’s great to use when I’ve already filled in all of my pores to a point of matte-ness and I’m too impatient to wait for my skin oils to mesh with the matte goop.


The other powders, Incandescent and Radiant, are too shimmery to use all over the face.  I (used to) use Incandescent to highlight my nose bridge and cheekbones and it worked great for that purpose.  The shimmers are subtler compared to The Balm’s Mary Loumanizer and aren’t really that visible.


The Radiant powder — I didn’t really explore its uses.  On reviews I’ve read of people with lighter skin tones, it’s used as a contour product or a bronzer.  On me, it wouldn’t really show up enough to function like that.  I remember using it over a chalky matte powder blush and it made it look significantly better.  But I’ve also already disposed of that blush so I did not have any use for Radiant anymore.

Bottomline, I wasn’t reaching for this enough to finish it up before it expires.  I also don’t go to a lot of events that require me to wear makeup.  (To some extent, this makes me wonder why I buy face products.  I don’t wear them everyday.)

Anyway, I decided not to give myself more time to grow into using it so that the next owner will have more time to play with it.  I hope Donna enjoys it more than I did.


Hi, I’m Rae and I am a scatterbrain. I am in my 30s and I write in this blog from the Philippines. I spend a tiny portion of my time de-stressing with makeup and skin care. Email: scatterbraintures@gmail.com | Instagram: @scatterbraintures


  1. Nina Reyzen Reply

    How I wish I read this post sooner. I got this a few days ago and I wasn’t wowed by it. Dim light makes me look tanned (used it as an all over finishing powder), Incandescent was too shimmery for me and Im not much into bronzing/contouring so Radiant light is just meh. It’s disappointing really and Im sad cuz it’s the single most expensive product that I’ve bought so far. Want to kick myself in the face for falling into the hype.

    • Hey Nina! Thanks for dropping by my blog. Do you also look for reviews after you’ve bought something you end up not liking? I’m like that too! I’m assuming that’s how you stumbled upon my tiny space on the net.

      Anyway, your comment pretty much sums up what I think about this.

    • I hope you’ll like it more than we did! Magka-skin tone kami ni Donna e. :D Kawawa naman si Hourglass, di napapansin :P

      • I think I do. Kahit na combo skin ako at oily and T-zone, bet ko yung may glow pa rin. :)

  2. I’m enjoying your blog so far. I found out about your blog through Genzel. Anyway, I got my palette a week ago. So far I’m enjoying it. I use Radiant as my all over powder, incandescent as my highlight & I use dim light to blend with my contour. :)

    • Waaah, bakit hindi ko naisip to use dim light for blending… Huhuhu. Oh well, what’s done is done. :D I’m happy with Kevyn Aucoin.

      Hey, I think I saw you at the BDJ Social. If there’s an open-invite event, I’ll make sure I look for you and Genzel. :D PS. I’m very awkward, so… bear with me :D

  3. Hourglass Hourglass Hourglass. <3333 I love my powders, but I got Diffused and Mood, two of the less sparkly shades. I'm actually not sure if there's that much a difference between the more sparkly ones. Pity it didn't work on you. =( Also congrats on the marriage!

  4. i just told my friend yesterday that i ordered this online and i was complaining that i need to wait a month or so before it arrives at my doorstep haha, then she mentioned that you sold yours here :) i hope ill find good use for it when it arrives, im currently using watts up and i wanted something powder-ish so we shall see if i will like it or not.

    PS : couldnt find the comment button on your elsa post, i thought it was insightful :)

    • Hahaha, who is this lovely friend of yours? :) Anyway, I forgot to enable the comment section for that post. Wait.

  5. Uh, hold up. Mad decluttering skills aside, something else caught my attention there:

    I tested it several times and I used it on 2 weddings — including my own.

    I didn’t know you were or got married! Or maybe I read it in the wrong context? Peace! (^_^;)v

      • Okay, like, WOW! And all the mention that momentous event merited was those 3 words. OMG. Congraaaaaattttssss!!! :D :D :D

        • Hahaha, I’m thinking of redoing the makeup I did and posting an FOTD. It’s a simple day wedding at the makati city hall. I remembered when you announced that you’re having a baby or that you had baby, hahaha. Like, bigla na lang :p Maybe we’re not really the press release type of people. Grabe we’re really growing together. We should meet siguro one of these days

      • It was in your IG pala, but I haven’t opened the app for a few days. facepalm Anywho, congrats again! :)

        • But it took me days haha, and it’s because people on my personal fb comments “di nga” “talaga?!”

      • Yeah, well. Some things are better kept private until just the right time, right? ;) Looking back, it’s fair to say we’ve indeed grown some together through our blogs. Looking forward to meeting you in person… sometime within the decade. Lol. I rarely go to Metro Manila (or Makati specifically), but we can meet up if ever, right?

        • Haha, siguro let’s not force it. If I’m going to your area or if you’re coming here, tweet me :D

  6. The palette is very limiting and I’ve read a few over-analyses saying the palette is more suited to cool-fair complexions only. I have hope you’ll find your match in the other shades. I almost gave up on my hunt because I was hunting for Luminous (which looks FANTASTIC on Carina) but little did I know I’d get the same goddess effect in Diffused.

    (Trying to get you to buy more makeup, haha.)

    • Hahaha, if I’m buying another overall illuminating powder, I know exactly what brand and product I’ll buy. Not sure if you noticed that particular store/area I didn’t go anywhere near of.

  7. OMG you could’ve sold this to me nalang. :( Oh well, buti nalang Sephora has this na. :) But now I’m debating whether I should get this for myself or not na. :(

  8. Sayang this didn’t work out for you. This is the only highlighter I use nowadays.

    • Incandescent light was awesome as a highlighter. But I really want an overall non-mattifying powder and this is not it. :(

  9. Awed by your makeup de-cluttering skills! Still remember reading your post about cutting down your lipsticks to 3 and going :0. I love the Ambient Palette because I don’t have anything else like it, but agree that it’s overhyped and not a “necessity”.

    Great to have finally met you!

    • Yeah, but it’s not doing much because I have a shopping addiction :(

      On cutting my lipsticks to 3, I laugh at myself on that one. What was I thinking! 10-12 is more realistic.

      It was nice to meet you too. I forgot to ask how you get volume in your hair. It looks so good.

  10. Sad to hear it didn’t work out, especially when there was so much hype about it. I guess you really can’t tell about a product by just its hype. Nice meeting you earlier! :D

    • That’s why I really find it cool when I find a blogger with the same preferences as me.

      You too! You should know you have good skin.

  11. And i was about to get this. Now i feel half-hearted na. Parang i wont use it too much too. Oh well. Better save my money for this one and put it in ghe bank instead. Haha.

    • If you have other highlighting powders baka they’re ok na. Or maybe this is better for dry-skinned folks

  12. I guess it really depends on your skin? Good to know this doesn’t always work on its own. Sorry to hear it didn’t work out for you.

    • For the purpose I intended it for, it didn’t work :( Pero over full coverage foundations and powder products, it looks really really good. My problem was, I don’t wear foundation that often, so parang it’s just lying there waiting to get expired.

      I decided to sell it after the wedding, that was when I last used it.

  13. I don’t like shimmery face products (except for blushes) so I didn’t even bother with this. Although a lot of people swear by this palette, I just…di ko talaga magets hahaha. It’s good to know that I’m not the only one who was not particularly fond of this product. Yer like mah soul sistah, woman! :p

    • Oo nga no? I didn’t remember us talking about and checking out highlighters.

  14. Oh no! Haha </3 I sometimes use these lang over primer. Pero I'm with you; I don't know why I keep buying face products. Kaya nagpigil talaga ako sa Japan (Suqqu has a GREAT base daw kasi) mamili ng base products haha.

    P.S. It was nice meeting you kanina! :)

    • Yeah, me too. And I might have called you Shari when I left. Haha, haven’t slept yet. :) You look good with short hair btw.

      • It’s ok, I didn’t notice HAHA. Rhyming naman yung names namin, hehe. Thank you :D

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