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The BDJ Box Beauty Social 2014: This is The Story of How I Met Other Blogging People Vol. 2

If you were there, you’re probably thinking, “I didn’t see you there!!!”

Believe me, I was there. Here’s proof:

I’ve seen a lot of posts in my feed about the BDJ Box Beauty Social but I wasn’t really interested in going. Small talk and a room full of strangers take a lot of my energy. I’m usually better with one-on-one conversations and if I go out in a group, it’s usually with people I already know. I don’t have a problem talking to strangers. I am not shy. I used to be an auditor after all (which also means I am also used to people not liking me).

Anyway, a few days before the event, I got a message from Joey telling me that she’s inviting me to the Social.

BDJ Social passes were being raffled off at the time and she gave one to me no strings attached!  I was touched.

I also found out that many of the people behind the blogs I read are going so I looked forward to the day.

I arrived just in time for the Shiseido talk, but when I got there, almost all of the seats were already taken.  I saw one empty seat a few rows from the back and 1 chair from the right.  As I made my way through, guess who I saw seated at the rightmost chair?


If you visit Scatterbraintures often, you might want to check out Flabs Rule The World. Elaine seems interested in many of the stuff I like. We have almost the same skin type and coloring and we buy a lot of the same colors and textures. Or maybe you might just want to visit her blog because she has the cutest smile.  Case in point:

Flabs Rule The World

I’m so happy I found a seat beside her. We had the same opinion about wearing makeup at the beach and I think we had the same thoughts about the shiseido cream eyeshadows — there are no matte shades!!!

We were supposed to meet again after checking out the booths but I had to leave early.

Before I left, I tried looking for Joey but I couldn’t find her. I wanted to personally thank her for inviting me (thanks again, Joey!).

I was already heading out when someone shouted, “RAE!!!”

It was Maica! When I saw her, the first thought that came to mind was, wow, this girl is tall! Inggit!

I think she had to bend her knees and slouch a little (see photo below) because fate had decided to pack all of my awesomeness in a tiny 5-foot tall body.

Pinay Beauty In A Budget

I always thought we look somewhat alike. We have the same type of eyelid hoodedness and our nose and lips are similarly shaped. When I saw her, I was almost convinced we were cousins (she does look like one of my cousins). I wanted to join her in looking for Rattus but I was going to meet some of my college friends that same afternoon. I hope I’d see her again and chat about drugstore skincare and makeup. She’s very easy to warm up to.

I think I’ll move mountains and oceans for the next BDJ Box Beauty Social.  I didn’t realize how fun it was to be with people who had the same enthusiasm with makeup and skin care as me.

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  1. sis! I also attended this event. Sayang hindi tayo nagkita :(

    Not sure if I already said this, but I like your new pic! You are so brave to do that pose. I remember that I was standing almost in the middle (instead of near the edge) of the path when I had that similar photo 3 years ago haha!

    The Budget Fashion Seeker

  2. When I saw your photo on IG, I was like “Waaaahhh bat di kita nakita!!!”. I hope to see you on the next events. I think they will something like this again around October in preparation for their launch of the new planner.

  3. I didn’t find you! To be fair, I was pretty busy. I went there really early and got nothing done. So my friends and I had lunch and then things got WAY busy after that! You should go to these events. Nobody will make you feel self-conscious, we all love makeup e :)

  4. Haha I’m not much for events either, though the ones I did end up going to were pretty fun. Hope to meet you one of these days! :)

  5. Hahaha! Sorry for shouting your name, but I was just too excited to meet you. I was seating a few seats away from you during the Shiseido talk. :D It was so nice meeting you.. :)

    1. Oh, the shouting was actually ok. I’m not used to people being excited to see me. Hahaha. I’m just more used to people dreading my presence because I was an auditor.

  6. Heeee team matte everything forever! With the exception of the Kevyn Aucoin Celestial Powder because that thing is a ~beauty!

    I’m so happy that we stumbled upon each other at the Social! (So meant to be!) I hope we get to see each other around more. See you at the next Social! :-)

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